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How to Make Him Miss You After a Fight


You had a fight, and you aren’t talking. If it was a bad enough fight, you may have even broken up or decided to take a break from the relationship. Now that you have had time to think about things, you realize that the argument did not really matter. You miss being with him, and you just wish that you could go back to the hour before the fight and keep it from happening.

For days, you have been depressed. It seems like he has completely gotten over you and moved on. He does not seem to care about the fight or the problem in your relationship nearly as much as you do. You want him to miss you as much as you miss him. Now, the question is how you will go about doing that.

Before you go to extreme measures, try to reach out and talk to him first. The best relationships are based on communication, and you may be able to get over the fight by talking through the problem. Be careful when you do this though. If you just reopen the same argument, it could make things worse. You both have to be willing to put your differences behind if you want to move on from the fight. If just talking to him won’t work, try the other ideas in this list.

1. Keep It Casual

You miss him greatly and just want to move on. Be careful though. If he realizes that you miss him too much, then he may take you for granted and feel like you will always come back to him. If you go overboard in trying to reach out to him, it can also come across as needy and clingy. While you want to know how he is doing since the fight, you don’t want to overdo it. He needs to think about whether he has made the right decision in moving on. If you bombard him with messages, he will not have time to realize his mistake and reconsider his decision.

2. Cut Off (Most) Communication

One of the biggest traps to watch out for is in communication. In MRI studies, the brain actually looks like it is mentally ill after a break up. Because of this, you are basically temporarily insane after a break up. This can lead you to do things you would never normally do like texting, calling and emailing your boyfriend constantly.

Constant texts are a problem for many reasons. The first issue is that it will make you seem clingy and needy. It can drive him away from you by reminding him of everything that he does not want in a relationship. In addition, the first person to reach out after a fight often has the least power in solving the argument. It shows that you are willing to do anything to solve the problem, which can be an issue.

Obviously, you do want to be open to communication if you want to solve your problems and move on. At the same time, there is a careful balance. You do not want him to take you for granted or view you as someone who is always at his beck and call. If he reaches out, talk to him. Otherwise, give him a little space so that he actually has time to miss you. He can only miss you if you aren’t there. If you are bombarding with texts, he will never miss you and may start to wish that you would just go away.

3. Focus on Yourself

This argument could be an opportunity. You have a chance at this moment to learn more about yourself and what you want. When the relationship starts up again, you can be a better person. When you are single, you have a chance to explore interests that you never had time for before. You can reconnect to yourself, learn from your mistakes and be a more awesome version of you.

The good news about this approach is that it will keep you busy. You won’t be as focused on him, so it will make it easier to give him time to miss you. Plus, he will now be missing someone who is even more amazing. He will hear about your new hobbies or your after work language class and realize that you were too good for him. Each new talent or hobby that you pick up is a reminder of the relationship that he is missing out on.

4. Avoid Being Cold

When someone hurts you, your first response is to shut down. It is natural to want to prevent yourself from being hurt again. Unfortunately, this can make it even harder to get back together. You may feel bitter, hurt or depressed about the way the relationship ended. When you get in touch with him again, some of this hurt may make you sound cold.

In some cases, you may even try to sound intentionally cold. You do not want to seem too eager or excited to talk to him, so you unintentionally seem cold or bitter. You have to be extremely careful about how you talk to him. Treat him like you would a friend or co-worker. He is someone you want to talk to, but not someone that you sound eager or overly excited to hear from.

If you are unintentionally cold, it can drive him away from you. He will think that you no longer care and move on. Instead, you have to find the careful balance between not being too cold and not being too eager. Treat him like you would a friend and be slightly aloof. Get him talking and listen to what he says. He has a reason for getting in touch with you again, so give him a chance to make that move before you decide how to respond.

While you can learn how to make him miss you after a fight, it won’t always be easy. Sometimes, the relationship was just meant to end. You have to take care of your own heart and focus on yourself. If the relationship was meant to be, you will end up together again later on.


    • His behaviors have caused you to notice the red flags. You then shared your thoughts and feelings with him. He responded with anger and ended your relationship, which is another red flag. You do not need to address anything in regards to this relationship. Allow your emotional connection with him to fade, and determine what you want for your future without him. Sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life will draw positive people and energy toward you. Have a great day, Coco!

