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Options to say Good Night in French


Say good night in French

The most common word to say good night is “bonne nuit” but as well as the others, there are multiple ways to refer the feeling. Feel free to try these.

The standard way to say goodnight

Use “bonne nuit” this literally means “good night” and is well used whenever someone heads to retire off the evening table or go to sleep to call it a day. The word Bonne means “good,” and nuit means “night.” You may pronounce the portion as bohn nwee.

“Bonsoir” translates to “good night” or “good evening.” You may use it when saying hello to someone at night. The bon part of the term means “good.” The soir part of the term means “evening.” You can pronounce this greeting as bong-swahar.

Tell you are going to take a nunu

Je vais dormer” translates into, “I’m going to sleep.” Vais is derived from the French verb “aller,” which means “to go.” Dormir is a French verb “to sleep.”  You can pronounce the entire statement as zhuh vay door-mee.

“Je vais me coucher” translates into, “I am going to bed.” Vais derived from the French verb “aller,” means “to go.” Coucher (verb) means “to put to bed.” By adding me before coucher, you say “putting myself to bed.” The pronunciation is  zhuh vay meh koo-shay.

 Je vais pieuter  a French term that also means, “I am going to sleep.” Pieuter is a slang verb that means “to sleep” and you can pronounce the statement as zhuh vay pyuh-teh.

Je vais roupiller.  A French slang phrase. It means, “I am going to snooze.” Roupiller means “to snooze.” You can pronounce the statement as zhuh vay ru-pii-jeh.

Some other ways to show the good nights

“Dormez bien.” Means “sleep well.” Dormez French verb derived from dormir, which means “to sleep.” Bien means “well” or “good.” Pronunciation: Door-meh byang.

“Fais de beaux rêves.” Tell someone, “sweet dreams” with this phrase. Fais a French verb derived from faire, meaning “to do” or “to make.” De means “of.” Beaux means “beautiful.” Rêves means “dreams.” The pronunciation is: feh duh bo rai-vuh.


“J’espère que vous dormez tranquille” translates into “I hope you sleep at ease.” J’espère is a phrase that means “I hope.” Que translates into “that.” Vous means “you.” Dormez French verb (derived) dormir, meaning “to sleep.” Tranquille means “quiet,” “tranquil. Pronounce everything as zeh-spehr ker voo door-meh trahn-keel.


“Dormez comme un loir,” “Sleep like a log.” Dormez derived from the French verb dormir, wich means “to sleep.” Comme translates “such as” or “like.” Un loir translates into “a dormouse,” within this case means “a log.” Pronunciation: Door-meh cohm eu lwar.


“Dormez comme un bébé,” “Sleep like a baby.” Comme means “such as” or “like.” Un bébé translates into “a baby.” Pronounce the phrase as door-meh cohm eu beh-beh.


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