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How To Make Yourself Cry In Any Situation – Get Wet Eyes Now


There will be many times in our lives when we might find ourselves needing to fake cry, but we just can’t. Whether it’s to get out of a bad date or because you need something important from someone, you may feel like shedding a tear or two. It’s not one of the classiest moves, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

However, making yourself cry is not as easy as we may think. You’ll find yourself sitting there trying to muster up the tears, but come out defeated. Our tear ducts don’t always work on demand!

It’s totally okay, though, we have some tips and tricks for you to read that will help you figure out how to put some motion into making an ocean! Not only will we teach you how to cry, we will teach you how to make it look all natural! So take a peek below to get started.

How To Force Tears

  • Think Of Something Terrible

The number one pro tip on how to make yourself cry is to just think of something horrible that has happened. This isn’t the best way to go about it, because sometimes you can trigger some bad memories or feelings. However, it does get the job done. You can think of a death that hit you like a train. You can even make it as easy as thinking of one of your favorite celebrities that have passed on. You can think of a kitty or a puppy getting hurt, but please do not actually harm any animals. Think long and hard. Soon the tears will start falling as if your eyes were Niagra Falls.

  • Think Of Something Depressing

What’s the difference between terrible and depressing? It may be only a slight difference, but you can use either one to your advantage when you are trying to make yourself cry. Depressing stuff would be more geared towards your love life or dreadful thoughts of all the hungry children in the world. Maybe you have had your heart broken in the past, who hasn’t? Or maybe a teacher has been too hard on you before and it still gets to you to this very day. Think of something that just really gets you down, something defiantly unfair and take it to use as your tear inducing tactic.

  • Hurt Yourself

Okay before you get all crazy on us and start stabbing yourself in the leg, wait a minute. Surely some of you have seen Friends and remember the episode where Joey, the actor, is teaching his students how to cry during an acting class. He cuts a hole in his pants pocket and pinches himself while doing his scene. This definitely gets tears flowing out.

What we mean by hurting yourself is not hurting yourself in a grand way by any means. More as in give yourself a pinch or superficial scratch before or during the time of the fake crying situation. Take a tweezers and pluck out some hairs on your arms or legs. Or squeeze a part of your skin where the skin is the thinnest. Thinner skin always hurts the most, so take it for granted!

  • Use Water

No time to use any other methods? That’s okay, you can simply dab a lot of water right beneath your eyes to make it seem as though you are crying.

  • Find Something  That Offensive To Your Eyes

And not like a picture of your grandma naked. We mean something that is potent. Like onions or spoiled fish. Place is close to your eyes and watch the magic happen! Easy peazy, onion squeezy! Please refrain from putting the food into your eyes. This can be dangerous and extremely painful.

  • Use Eyedrops

Need a quick solution to get your ducts working? Try eye drops. Just plop a few (or an excessive amount if you wish) into each of your eyes. It won’t make you actually cry, but it will give the appearance of tears coming out. This doesn’t last long, so make sure if you use this method that you don’t need to cry for an extended period of time. Once the eye drops soak in or get blinked out, it’s over.

  • Rub Your Eyes

Rub them very hard with your hands. Of course, you should do this with your eyes closed. You want to fake cry, not damage your cornea, right? Rubbing your eyes excessively will irritate them and cause them to start tearing up. This one can take some time, so if you are looking for a quick fix this isn’t the one.

  • Open Wide

What do we mean by that? Simple: Open your eyes very wide. Do not blink. Staring for a long period of time will cause your eyes to lose all of their moisture. Since your eyes need that wetness to work properly, they will start inducing tears to make up for the dryness. This is a definite way to get tears coming out, but it’s tricky, because who knows how long you can keep them open without blinking? However, it’s worth a try!

  • Vapor Rub

Be careful with this tactic, because getting any type of vapor rub in your eyes is dangerous and, again, can be extremely painful. You may cause some serious damage to your eyes. So proceed with this method cautiously.

How do you do it?

Dab some vapor rub right below your eyes. The potency of the menthol will make you start crying.

  • Yawn Excessively

Ever get annoyed that when you yawn you start tearing up? Us too, but it is a great way to fake cry. Maybe you aren’t tired, but if you are use it to your advantage. Yawn a few times and you will see a stream coming down your face in no time!

How To Make It Seem Real

  • Wail It Out

When people are truly upset and crying, they usually make a noise called a wail. Wailing will give it the effect that you are actually distraught by something. It’s a low guttural, and honestly disturbing, sound. Doing it too dramatically may make it seem as if you are not truly crying and that you are faking. So do it with poise.

  • Whimper, Too

Whimpering is another thing that people do when they are in tears over something. This is a lot easier to portray than wailing, because it doesn’t seem as dramatic. It’s easier to do and it seems a lot more natural. It’s definitely the better option if you are not crying over something extremely terrible. However, if it is something very bad, go with the wailing.

  • Keep Rubbing Your Eyes

Not only is rubbing your eyes a great way to make the tears keep coming, but it gives the appearance that you are trying not to cry. Which in turn, makes your crying seem more realistic.

It also gives a very puffy, red effect on the lids and rims of your eyes. This will also give a more natural look to your crying.

  • Wipe Away The ‘Tears’

Even if you don’t have a lot of them, pretend that you do by swiping your cheek right below your eyes. This makes it seem like you are crying more than you actually are.

  • Hyperventilate A Bit

Breathe faster to give the sound of someone who is in distress. Fake hyperventilating makes fake crying seem more real. It makes it appear that you are really troubled and having a hard time ‘keeping yourself together’.

  • Don’t Make Too Much Eye Contact

Look away from the person you are fake crying for as much as you possibly can. Keep your eyes averted from theres so that way it seems as if you are truly in peril.

  • Cover Your Face

This is especially helpful if you cannot produce a lot of tears when you need them. Cover your eyes to give the effect of you being too ashamed to show your eyes. This makes it seem as if you do not like to cry in front of others. But it doubles as covering up the tears that are not really there.


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