  1. Great Advice However I’m married And My Husband Said He Needed Some Space after A Argument And it’s Been Two Weeks .we communicate here and there he has come over sense then but he hasn’t moved back in.I really miss him and want him back home but I’m not going to tell him because l feel if he wanted to be here he would be And he talks to me like a friend and I’m trying to adjust to this but it’s kinda hard, l asked if he wanted a divorce l got no response. I just don’t know what to do …Any Advice?

    • The two of you are having difficulties in your relationship. His lack of response when you asked him about divorce indicates that he is considering ending your relationship. You need to speak with him about what you want for the future. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. The two of you should make a decision within the next month, as neither of you should waste your life nourishing a relationship that isn’t viable. Have a great day, Mya!

  2. Whenever we had a fight and begin to communicate again and I make mention of how we had a fight the other, he’s always asking me ‘you and who had fight?. This question always hurts me and makes me feel like am in the relationship alone and also if he truly loves me like he said. Am confuse, please help me

    • It sounds like he doesn’t want to talk about the fight, or he is trying to deliberately hurt you. Either way, there is nothing that you can really do about it other than talk to him and tell him how you feel. If you tell him how you feel and he still does the same thing, then you may want to consider moving on. Good luck, Temi!

  3. My girlfriend and I have been together for 9 months and just broke up last week. She has been dealing with chemical depression and until two months ago it did not effect our relationship tell she came off her meds. She got back on meds 4 weeks ago but it was too little too late. The week she got back on she wanted a break from the relationship. I refused it at first but it happened anyways for a day then she agreed to talk once a week and then the next day she agreed to talk in the mornings and evenings and hangout once a week then we were pretty much back to normal on day four and hung out sunday and tuesday following. Those two days were amazing it was like our relationship started all over again. However then she started to regress getting stressed about college and life in general and started being more distant again and being moody and just regressing into the depression in general. Two weeks later we’ve had a couple arguments and most we’ve walked away with agreements on how to handle things and always hugging kissing and making sure each other knows they’re loved. Now to last tuesday we had a mediocre day that sunday with her feeling down, on monday I blew up on her by accident because I was extremely stressed that day and she made a comment in a text that I took the complete opposite way of what she meant but no more than 10 minutes after the blow up I was apologizing and telling her I dint mean to do it because well I didn’t and how I didn’t want it to come out like that at all but the comment triggered me. She said she accepted my apology and that was that. Next day tuesday we were hanging out and she was not in the best of moods still gave me a hug when I walked in said she loved me and we did some yard work well dinner rolled around and we were supposed to go to a movie after. Her sisters boyfriend and parents were bickering and I was getting kind of annoyed so I went to get another beer but stayed out in the garage and found the door open so for maybe 10 minutes I waited and got some fresh air to relax so I didn’t get irritated, well she comes out and gives me hell for it. We both go back inside and not long she tells me she doesnt want to go to a movie now because of the fight I get frustrated and decide I’m going home she walks me out and affirmatively ask her what the hell is your problem and she goes on about the standing outside deal and then she says I cant do this anymore and says she wants to break up I didn’t get super pissed I was more so disappointed and asked her how could you do this an don I dont accept this but to her it was what was happening she said she cant handle a relationship right now with everything she has going on and doesnt think it should be this hard. She said she loves me but she just cant give me her half of the relationship and needs to love herself before she can fully give her half of the relationship. It’s been a week since the breakup and we haven’t spoken. She hasn’t changed our relationship status on Facebook and watches my snapchat and Instagram stories and even liked my instagram post from the weekend. I’ve since stopped posting so as to make her miss because I do want to get back together with her I believe she is my one. At this point I’m not sure what to do everyone says give her time but I miss her so much and its an absolute struggle not to reach out to her to talk about this.

    • It sounds like she has been clear about what she wants, so just listen to her. She is struggling with a mental illness, and this may be the reason why it is so difficult to understand what she wants at any given time. She clearly cares for you, but she just isn’t in a good place to be with you right now. Wait and give her time to work through her own problems–afterward, there is a good chance she will be able to come back to you.

  4. Hi…I have joined to new company..there one guy started impressing me and made me to fall love on him…he even told me one statement “I know that I have space in ur heart”..we had a small fight…due that I got tensed and started calling him multiple times.. it was due to fear of losing him..later on it’s been 1.5 mnths imtrying to convince but he insulted so much…he said u don hv selft respect on u..so I don feel to respect u..is askingsorry is bad things…due to his statement I felt top bad and deleted his number…now as we are working in same company, how do I make him to miss me..

