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7 Tips for Saying Good Night to Your Girl


When you and your girl and both headed off to sleep, you can’t just skip straight to telling her “good night” before dozing off. You’ll want to add a little something extra to make her feel loved and cared for. For some pragmatic couples, the typical good night message will do. However, if you want your girl to feel special or if you want to make her feel better after a stressful day, these tips might come in handy.

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Appreciate her hard work. Whether she’s in school or working or out there exploring the world, show your appreciation for what she’s doing. You can ask her about what she’s been up to, like if she’s studying hard or if work is going well. Ask her about her progress, and allow her to vent if she’s having some issues with what she’s doing. A few questions can be enough to show her that you care, and it allows her to open up to you even more – definitely something you want when you’re in a relationship. A little appreciation and asking her about what she’s up to really shows her how much you care about her.

Share something about your day. Don’t go playing 21 questions with her. When she has shared all she wants about her day, you can also tell her about your day. Sharing these little details with her makes her feel like you’re sharing a part of yourself with her. Let her ask questions or give you advice on what to do. Communication is important if you want to create a great relationship with her, and what better way to communicate than by sharing your experiences with her?

Let her know that you’re there for her. If she’s having a particularly rough day or week or even month, she’ll definitely appreciate it if you let her know that you’re always there for her. Don’t give her generic messages like, “I’m here for you.” Messages like that seem like template responses, which she might not appreciate.

Instead, be specific about what you want to do for her. Ask her if there’s anything you can do for her, whether it’s running a quick errand or helping her out with something she’s working on. You can even volunteer to do little things for her like making her dinner one night or setting up a fun day to help her de-stress and relax.

Remind her of her nightly routine. We’re not saying she’s a forgetful klutz who always needs reminding; we’re saying that you should do this to show how much you care. It’s sweet when guys show how much they care. But if you’re apart from each other, one of the nicest things you can do is to give her gentle reminders for what she should be doing.

If she’s taking medication, remind her to take them. If she wears makeup, remind her to take it all off and pamper herself with her nightly skincare routine. If she’s super stressed, remind her that it’s no use worrying about everything before bed and that now is the best time to rid her mind of stress. These little gestures show her that you care about her wellbeing.

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Send her a cute message. We have a whole list of good night messages that will make her heart skip a beat. Pick one that’s right for the situation and send it to her. Or better yet, create your own cute little message that will make her swoon.

If you’re not a wordsmith or if you don’t feel like copying and pasting a message, send her something cute to make her smile. There’s no shortage of cute videos on the internet like adorable babies, cute pets, or people’s silly antics. If she’s not after cuteness, a clever or educational video might be more to her taste. A little something to brighten up the end of her day will definitely help her sleep better.

Tell her you’ll be thinking about her before you sleep. Keep in mind that this only works if you manage not to fall asleep while you’re texting each other! Women love to know that they’re in your thoughts before you doze off. The mere fact that your mind is centered around her before you sleep is enough to make her feel ecstatic for sure!

Finally, wish her a good night. In line with your last few good night texts, wish her a good night’s rest. You can also follow that up with a message about how you hope she wakes up to a beautiful morning. Tailor-fit your message to the situation by keeping it specific. Everyone’s a sucker for a personalized message with lots of meaning.

Your girl’s last few moments of wakefulness before she falls asleep can be made so much better when you follow these useful tips for wishing her good night!


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