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20 Tips on How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy Every Day


It’s not enough in a relationship to only put forth effort in the beginning. You have to maintain that affection toward your significant other the entirety of the relationship in order to make them happy. This can be hard for those of you with boyfriends out there because it’s hard to know what exactly makes him happy.

The truth is that even when a guy is really happy about something, it’s hard to tell because they’re not really known to have their emotions on display for everyone to see. Therefore, you may never know just what makes them happy.

Luckily for you, we’ve put in the research for you so you can make your boyfriend happy every day. Here are some things you can do in order to have him smiling throughout your entire relationship.

  1. Enhance What He Likes About You

What’s something that he initially loved about you when you first met? What’s that one thing that he told you he couldn’t get enough of? If you really want to make him happy, bring that back! He’ll be more than happy to get more of the one thing that he likes about you most.

  1. Give Him Life Help

Although many guys like to act all macho and like they’ve got their lives together, the truth is that they’re life is just as hectic, stressful, and chaotic as ours. What will really make your boyfriend happy is if you give him a hand with certain things in his life. If there’s something he’s having a particularly hard time with, offer your advice and assistance and he’ll be overjoyed.

  1. Support Him in His Endeavors

No matter how crazy or outlandish his activities and goals may be, support him. There’s really nothing that will make your boyfriend happier than if you support him on his mission to accomplish something. No matter what it is, be there to cheer him on and he’ll LOVE it.

  1. Compliment His Body

Guys have insecurities about their bodies just as much as us ladies do. For this reason, you have to give him a compliment on how great it looks from time to time. Something as simple as a whistle when he takes his shirt off is enough to make him happy for the whole day. Don’t forget about this.

  1. Compliment His Style

His body isn’t the only thing he’s self-conscious about. Sometimes guys don’t know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to getting dressed. However, if they do well and you genuinely like their style of the day, let them know! Tell them they look sexy in that outfit and make sure to get the point across that you like the clothes they picked out. They’ll be smiling all day if you do this.

  1. Be Romantic

Girls aren’t the only ones that appreciate romance. As strange as it may sound, guys love it too. They just don’t always like to show how much they like it. So turn the lights down low, light some candles, and have a romantic night. Even getting their favorite candy on the way home and giving it to them after a long day is a romantic gesture that’ll make him happy.

  1. Ask Him For Help

Guys like to feel that they’re needed in your life. In order to make your boyfriend happy every day, ask him for his help with different things. It can be anything from opening a pickle jar and reaching something too high for you to just giving you some advice on something you’re dealing with at work. If he feels needed, he’ll be happy.

  1. Feed His Ego

We all know guys have an inflated ego and in order to make him happy every day, you have to feed it. This basically means that you have to make him feel manly. Guys’ egos are based purely on their macho demeanor. Therefore, if you tell him just how manly or strong he is, he’ll be happy. Doing this in a subtle way will mean even more since he’ll know you’re not just trying to make him happy.

  1. Give Him a Long Hug for No Reason

I know it may not seem like guys want to sit in a hugging embrace for very long, but they do and sometimes it’s what they really need after a long day. Not only that, but hugging someone for more than 20 seconds releases the “feel good” hormone that literally makes them feel happy. So the next time you see your man, give him a long hug and you’ll probably make his day.

  1. Show a Little PDA

Sure, too much PDA can be gross and unwelcome in a lot of places, however, if you show little signs of it, you could make your boyfriend happy. All you really need to do is give his butt a little slap or squeeze and that’s more than enough to make him feel like you care about him and think he’s attractive. Not only that, but it also shows everyone else how much you like him and he’ll love that.

  1. Give Him Attention When Out With Friends

When the two of you are in a group setting, it’s easy to get swallowed up in the group aspect of things and you end up ignoring your boyfriend sometimes. When you’re out with friends, just give him a little more attention than you give everyone else. Do something like look over at him when you’re in mid-conversation with someone else and make eye contact while smiling. This lets him know that you’re thinking about him and it’ll make him happy.

  1. Show Him Trust

If there’s one thing that will make your boyfriend happy every day, it’s showing how much you trust him. Whenever he goes out with his friends, tell him to have fun. This may not seem like much, but the fact that you’re encouraging him to go out with his friends shows just how much you trust him and he’ll he really happy about that.

  1. Get Freaky in the Sheets

This doesn’t mean to do anything outside of your comfort zone, but be experimental in the bedroom with him. Sure, hooking up with him is fun the way you normally do it, but ask him about his fantasies and then help bring those to life. The fact that you care so much about his happiness in the bedroom will make him appreciate you and be really happy you’re with him.

  1. Tease Him

Everybody likes to be teased every now and then – just not about anything sensitive. In order to make your boyfriend happy, you have to make fun of him a little bit so he can learn to laugh at himself, too. Don’t make all your compliments so straightforward. Sometimes, teasing someone about something is the perfect way to show them that you like that aspect of them even if it’s a little weird or different.

  1. Give Him His Freedom

Guys need their space more than girls do. They need their time to just be guys and do their own thing and you have to be the one to give him that freedom. Let him go do what he wants with his guy friends and even let him watch his football game alone. This freedom will make him feel relaxed, refreshed, and especially happy!

  1. Let Go of the Little Things

Not every little thing that upsets you warrants an argument with your boyfriend. The truth is that he probably hates that you nit pick at every little thing and make it a bigger problem than it is. That’s why if you just let those little things go, he’ll be especially happy.

  1. Look Your Best for Him

This is just standard. Your boyfriend thinks you’re beautiful no matter what but he’ll be ESPECIALLY happy if you dress up and make yourself look amazing for him. It’ll put a smile on his face that won’t be erased for a long time.

  1. Get Along With His Friends

A guy’s friends are almost more important than his own family. This means that if you really want to make him happy, get along with his friends and make them like you. It’ll mean more to him than you even know.

  1. Be Close With His Family

His family is just as important and if you want to make him happy, be close with them. Talk to them on a regular basis and grow a relationship with them, as well. He’ll be happy that you’re taking so much time to get to know the people who are the most important to him.

  1. Build Him Up in Front of Others

This will make him happier than you even know. When you’re out in public and someone starts asking your boyfriend about his job or his accomplishments, make a comment about how great he’s doing. This public display of support and acknowledgment of his talents will do wonders in making him happy each and every day.

Making your boyfriend happy doesn’t have to be really hard. In fact, if you use these 20 tips on how to make him happy, he’ll be smiling for the entirety of the relationship.


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