    • He either misses you or he won’t. If you aren’t absent from his life, he can’t possibly miss you, so “doing” things will be counterproductive. After all, by doing things to make him miss you, you end up being around him more, which means he can’t miss you. The best thing to do at this point is give him space. He’ll either come back to you or he won’t, but you can’t make him do anything.

  5. My guy and I have been together 4 yrs and we got into a very heated argument yesterday. We have a small child and I told him I don’t want to be with him anymore but I really do now we are still in the same house separate rooms but I want to approach him about the argument and apologize for my words. Is it to soon?

    • You informed him of something that you no longer want. Because of this, you have found that you feel concerned about your future. You are interested in maintaining a relationship with him again. If you feel that you should apologize, then do so. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well.

  6. My boyfriend of 1 year and I got into the worst fight that caused me to end the relationship via text. We had arguments/disagreements throughout the relationship, but were always able to reconcile and talk through things. Because of our busy schedules, we were only seeing each other once a week for the past 3 months. This particular occasion though he completely bailed on plans we had made with my family to do something for his parents that was not urgent at the moment. He recognized I would be upset by this and even said he wasn’t giving me the time I deserved and that we needed to talk. The following 2 days he gave me countless reasons why not to come see me and talk and after all these excuses I had enough and ended the relationship via text. Was this the right decision? It’s been a week since then and he hasn’t responded to the text where I ended things, nor has he tried to reach out at all. I don’t want to seem like a pushover and text him first, but should I if I want this to work out? Please help! I’ve felt absolutely miserable this past week. I love this guy and would be so sad to have ended things if they could be fixed.

    • Ending a relationship via text is generally not the right choice, but it seems like he left you with no other option since he wouldn’t even see you. Since he hasn’t reached out again or responded, it seems like he is alright with ending things. Perhaps he just realized that he didn’t have the time or ability to love you in the way that you deserved. Whatever the case, it seems like the best option is to move on–if he realizes what he wants later, he knows your number and how to reach out to you.

  7. The love of my life and I met earlier this year . We were living in the same city but three months into our relationship he moved and we became long distance. We saw each other at the least twice monthly , we talked daily but he was building a business causing him to work throughout the night. Half way through our relationship it was revealed that he was keeping contact with an ex, sending pictures and telling her he loved her. When it all came out he apologized and we sorted it all out but I felt I wasn’t good enough. This feeling continued to grow and during disagreements I would say things like he doesn’t want me or we need a break. I never meant these things at all but I just felt like I wasn’t good enough. Well after a discussion about his closeness with another female … he stated he didn’t knew anymore . He was unsure of us or numb. He has had little to no communication with me since but I don’t know what to do . I love him so much but I am afraid my insecurities pushed him away .

    • It doesn’t sound like your insecurities were the problem. It seems like his emotional affairs with other women were the issue. Even if he never acted on those messages or pictures that he sent his ex (or the closeness to the new woman), it sounds like there were definitely feelings there. The problem sounds like it is him, not you. I wouldn’t blame yourself because it doesn’t sound like you were at fault.

  8. Hi….. I had an argument with my boyfriend, of which he was at fault… He called d following day once ,couldnt pick up cuz I wasn’t with my phone…… I didn’t call or text back either
    I just thought he would call or text me again… But he hasn’t, its been almost a week and he hasn’t tried to reach out… Pls wat shud I do, I really love, I just felt if I was important to him, he would have reached to me at least via text.

    • It has been a week since the two of you last spoke. It is possible that your relationship is no longer viable. Reach out to him again. If he does not respond, then you are aware that this relationship should fade from your thoughts.

  9. My guy and I got in a fight after my birthday. It used to be a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship but I took away money and now we just like each other. He makes a lot of money and has never been cheap. I was expecting something really nice for my birthday. I told him I wanted jewelry & he got me a $150 necklace. I was expecting thousands of dollars. I pretended like I liked it but then he kept asking so I said I thought it would be nicer. Anyways after I left his place he didn’t speak to me for 4 days. I reached out and he got mad and felt like I was a brat. He said if you want this to be a financial relationship then lmk and I’ll either agree or move on. I said I obviously didn’t want that and tried to explain the reason I was hurt is bc I felt like he didn’t care. He stopped texting me back after that night and I haven’t heard from him for a week. I haven’t been clingy. Our last message is when we were arguing a week ago. I want to text him and see where we stand. I feel like if he didn’t want anything to do with me anymore he would tell me but idk. We went from talking everyday to not speaking at all. I miss him so much and want it to be the argument to be over and want an answer.

