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How To Make A Guy Realize He Is Losing You


Some of us sadly come to a point in our relationships where we are at our limit. By that we mean we are totally fed up with our significant other. Whether it’s due to being ignored, not having enough communication or something else equal or worse. When that happens, we aren’t always quite sure how to proceed with things. We may try to talk to them, to get them to understand that we are on the last straw with them. However, not all of them will listen. Especially when it comes to guys. Some guys totally missed out on receiving the active listening characteristic and what we say tends to go in one ear and out the other. So what are we to do in this sticky situation? How do we make a guy realize that he is on the verge of losing you for good?

First you must ask yourself some pretty serious questions.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Question #1: Is your relationship worth saving?

Why would you ask this? Honey, there’s no reason to continue a relationship that the spark has died out of. It’s absolutely pointless to try. How do you determine whether it’s worth saving or not? That is completely up to you. But to help you out, we’ll give you a few tips. Ask yourself how long things have been bad for. If you have been down a rocky road for a prolonged period of time, there might not be any chance of saving your relationship.

Question #2: Have you told him you are ready to start packing before?

We ask you to ask yourself this, because we know there are two different types of people when it comes to conflict. Type one will let things fester and wait for a resolution to work itself out. Type two attacks the problem head on and states their feelings. If you have repeatedly told him that you want to hit the road, there might not be any chance of fixing what’s broken. Because he simply doesn’t care. However, if you haven’t mentioned anything, but you have been thinking about it a lot, there is a good chance things are mendable.

Question #3: Are you happy with him as a partner?

You’re probably thinking, ‘Of course I’m happy or I wouldn’t be here reading this, now would I?

Slow your roll, though. The reason that we ask is because sometimes you might think you are happy when you are truly not. It’s a good idea to evaluate whether there are more good things than bad things in your relationship. You should also ask if he treats you like the princess you deserve to be treated like.

After you ask yourself those three questions and really dig deep into how you are feeling, you can finally move on to the next part of making a guy realize he is losing you.

What’s the next part?

Glad you asked.

It’s not going to be easy to get him to understand where you are coming from. But if you have the right things up your sleeve, he’ll get the message pretty soon.

Tips and Tricks How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You

Stop Being So Dependant On Him

Okay, so you might not be super dependant on him for anything. That’s okay, but you are still dependant on him in certain ways. Like you depend on him to text you, call you, tell you he loves you, go out on dates with you, etc. If you are the type of girl who depends on him for money and materialistic things, listen up as well.

Stop jumping to the keyboard when you receive a text from him. Make him wait a little longer each and every time. This will give the appearance that you are just not interested in keeping up a strong conversation with him. It turn it will lead him to realize that he might be losing you, because texting is a super important part of your relationship.

Go ahead and dodge his calls. Then text him shortly after and tell him that you’re busy. Once he realizes that he isn’t the number one priority in your life anymore, he’ll start getting the picture.

If you rely on his for materials, money, etc. it’s time to become independant on your own. When someone supports you they feel good about it, so if you stop letting him, he will start feeling a little more insecure.

Stop Letting Him Depend On You

Do you cook a lot of your dinners? Do a lot of the cleaning? Go shopping? Fix things around the house? Whatever it may be you should absolutely stop doing it! Well, don’t let your house get moldy by any means, but stop doing certain things for him.

Make him do his own chores and cook his own food. When you do cook, make sure that you only cook enough food for yourself. He might start to get that you are no longer there for him for the extra stuff. That can be a scary feeling in a relationship and might kick him into full ‘fix-it’ mode with the two of you.

Once you stop doing all of that stuff, he will start to see how much he actually relies on you to help take care of things.

Find Other Things To Do With Your Time

Meaning stop filling up the calendar with fun date night ideas for you and him. Instead go out and do things by yourself. Spend time with your girlfriends and don’t invite him. Go out and hit the club once in awhile. Make sure he knows that’s where you are going, but don’t tell him for how long or with who. And definitely don’t let him tag along. At least not for the first couple of times. He’s going to come to the understanding that you don’t need him to have a good time. That can be frightening for any partner in a relationship. Hopefully it’s just what he needs to realize that he needs to get his crap together and put a little more effort into your relationship.

You can start trying out different hobbies or going to visit different places; Such as museums, parks, etc. These hobbies and visits should definitely not have anything to do with him. Again, he’ll start to notice you can live a full life without him and that you being there is more of a privilege that he realized before.

Hold Out On Sex

Yes, this is a crappy one, but sometimes it’s totally necessary to pull this card when you need him to realize that he is probably going to lose you pretty quickly here.

A lot of time men care about sex more than anything. It’s what makes them feel close to you. Of course, there are other things that men care about, but sex is super crucial to them.

Once you start withholding the goodies, he might start to come to his senses and really evaluate what is wrong.

Show Little Interest

This is an especially good thing to do if he has been not giving you the proper attention you deserve. Show very little intrigue in the things he says. Make sure to be nonchalant about things, more so when he is extremely excited about them.

He will get that you are losing interest in him. If he loves you, this will terrify him and make him start working a little harder. Because he wants you to care about the things that he says and does, he will kick it into gear and start caring about the things you are doing/saying.

Take Some Space For Awhile

When in doubt, take some time away from each other. Pack up and go stay with a friend or family member. Or have him pack his belongings and go stay elsewhere. If you use this as a test run for breaking up, he definitely will know that you aren’t playing around. He might get the sense that this is more serious than he thought. If he really loves you, he’ll work to get you, or him, back home so that you two can be together.

Talk To Him

We know that you might have tried this tactic before, but if none of the other tips above work, this might be your last resort. And by talk to him, we mean really get deep with him. Make it sound as if you are ready to walk out the door as soon as possible.


    • He is either abusing or neglecting you. You do not want to continue to nourish this relationship. Strengthen your relationships with your family and friends. If you have no one in your life that you can depend on, then save any money that you can. If you believe that you are in danger, then speak with the police and seek government support. Best of luck, Naledi!

      • But how can one do all this if it a distance relationship or is there any other way to make him see that he’s loosing you in a distance relationship ? Pls reply..

        • If you are in a long distance relationship, then determine what you want for the future of this relationship. If you are concerned that it is failing, then attempt to visit your partner in person. If you are unable to do so, then perhaps your partner can see you. If neither or you are able or willing to visit each other, then make a decision about the viability of this relationship. Speak with your partner about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Nnenne!

  1. I want to leave him like now but the problem is our son I will be caught in the middle …I don’t want him to grow without both parents…even when I have to tell him to deposit money for our son I get so annoyed.

    • The two of you have ended your relationship. If your relationship is negative, then it may have a negative impact on the child. The two of you may be better able to care for your child if you are not in a romantic relationship. Determine what you want for your future. Make whatever viable decision you believe would be best for your child. Have a great day, Patricia!


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