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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special


We all get a little on the down side every now and then. We lose hope, feel sad or just struggle in general. And when those times come we lean on the people closest to us for support. So when you are in a relationship, the person that you would usually lean on is your partner. That means when your girlfriend is not feeling her best or needs some cheering up, it’s up to you do so.

Other times she might just need a reminder of how important she is. That is also up to you to do for her.

If you aren’t constantly reminding her just how great she is, she might start feeling pretty insecure at some point.

It’s up to you to always make sure that she feels 100% adored and loved at all times.

But how do you do that?

How are you to make your girlfriend feel as special as she really is?


Try any of the following ways to have her feeling cheered up, important and special in a jif!

Compliments Are Everything

Remember that if you are not complimenting her, someone else out there sure is! Especially if she is attractive. Women tend to get complimented regularly. Even when they are simply just walking down the street to the grocery! She probably hears how pretty she is several times a week. However, it’s super important to hear those types of endearing things from you! That way she can shrug off all other compliments from anyone else. Remind her what you love about her, but be specific each time. Generic compliments are so not what’s needed to feel special.

Try something like, “Wow, that meal you made was fantastic! You are truly meant to be a chef.”

Or you can try, “Your makeup looks amazing today. You should really do your own tutorials!

Try to say things that you truly mean. That way you will sound genuine when saying them. There is no doubt that saying nice things to her often will make her feel even more special than she died prior to you doing so.

Remember What She Tells You

This one is sooooo important! Actually it can’t be stressed enough just how important this is! When you are in a relationship with someone, you have entered an unspoken agreement to be there for one another no matter what. This means always having your ears open to listen to your partner.

Remember the things that she tells you! Whether she has been chatting about some girl at work that’s bothering her or she’s mentioning birthdays, parties or other events.

Pay attention.

Remembering what she says will strike her as pretty romantic. Women like to be listened to and if she feels like you are always listening, it will definitely make her feel special.

Give Her Random Affection

She knows that you like to cuddle her when the two of you are watching movies on the couch. She also expects you to hold her hand when you are taking a walk. But what you need to do to make her feel truly special is go outside those expected times. Surprise her with bouts of affection. When she is busy come up and give her a quick kiss on her forehead, just to remind her that you haven’t forgotten she’s there. Come up from behind her and embrace her waist to let her know that you just can’t resist touching her any longer.

These types of motions will let her know that you are always thinking of being around her.

It also never hurts to do a random act of kindness as well as random acts of affection.

If you are out for lunch, grab her something and bring it to her later. She is going to go wild over the fact that you thought about her while you were gone. Bonus points if you bring her favorite meal!

Communication Is Key

She will never know how special she is if you fail to tell her, right? So that means keeping a strong line of communication open between you at all times. When you are apart, you should still be communicating.

Of course that doesn’t mean to be constantly sending her mushy texts or dropping a ring on her line obsessively.

No, instead try sending a random text here and there to remind her just how much she means to you or just how beautiful you think that she is.

Another way to prompt romantic communication is by leaving adorable notes for her.

If you go to work before she does in the morning, leave a note by the coffee pot. Make it say something cute. This way the first thing she does when she wakes up is smile and it’s all because of you!

What’s a better way to make someone feel special than doing cute things like that?

Always Be Missing Her

Space is healthy, but too much is obviously worrisome. Let her know that when she is gone you truly miss her. Letting her know this is a great way to make her feel extremely special. When she walks in the door tell her you’ve missed her greatly. Even if she was gone for a short amount of time. Doing this will make her feel very important.

Take Her Out

You don’t have to break the bank by any means, but once in awhile take your girlfriend out to do something special. Remind her that you still have some romance left in you. Everyone loves to be spoiled occasionally, especially girlfriends.

Even something as simple as a picnic in the park will do.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but when you neglect going out to do special activities with your girlfriend, she will soon forget how special she is to you.

Also consider what some of her favorite things to do are. If you don’t quite know yet, don’t be afraid to ask! Then plan to do some of those things.

She will appreciate the effort you are making to remember what activities she likes and taking her to do them as well!

Have you noticed she’s running low on nice shirts? Or she has a special event coming up?

Take her shopping! Plan a whole day that you will stand by her side doing just that.

We know that might not sound fun to you, but it sure will to her!

She will love the fact you are willing to spend  a day doing something she loves, even though you despise it.

It’s a foolproof way to make her feel more special than ever.

Get Physical

Yes, we know that you are probably already doing that type of stuff with her. But if you are trying to make her feel special, you will need to go another route than the usual kind of stuff.

This means that every now and then let her decide how your night of intimacy should go.

Let her pick new things to try.

Have her tell you her wildest fantasy and then act it out with her.

Does she want to experiment with some props or have you try something different?

Do it!

Listening to what she wants in the bedroom is important and when you do so, it will make her feel super special.

Intimacy is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy relationship.

Where’s the one place that you both have the power to make each other feel the most special?

Why the confines of your own bedroom of course!

And giving her a little power and decision will make her feel even more important.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Her Off

Maybe you are not really a fan of publicly displaying affection, but that may work on your behalf in this case. Kiss her in public even if you are nervous to do so, because it shows her that you are willing to push through your fear to show her off. Don’t be afraid to hold her hands or brush pieces of hair out of her face. Bringing a little intimacy outside of the bedroom is always a great way to make her feel more special. That doesn’t mean the two of you  need to go full force or start dry humping each other. It just means a simple touch here and there to slightly show affection. She is going to love the lessening of boundaries. We promise!


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