    • He has made it clear that he is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with you. Determine what you want for your future without him, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere.

  10. Me and my boyfriend recently had an argument over something so small (petty) he said he was sorry I said I was sorry. But now he wants to take things slow. But I just don’t know what to do anymore I gave him back his keys to house and car since we are taking things slow. Like I did a lot for him wash clean cook take the his and my child out like a lot and he did the same.I don’t know what should I do our connection is not the same anymore . we use to be super excited to see each other. He still calls and text me. But I haven’t seen him since the argument so like 3days now. He text little I miss you but it just don’t feel the same or when he hangs up the I love you doesn’t sound like he usually say it. What should I do give it time take things slow or just leave all together?

    • It sounds like the two of you need to have a serious discussion about the future of your relationship. Attempt to speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. If he ignores you, then determine what you want for your future without him.

    • I know. It is one of the hardest things to do, but most people really need some space after a fight to calm down, even if it feels impossible to do so.

  11. I met this guy on a dating app, he approached me first and we hit it off. He’s deployed so he says he can’t FaceTime or call cause it’s not allowed, but my cousin who’s currently deployed says that’s not true. One day he was saying he’s stressed because he just got a text from home saying his aunt got into a car accident, she lived but I guess she was hurt really bad. His parents died in a car accident when he was 16 so his aunt raised him and his sister. Days following we continue to talk and he would send me pictures of himself in his uniform and regular selfies . I was getting suspicious that I was being catfished but he assured me he was real and then he started sending me videos. In that videos he would be talking but it was never directed towards me so I was still a bit suspicious. The other day we had a argument because his aunt contacted him saying she needed help with her medical bills and he didn’t have the money so he ask me for financial assistance. I was surprised that he would even ask me since we were Barely Getting to know each other but I figured he was just desperate, I told him I couldn’t him sorry. He then asked me if I could apply for a medical credit card or a capital one credit card and he would pay me back before his deployment was over because since he’s outside the country he has no access to his bank. I told him no and he shouldn’t be asking me for money and he got all upset and said it’s not for him it’s for his aunt. I tried to get him to understand that I’ve never talked to him or FaceTime him once so why does he think it’s ok for him to even ask me for money. He just keeps saying it’s not a big deal I’m making it out to be something else and he’s just stressed and he would pay me back and all these other stuff. I got so angry I called him and he told me to stop calling because I’m going to get him in trouble. Isn’t this whole thing strange? He’s making it out that’s I’m the crazy person but I believe this is strange behavior, what do you think?

    • His behaviors are indications that he was a scammer. It seems that your original judgment of him is correct. If he wasn’t a scammer, then he is not someone that you should attempt to maintain a relationship with. He is irresponsible at best, and he is a con artist at worst. Learn from this experience and apply that knowledge to your future relationships. There is no reason to speak with him from this point forward.

  12. My boyfriend made an update that he must bring a church girl home tonight and I complained about it buh he told me “hun you know am just kidding but I went offline in few mins I came back online and said what if you not kidding , he didn’t reply , I let go and sent some pictures when I took as I was offline from 4:51pm till just this morning he replied having problem with his phone, I just dunno been crying within me since last night , he wish me new year , I wish him back and I added some messages it’s been hour no reply… Am I safe

    • His behaviors seem to be indications that he is interested in publicly sharing his desire to maintain a new relationship with someone else. When you attempted to speak with him about your concerns, he made the decision to not speak with you. This could be a sign that he no longer respects your relationship.

  13. I have been dating this guy for almost a year and a half. We met at work since we work together and fell in love at first sight and everything was moving on well until changes started coming. We are both insecure and jealous . I stopped doing the things he doesn’t want because i don’t want to hurt his feelings but he keeps doing the things I don’t want and it always makes me sad. The truth is that we love each other but we also get into unnecessary fights all the time that we always break up and make up. The problem is that I just can’t keep quite and look on as I get hurt so I always confront him about his behaviours and it leads to serious fights but after we make up. What should I do am I in the right relationship I don’t know what to do because I love him so much .

