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How to Make Time Go Faster


We have all been there before. You are stuck at work or waiting in an airport, and all you want to do is make time go faster. It feels like the second hand is stuck in slow motion as the minutes tick painfully by. When you are having fun, it seems like the hours fly by in seconds. When you are stuck in line or waiting for something, it can feel like the seconds take hours. While you cannot actually make time go faster, you can make it feel like it is moving along much faster than before.

1. Stop Looking at the Clock

When you want something to happen, it is hard not to look at the clock. Unfortunately, watching the clock is the worst thing that you can do. If you are watching the second hand tick around the clock face, it will only make time go slower to you. Make it a rule that you will not look at the clock. You can set an alarm on your phone that tells you when the awaited for hour arrives. Until that alarm goes off, do not look at the clock. If you have to, put the clock in another room or face it toward the wall.

2. Talk to Someone

Have you ever noticed how the barista at Starbucks or team member at Jamba Juice keeps talking to you? There is a reason for that. They are actually trained to engage with customers as much as possible. This helps to make time pass faster for the customer. A two-minute wait for a coffee seems like forever if you are just waiting, but it goes much faster if you are talking to someone. Use this same concept in your life by finding someone to talk to, and the hours will go by much faster.

3. Meditate

When you are trying to make time go faster, the last thing that you want to do is meditate. If you can get your mind to focus, this trick can work wonders. Meditating is amazing for your mental focus and promotes relaxation. Once you have calmed your mind and focused, you will be surprised by how fast time seems to go. In addition to making time go faster, this technique will help you lower your blood pressure, prevent Alzheimer’s and increase relaxation. Out of all the techniques on this list, meditating is our favorite by far.

4. Make Plans

As the weekend approaches, the last moments of your day can take forever. Instead of focusing on those last few minutes, start to plan out your weekend. Making future plans is exciting, and it will also distract your mind. It will give you something pleasant to focus on instead of allowing yourself to just focus on the clock.

5. Quit the Coffee

While you may want to stay awake and watch the seconds pass, coffee is not going to help you out. Caffeine has a tendency to make you feel more alert than normal. If you are more alert, then you are going to be even more focused on the time. It will feel like the minutes are moving sluggishly by as you wait in jittery anticipation. In addition, caffeine can backfire in another way. If you have an exciting vacation or date tomorrow, caffeine can keep you up to night. A few hours spent asleep will go by in an instant, but you will definitely get frustrated if you spend the entire night struggling to count sheep. Worse still, you will end up exhausted when you wake up the next day and unable to enjoy your plans.

6. Keep Your Hands Busy

When you have nothing to do, it makes time seem to pass unbelievably slowly. You probably already know this. When you were bored in class, you probably doodled on the page or spent time daydreaming about a grand adventure. Instead of sitting idly, put yourself to work. There are always things to clean, fix or do. Anything that gets you moving will help to make time pass that much faster for you.

7. Get a Book

If you love to read, then start reading! Before long, your mind will become absorbed by the story line and you will forget that you were waiting for time to pass. You can also try reading a magazine or a newspaper. If you dislike reading, you can always try activities like crosswords or other games. In addition, watching a good movie or television show can also make it seem like time is going by quickly. Find something that absorbs your mind so that you stop glancing at the clock every few minutes.

8. Go for a Walk

The worst thing that you can do is sit there and wait for time to pass. Doing nothing will only make time drag on. You need to distract your mind or get moving. If the weather is nice outside, then go for a walk. If you have a lot of time to kill, you could even plan out a short day hike to take up those last few hours. This approach works especially well if you normally work at a desk or have to sit inside all day. Moving around and enjoying the fresh air will make it seem like the minutes are ticking by faster.

9. Have a Power Nap

Sleep is an amazing way to make time pass faster. When you are asleep, you don’t notice the hours trickling by. You only know that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. While it may not be bedtime yet, you could try ding a power nap to make time pass faster. Even a short nap will help you feel more energized.

If falling asleep is completely impossible for you, don’t worry. Try checking out some of the hypnosis videos available online. Find a quiet, calm place to relax and turn on the hypnosis tape. Even if it does not put you to sleep, it will still make time pass faster.


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