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How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special


We all have moments where we don’t feel very confident in ourselves. There are always those times when we need someone next to us egging us on.

Everyone needs a small reminder to let them know just how important they are.

When you are in a relationship with someone, it is your job to do those things for your partner. It’s your job to build them up and make sure that they don’t forget just exactly how special they really are!

So how do you accomplish that? How do you make your boyfriend feel special?

It doesn’t seem easy, but it surprisingly is!

There’s only a few things that you need to do to make him feel like he is a wonderful person.

All it takes is a little time and effort on your part.

Do you think you can handle that?


Now all you have to do is read the following tips and tricks and you will have your boyfriend feeling more special than ever before.

Hype Him Up

Obviously you can’t be there babying him every step of the way. However, as his girlfriend it is your job to be his cheerleader every single day! Men get down on themselves just as easily as women do, sometimes even more. They get self-conscious and nervous, too. It’s easy for them to feel their self-esteem slip away. So it’s up to you to be there and be his ‘hype-woman’. What’s a hype-woman? It’s like a hype-man. Someone who hypes a person up before a big event or during a rough patch. You should be there building up his confidence. Reminding him how attractive he is or how talented he is at the things he does. You should even be there supporting his projects and employment.

You might assume that men are not huge on receiving compliments. That is simply not true. Everyone appreciates getting complimented for the most part. Don’t you?

He will love to hear that you adore his new shoes or that his new hairstyle looks great! Even if he doesn’t have anything new, don’t be afraid to tell him he looks smoking in those old pajama pants he threw on for movie night.

Watch his face light up when you say it! He needs to be reminded of your love for him.

You never know if he has been fretting over something, such as his looks or talents, but stays silent about it while doing so.

If you expect him to do these types of things for you daily, then you should also be willing to do them for him. It’s as simple as that.

Be Intimate With Him

Of course you should be intimate with your partner, but what we mean is that you should let him call some of the shots in the bedroom once in awhile.

Does he have a fantasy he’s been dreaming of? Find out what it is and act it out with him. He’s going to love that you are open to trying things, but he’s going to absolutely adore that you are willing to try his wildest dreams! There’s no doubt that will make him feel extremely special.

Alongside of letting him pick the bedroom routine, also spend more time being affection with him outside of the bedroom.

Intimacy does not have to stay behind closed doors.

When he’s busy, surprise him with a random hug or kiss. He’s going to feel warm and happy when you do so.

Play with his hair or touch his knee when the two of you are talking.

Don’t be afraid to show him off in public either. Even if you are afraid of a little PDA, you should try to push through it once in awhile and hold the man’s hand!

There’s nothing that makes a man feel more special than you being intimate with him.

There is several ways you can do that. Try them out and watch him feel happier by the second!

Always Trust Him

There is something sacred about trust in a relationship. You should always trust your partner as much as you possibly can. Doing this will help them to realize just how special they are to you. It’s important to be able to depend on one another. It’s also important to put your faith in each other, too. When you get on his case all the time about where he has been or who he is with, especially if he hasn’t given you any reason to be worried, it will make him feel as far from special as you can possibly imagine.

Give him trust when he spends a night out with his boys.

He’ll appreciate it, we promise!

Give Him Your Full Attention

There’s nothing worse than losing the attention of the person you love the most. When the two of you are spending time together, you should be focused solely on each other. That means start putting the electronics away. Unless you have both decided that your activity would revolve around them. But if it doesn’t, don’t include it! Step away from Insta, Snap and Facebook and just gaze at him instead. This will make him feel truly special, because in this day and age a lot of our attention goes to things like television and phone. Show him that he is more important to you than any of those things.

When you do happen to need to use your phone, let him know what the reason is for. Make sure he knows that it’s vital you answer the call or respond to the text. That way when you pick up the device, he won’t assume that you are just ignoring him or bored.

Surprise Him

Most people love a good surprise, so why would your boyfriend be any different?

When you go out of your way to surprise someone, you are showing them how deeply you care. You are showing someone that you think of them even when they aren’t around. You are making it clear that you don’t mind putting in some extra brainpower to make them smile.

Show him that you think about him when he isn’t around by surprising him with his favorite candy bar. Whenever you go somewhere, get something for him as well.

Pick him up a new pack of socks when you are out shopping if you know that his are getting all ratted up.

Surprise him with tickets to his favorite concert. That’s a great way to show him that you remember what he likes and that you are willing to go out of your way to please him.

Take him on a top-secret date every now and then to do something that he loves. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but once in awhile plan a date that he is completely unaware of. It will not only catch him pleasantly off-guard, it will show him that you don’t mind taking time out of your day to do something wonderful just for him.

The true effort comes from action.

So get active!

Keep Talking With Him


Communicating is crucial in maintaining a great relationship. It’s especially important when you are trying to make him feel loved and appreciated. When the two of you are apart make sure that you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to send a quick text or make a quick call to check in on him. He will be ecstatic knowing that you are concerned with his well-being at all times. He’s going to love that you are keeping communication open between you.

Also make an effort to open up to him.

Let him know that he is the only person you want to be talking with. That you trust him enough to tell him things that you won’t tell anyone else. This will make his bond with you stronger in the long run.

Active Listening

Women expect men to be great active listeners, but often forget that men like when their partners listen to them as well. It’s a two way road. It’s important to keep your ears open to him at all times.

It’s also crucial that you pay attention to what he is saying. Remember what he tells you.

Even when it comes to something boring, if it’s important to him then you should be listening! If you can’t listen to him all the time, how do you expect him to want to listen to you?

Men have things that they gripe about, too. When he’s complaining about something, take it to mind and remember it.

Taking time to give your attention to someone in every way you can is expected in a relationship, but it’s up to you to follow through with it.

He needs someone to lean on and to listen to him through tough times.

What will make him feel the most special is if you act like you thoroughly enjoy being there for him. That way he will not feel like a burden to you when he comes to you to unburden himself.


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