    • He has repeatedly made the decision to show you that he doesn’t respect or love you. You address your concerns with him, and he treats you poorly. This leads to a breakup, and then the two of you get back together. It is certain that this cycle will continue, as your partner seems to have shown no indication that he has changed. End your relationship, and determine what you want for your future without him.

  14. Good day,
    My boyfriend and I are co-workers which makes things hard because he is very affectionate which I feel will bring distraction and attention to our relationship or our performance at work . I told him it will be best if we go separate ways while at work so our relationship stays under the radar. Lately, he was upset because he feels like I am not being affectionate towards him and I am too friendly with my male co-workers. My boyfriend has the tendency to shut down, get moody and frustrated and make sarcastic comments anytime a problem arises. I reached out to him and asked what he wanted of me to rectify the situation, he was being passive-aggressive and sarcastic. Anytime I asked what he wanted me to do to rectify the situation he’s like “I don’t know”, “do whatever you wanna do”, “ go run to Zach (the male co-worker of mine my boyfriend thinks I am too friendly with.” Because of his sarcasm and him not being able to tell me what needed to be done to solve the issue at hand, I cut off the communication and it has been about a week since we last talked. We see each other at work but he says nothing to me and he has become very cold and emotionless. What do you think I should do . Your response will be helpful thanks 🙏🏽!!

    • You made the decision to end your relationship with him for entirely appropriate reasons. He is aware that you are no longer interested in him, so it is natural that he has shut himself off from you. The two of you have not spoken for a week, so it is clear that neither of you are interested in nourishing this relationship again. Determine what you want for your future without him.

  15. I have been dating a guy for 8 months, before we started getting serious I asked him if he was seeing anyone on more than 1 occasion and he said no I was the only one now i find out he bought a gift for christmas for a girl he was seeing before me and didnt buy me anything so I confront him about and he is making seem like I’m picking a fight with him, now he blocked and doesnt want to talk to me. I still gave him the gift I got him and he was like no I dont want your gift.

    • You confronted him about his actions, and he made the decision to block you. It is clear that he didn’t value your relationship. Determine what you want for your life without him.

  16. So me and my boyfriend broke up after I went out with my mates which are boys he ended it saying that it’s not right and all that since then we’ve been arguing a lot and I’m very emotional about him I want him back but at the same time I don’t.Anyways moving on now he wants me to leave him “until he is ready to speak to me” which I don’t understand and I want to show him that I still love him and that I want him but I don’t know how when we’ve stopped texting.Inless it’s at school but what should I do I really need your help atm with this ty best regard x

    • It seems like he can’t handle being in a relationship with someone who has a lot of guy friends. It is also entirely fair and natural for you to want to hang out with your mates. Unless one of those two things changes, he won’t be able to be in a relationship. You may want to consider just moving on because he isn’t ready to speak to you yet and it could be quite a while.

  17. In a relationship with someone I love and known all my life we been together 5 months and he has a ex (10+ yrs) that is very involved with his children and he informed me that she maybe a a family function I’m invited to, but I got so angry and we had a big fight. I don’t feel that we should even be discussing a ex and can’t talk to him because he looks at it like no big deal. Don’t know what to do I love him so much

    • It is reasonable for the mother of his children to be at family functions. You feel that it is inappropriate, which led to a disagreement. It seems that the two of you need to have a discussion about what is appropriate for your relationship.

  18. Hi, My boyfriend and I have been having constant fight more about petty things, example -He initially had me off his Facebook and i always thought it was because of his x , i had a problem with that and after days of complaints he finally unblocked me.we had been staying together for maybe 6 months now and things can be really good and some days really bad. I sometimes feel oppressed and find myself saying sorry for all these petty arguments. he says i have no respect and have poor communication skills.. i have tried to communicate better but from time to time i loose it . i have also been feeling so insecure about his previous relationship and that seems to have pushed me away. i went on his social media and took screenshots of pictures that he still had on with his x gf’s he was using my phone and saw that .. i then got mad at y he was dissappointed and told him maybe i needed to give him space.. later that night i tried to apologise and told him i did not mean the things i said, he did not want to understand and said he felt because its my apartment he does not feel welcome and i am toying around with him.. he packed his clothes and left. i still tried speaking to him same day i was honest told him i love him and want to be with him i even opened up and told him how jealous i am of the relationship he had with his x ( well he never posted me on Facebook since we’v been together and my insecurities come from that)
    I took accountability and practically begged that we fix things .. he replies saying I’m a good partner and im supportive and i will find someone better h then said good luck and basically made it clear there was nothing i could do to change his mind .. i love him what do i do ?

