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Ways to say I love you in Spanish


The Love in Spanish

When we talk about the Spanish language, we get to know that this language is part of the romance language family, its roots coming primarily from Latin the language that the Romans would speak. English will also come from Latin, knowing Spanish will help speakers with their English language. In addition, the acknowledgement and understanding of Spanish words from the Latin origin will be especially helpful in certain professions in the sciences. You might be exposed to Spanish speakers close to where you are, so you have to be preparing to find the love of your life, and if you already have it, here bellow you will encounter many ways and phrases you might want to know to tell the one you love.

Apart from sounding beautiful spoken, Spanish has lots of ways to say “I love you” and each of them has many different meanings to be expressed with. You can say, for example, “te quiero” to close friends and family you feel love to, and reserve and guard the “te amo” for your significant one.

To say I love you

In English we direct “I love you” to our spouse and parents. Ease as that, the Spanish language will not be the same. Spanish will differentiate between romantic love, and friendly love.  Use the phrase “te quiero” pronounced as: tay khey air oh, among close friends and family to let them know you feel great with them. The word “quiero” is a conjugation of the verb “querer” (to want). Leaving the phrase translated to “I want you” will not necessarily have the same sexual undertone as it would in English.


Deep I love you

If you want to approach with a deep sense of romantic love, you might want to use the phrase “te amo” pronounced as: tay ahh moh, you will only use it for your soul mate. “amo” is the conjugation of the verb “amar” that means “to love.” This phrase will be expressed as when you direct to the individual that there are “the one.”


The Spanish language offers you a long list of variations to be used for you to express that person that your love towards them will always be as strong as you feel it.

Say “te necesito” (tay nes she see tooh) which literally means “I need you.”

“te adoro” (tay ah dooh roh) that will literally mean “I adore you.”

If you want to state that you feel in love in a more formal way of romantic love you might want to use the phrase “estoy enamorado” (es toy en ah moor ah doo) which translates into “I am in love” depending of the gender, the last “do” will change if you are a female, leaving it as: “enamorada”

You might end all of the above by adding a fun affection and friendly way of communication like “besos y abrazos” (bey soohs ee ah bra sohs) that will literally mean “kisses and hugs”

All of these phrases are here to show to the individual the affection you feel for them, some of them are more romantic and meaningful than other, so you know on whom to use them. This will give you more paths to show your beloved one that you really care for them.

More Phrases

To be more spicy use some more complex sentence to express our love and to add some awesomeness towards you. Use for example, “te amo y quiero estar contigo para siempre” which will literally translates to “I love you and I want to be with you forever”

You can also say “siempre pienso en ti” which means “I am always thinking on you” and if you want to ask that person if them loves you back, you may ask: “me quieres?” Or “me amas?” remember that the word “amas” is the deepest in feelings. Ask these two while being happy to make them sound equally loved. If you feel bad, and use it with the person who is being happy at the moment and you are not familiar with, it will sound as a psychological pressure and will bring a chain of negative answers. These words were the essential words for you to use in different events.


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