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How To Make A Move On A Girl In An Intelligent Way And Show Your Best


So you like a girl and you aren’t sure what to do next? That seems to be the common case for men everywhere. They aren’t quite sure what they are doing. Well, today if your lucky day, because we have all the information you might need when it comes to making a move on that special lady in your life. Not only will you learn the signs of when she wants you to make a move, but we also have the steps you need to take before making any moves on her! All of that is listed below.

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Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

  • She Flirts Back

Obviously there are girls out there that will flirt just to flirt. Some people are known for it! However, there is a line that gets crossed when you are just flirting and you are flirting to get somewhere. How can you tell when that line has been crossed? By paying attention! You will notice that she always flirts back with you. At every attempt you make she will reciprocate. Not only will she flirt back, but you will notice that she initiates the flirting herself. She will always be up for some playful banter and will always be ‘hitting on you’ as they say. You will definitely notice.

However, if she doesn’t flirt back with you or initiate the playfulness, you can be sure that she has no interest in you at all. Especially if she actually shows distaste when you make an effort to flatter her. Women with no interest will usually let you know that they are not interested in you.

  • She Uses Strong Body Language

On top of the verbal signs of flirting, she will also heavily use body language to display her attraction towards you. You may notice that she uses her eyes to show affection more often than she did before. She will bat her eyelashes at you a lot during conversation. She may also move her eyes up and down in a slow motion. She will do this as a way of trying to seduce you. Women rely a lot on their eyes as a form of communication. She will keep her eyes either locked with yours or focused on your face. You can be sure if she is constantly looking elsewhere that she is not asking you to make a move on her.

She may use her lips to signal to you that she likes you and wants you to make a move. She will bite her lip or run her tongue around her lips slowly. This will draw your eyes to that area and put the idea of kissing her lips in your head. That is exactly why she does this move.

You may find a girl that wants you to make a move on her will use the direction of her body to tell you that she’s into you physically. She will lean farther and farther in towards you until the two of you are standing only inches apart. This is definitely a sign that she wants you to go in for a kiss!

Another physical sign of body language to be on the watch out for is if she is playing with her hair at all. Women use hair as an indicator of how they are feeling. She may twirl her hair or wrap it around her finger if she is flirting with you. Yet she may ruffle it or pull on it if she is uncomfortable.

These are all body language signs that she wants you to finally make a move on her!

  • She Never Gives The Cold Shoulder

Many women who are not romantically or physically interested in you will not be scared to give you the cold shoulder if you do or say the wrong thing. However, if she is into you then she will definitely never give you the cold shoulder or ignore you. She will actually make an effort to ensure that you never feel ignored by her.

  • She Spends A Lot Of Time With You

And not just a lot of time with you, but she will purposely make sure that the two of you spend a lot of time alone with each other. This means there will not be a lot of group hang out sessions and she will not be inviting you to hang out with her gal pals. She will specifically set up hang outs that are just the two of you alone. This is because she is hoping that you will make a move on her at some point. It’s better to do something like that when you are by yourselves. She doesn’t want the whole world watching when you ask her out or have your first kiss!

  • She Asks A Lot Of Questions

And not stupid ones either. These will be well thought out questions. She may inquire about your personal life and ask you a lot of things regarding yourself. This is because she wants you to know that she interested in getting to know you on a deeper level. She will try to keep the conversation focused on you, because she is letting her guard down with you and hoping that you will do the same with her. When a girl does not have feelings for you, whether romantic or physical, she will not waste her time trying to get to know you. Even if she doesn’t want to date you, if she is asking those questions often, she wants you to make a move on her.

  • She’s Always Talking To You

Whether she is always in your ear when you two are together in person or she is always hitting up your inbox electronically, she may be waiting for you to make a move if she is always communicating with you. She doesn’t want to let you out of her sights, because you haven’t made the move on her yet. That’s why she is always staying in touch with you. She’s sort of making sure that you don’t forget about her yet! This is one of the best signs to look out for when trying to decide if it’s time to move in. That’s because a woman with no interest in you will not make any efforts to keep in contact with you. Why would she? She doesn’t see your relationship going anywhere so there is no need to keep up the conversation.

Steps To Make A Move

  • Get Her Comfortable With You

This means taking time to understand her and get to know what her boundaries are when it comes to you. Make sure that she is interested in you to begin with by looking at the signs she wants you to make a move, listed above. There’s no point in trying to make a move on her if she isn’t into you, is there? Not one bit.

  • Get To Know Her A Little Bit

Getting her comfortable around you also means that you need to get to know her on a personal level. Surely she has been spending time getting to know you on that deeper level and she might be turned off by you if you don’t do the same. Ask a lot of questions about her. Don’t overdo it, but do ask a few here and there. This lets her know that you are interested in knowing who she as a person instead of just interested in her physically. Women are more creatures of emotions and prefer that men communicate with them before just diving right into making a move on them!

  • Use Your Body Language

Let her know that you want to make a move on her by using your body language. Don’t be pervert by any means! We don’t mean to start humping the air in front of her or anything. Instead be subtle, but sensual at the same time. You don’t want to push her away from you by looking creepy. Don’t wink at her! No one really likes that.

Instead use your eyes in a slow motion by eyeing her up like she is the finest wine you have ever seen in your life. Keep your eyes focused on her face and her eyes. She will notice that you are not scared of looking at her and this will hint to her that you want to make a move. Repeatedly look at her lips to signal to her that you are thinking about kissing her.

When the two of you are deep in conversation, you can direct your full body towards her. Make sure that your feet are pointed at her at all times. Also lean in while she is talking to you. Not only does that close any distance between you, but it lets her know that you are actually intrigued by what she is saying. Women like active listeners and there is no better way to show that you are just that!

  • Find The Right Atmosphere

Before you make any moves on her, make sure that you have the right setting! This is what’s going to make everything fall into place when you finally decide to go for it. Whether you are simply asking her out or going in for a kiss, you will want to have the right vibe. To her it will make it much more romantic and it will also allow you to feel a bit more comfortable, as well as relaxed while it’s happening. This helps ensure there are no mistakes when the time comes! Take her out for a nice dinner or to her favorite park, place or event. Those are always good ideas when it comes to getting her into a romantic mood.

  • Make The Move!

Now it is time to finally go for it, friend! You are in the zone and on the right track to make the move that you have just been dying to make all this time! We suggest always asking permission before doing anything physical. This double ensures that she is okay with whatever is about to happen.

If you are just asking her out, go ahead and do it! We wish you the best in luck in your move making journey!


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