    • He has made his feelings clear. He is no longer interested in nourishing a romantic relationship with you. His behaviors throughout your relationships were indications of his feelings. Learn from this relationship, and apply that knowledge in the future. Determine what you want for your future without him.

  19. I been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years but off and on. We recently made up and decided to be adults and be better at communicating with each other. We been arguing because he recently moved in with some of his friend which has like 3 different people living there. One of his roommates which is a girl has been getting super close to him. I addressed that I don’t really like how his giving her so much attention and leaving me behind. Also told him he should have boundaries with her. But he said “she just a friend, why are you overreacting.” Sometimes I blame myself for being like this, so I let it side and I apologized. But recently I got really upset because he put me aside so he can hangout with her. It turn into a big argument and now he hasn’t text me. I really miss him and I know we can be stubborn but we love each other. I’m not sure what to do, I want to txt him but I also don’t because I want him to see what his missing out. Any advice?

    • Trying to make him see what he is missing out on will probably send him the wrong idea. He’ll think that you don’t care and want to move on, so you stopped messaging him. Or, he’ll think you are trying to make him miss you, and he’ll end things because he doesn’t like the mind games. Either way, your best bet is to just reach out to him again and try to stay calm. He has laid out his boundaries–he stays friends with who he wants to. Now, you have to decide if you are okay with that–and there is nothing wrong with saying you aren’t comfortable with the situation and would rather date someone else. Good luck!

  20. so in december last year i started talking to a boy, it got to like 3 weeks of us talking and i really really liked him. we were speding hours on face time every night talking to each other every day and sending pictures to each other every day and stuff like that and he would always tell le he loved me and cared about me. then one day he hadnt text me or anything for two days, and i got really up set and annoyed at him thingking he had been ignoring me cos his snapscore had gone up. so that day i hadnt eaten anything and all day all i did was cry and think why am i so ugly and why does he not like. so that night he text me why have u been crying i told him thta because he was going back to uni i was scared he was goingot start talking to other people and loose interest in me and because of this i caused and argument. he told me to stop being stupid and remeber he cared about meand go to sleep. so the next day we are okay and talking again but i started school again after the holidaysand for the first week i was there i just felt like we were drifting and i ttold him i felt like this. every time i tell him hes making me feel like crap he just leaves me on read. what should i do beacuse we have had 2 arguments in the past two weeksand other then that we havent spoke and i really do like him so what do i do?

    • He has shown you that he is not interested in being emotionally supportive. It seems that you need to make a decision about what you feel is appropriate for your future. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere, and determine what you want for your future without him.

  21. My husband and I got into a really bad fight a couple of days ago to the point where I just moved out. He never helps me with anything and is always saying everything is my fault which just isn’t true. I want to reach out and be civil since we have 2 kids but he’s so ego driven that admitting to any wrong or hearing me out is like pulling teeth for him. My question is how do I approach him because he always tries to turn it into an argument. I’m just about to give up on even trying to talk to him because he’s exhausting to deal with.

    • Perhaps you have done the best thing possible for your relationship. If he seems willing to work things out, it may be best to talk with a counselor, pastor or someone you both trust so that you have a referee to mediate the situation. He isn’t being fair to you, and your wish to be heard is entirely understandable.

  22. My boyfriend and i have been together for 9 months but in separate towns
    distance is our problem
    he always comes to sèe me but later on i hear his dating another girl somewhere and when i ask him he agreed to it.
    But we didnot breakup
    but we are not in good terms
    i want to ask if i should stay in the relationship or i should walk out because lately we have being arguing and other stuffs have been happening and i stiĺ love him but i dont know if it is reciprocal even though he always tells me that he loves me and that if he didn’t love me we could have already ended .how do i get back my bf

    • If he is dating a different girl, then you should definitely consider moving on. When you also consider that he isn’t on good terms with you right now and struggles with distance, the future isn’t looking good. The only thing that could change this situation is if he completely turns over a new leaf and decides to commit himself to the relationship again. Try talking to him and be honest about how you feel. Good luck!

  23. My boyfriend and I have been going out for about one year and 2 months . We had a very bad argument …..I told him my insecurity of he posting a video about one of his friend (female friend ) who sings, and that one of my friend asking me about what he post whether I feel irritated or not and …..I told him about my friend telling me about him and he discovered the person he was mad at my friend and said he wanted to talk to my friend…but I was afraid there would be a serious argument or fighting so I stopped him from telling my friend .
    He was angry with me for stopping him and tells me not to interfere in his life though we are in a relationship. He tells me he no longer cares about me and says he no longer trust love though he is in a relationship …its been around 2 days im trying to convince him say sorry and explaing him about why I stopped him but he isnt listening and says things wont change he says his family is important and that he is goingto become selfish ….What am I suppose to do ? Am I suppose to give him so space … or will he even learn ..why I stopped him .? Or shall I stop texting him ?

    • I would give him some space to think things over right now. His reaction seems to be quite immature and unfair to you, so it may be best to just give him some space to think about the argument and hopefully decide that he wants to work things out after all.

  24. Hello, me and my boyfriend are 1 years and 6months in a long distance relationship. In the last few months we had a lot of fights and then we could not have normal and cute conversations. Yesterday we had a big fight and he says that he doesn’t feel good when we re typing even when we are not fighting because all of it. I dont feel good too because of all the fights we had even if i really love him. So we decided to relax and take a little break and then to talk about us. I already miss him and i have a feeling that he wont text me and that he will break up…what should i do?

    • Try to stay calm and let him have the space he needs on this break to think things over. If you try to text him too much or get upset, it’ll just remind him about all of the reasons why he doesn’t want a relationship right now. While he could still decide that he no longer wants to date you anyway, he will definitely be driven away if he is reminded of all of the relationship’s problems right now. Be patient, give him some space and hope for the best. Good luck!

  25. Hi. I met a girl three months ago. We started talking since then, she lives in different country. I lives in a different country. But we met since last December till recently, after few weeks knowing her, she admitted to me that she liked me so much, she is ex escorts and she is in drugs, I was shocked and upset to digest this and same time I love with her, she said she no longer working at escorts and she had to do it to support herself financially and I presumed she had to support her addiction too but she said she need me in her life to get out of drugs and escorts and have a decent life and family. Before new year she asked me money to lend her, but I told her I can’t because I am away from home and don’t know how to send money international. She said it’s ok and nothing would change in our relationship, on first week of January this year I went to visit her, we met and spent few days together and everything were great but on return day she beg me to stay with her and support her emotionally and be there for her and take her out of the situation she is in and I had to come back because of work schedules. I returned back home, she kind of changed and I spokes with her regarding this but she said she is working again but didn’t say what kind of job she is in. I went to visits her again this month for Valentine’s Day. When I went there she didn’t come to see me at airport, I had to go straight to my hotel, she told me everyday that she will meet me but she couldn’t come and told me she is at work, eventually she came to see me on Valentine’s Day fkr an hour for dinner and she took all the gifts I had for her, but she was with female friend, I was confused what to think what she does for work, next day we supposed to meet for breakfast but she didn’t answer my phone. Finally she admitted she is working at escorts job and she had to do it to support herself and pay for her drugs. She can’t leave the escorts job now as she is obligated to work. She told me that after 21 days she will leave this forever if I can wait. On my last day before my flight she stayed with me at my hotel, she was none stop smoking and taking the white drugs. She said she suffered in childhood and it’s not what she wants for her life. She need to change it as soon as possible. She love me so much. She said please don’t leave me. She said her parent left her when she was a child. I felt bad and the same time myself grown up without my Parents being around me. I know how it’s feels. When I return back to my home country I tried to contact her regarding this when we meet next but she gone quite as she is working. We had big arguments because I forced her to make decisions to leave this job and drugs or leave me. She said last night that I insulted her and not wait few more weeks she leave that job. For me it’s hard to see her take drugs and sleep with men for money now. Same time I love her. I don’t know it’s ok to hide her past and get along with her and starts relationship or leave her with her life and suffer. Is it ok to be with her when she worked as escorts and taking drugs that she said she will stop all. Or leave her all together? I am so much stressed and worry about her and my feeling towards her what to do. Please help me and what to do. If my family and friends find out I met and in relationships with ex escorts they will Lough and spitting in my face. Thank you for your to read such a longest paragraph.

    • It seems that you are aware that this relationship is not viable. She made the decision to leave you and no longer communicate with you. You are aware that her career has influenced her in a variety of ways. It seems that you need to make a decision about what is appropriate and reasonable. Introspection will help you understand what action you should take in the future.


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