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How To Seduce A Girl And Get Her In Bed


The problem with men is that they think women are complex. We’re not. In fact, we’re pretty easy to read if you just pay attention. This is why men struggle with seducing. They think they know how to seduce a women because they read some article written by a guy, but you don’t really know how it works until you listen to a woman. We don’t need to you come with a red carpet and chariot, you don’t have to try that hard. Sure, you can impress her with fancy dinners but does that mean you’ve seduced her? Not at all. It’s much easier than that. So, if you you’re finished with trying to figure out how women work, then listen to a woman. I mean, I should know out of the two of us, right? If you want to seduce her and have the night end in your bedroom, you’ll be able to do that once you understand how attraction works.  So take out your notepad and pencil, you should be taking notes.

Know what your strengths and weaknesses are

You need to know what you have to work with. This is the basics of seduction: know what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you have a great sense of humor, bring that out when you’re talking to her. If you’re more serious, well, then play up on the mysteriousness you have. That way, you’ll be able to seduce her in a way that’s natural and comfortable for you, making it more likely for you to succeed.

Know that each woman is different

If you’re trying to seduce women using one technique, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work on the fourth woman. Women are all different, we all like different types of men and we’re all looking for different qualities. So, your job is going to be figuring out what type of woman you’re talking to and what she’s looking for in a man. If you lump all of us in one category, you’re going to be horribly surprised when you realize that your seduction technique isn’t working on all of us. Some women will like men who are more aggressive or more passive.

Don’t be an asshole

Most guys think you have to be a complete asshole in order for a girl to like you, which isn’t the case. Now, you shouldn’t kiss her ass either, but you can find the perfect spot in between both Mr Nice Guy and Mr Jerk. Your main goal is to build sexual chemistry between you two, so if you’re planning on acting like a jerk, don’t expect her to fall head over heels for you. Women want a challenge, women want what they can’t have, but they don’t want someone who’s going to treat them badly – that’s the difference. So, once you understand this, then you shouldn’t have a problem seducing women.

Talk to her

You have to seduce her mind, which means you need to talk to her. Actually get to know her and have a conversation with her that isn’t evolved about her looks or Instagram account. Women love conversation and they’re also attracted to intelligence and humor. This is where you come in. Use what you have to impress her during conversation. Now, don’t talk about yourself too much, because seducing her doesn’t really involve you. It’s all about her. So, find something she’s passionate about and let her talk about it. But, you should note down, that you have to be actively engaged in conversation. Don’t just reply with “cool” or “yeah”, she’ll know your full of shit then.

Don’t let her know how into her you are

This is what many guys do which botches the whole plan. You can’t let her know you’re into her. She already knows you like her, you’re spending time with her, taking her out, calling her on the phone – you wouldn’t do this if you didn’t like her. But you don’t need to tell her you like her. You just need to play it cool and don’t tell her how you feel for her. Why? Because you’re trying to seduce her, if you tell her, you lost the mystery that you’ve been trying so hard to build up between you two. Plus, once you tell her, she will feel that the power is in her hands and that means, you lost the game when it comes to seducing her.

Make your way into her comfort zone

Make yourself a part of her comfort zone. You may have gone on a couple dates, but now, you need to move in closer to her. Sit close beside her, touch her arms or hands, you can touch her waist while she’s walking through a door. These things show that you’re into her but you’re also a not in a rush. It’ll drive her crazy that you’re not making any moves, so she may take matters into her own hands which is fine. Don’t rush into her comfort zone though, if you notice her pulling away, back off a bit and slowly go back into her comfort zone again.

It’s about games

Seduction is a game. You move a little closer then move back a bit, letting her come to you. It’s all a game, people. Even though people don’t want to admit it, you need to know how to play the game. Show that you’re into her, but not enough that she thinks the ball is in her court. Your goal is to keep her on her toes and make her always keep her guessing about you.

Don’t talk about her beauty

She knows she’s beautiful and she knows that men like her because of her beauty. Now, you can compliment her on occasion and tell her she looks pretty in the skirt or her hair looks nice but you throw compliments at her all day. She gets enough as it is, instead, show her attention by talking about things that are evolved around her beauty. If you can do this, you make yourself stand out from all the other guys which is what you want. You see her beauty, you notice it, but it’s the only thing that’s important for you. When she sees that, she’ll be even more attracted to you because you see her more than just a face.

Work on making tension between you two

Seduction is about sexual tension. You need to work on building the tension between you two. This means you don’t have to kiss her right away, instead, wait a couple dates before even making a move. If you two dirty talk via text, when you see her, play it cool. This all works to build the tension. Touch her arm or place your hand on her back, but don’t make it overly sexual – just enough so the hairs on her neck stand up. But you have to be careful not to prolong it or else she’ll become bored. Make subtle and progressive advances, every time you see her.

Don’t seduce her with things

Many guys feel that the best way to get a woman is to impress her with things. In some cases, this will work, but then you’ll see she doesn’t actually like you because of you, but rather what’s in your wallet. Now, if you don’t care and that method works, then do it. However, the best way to seduce a woman is with your mind and her mind. Women are attracted to people who make them laugh, who make them think, who challenge them. Use your personality to seduce her, this is the most effective way to get the woman you want. If you’re on the shy side, you’re going to have to practice talking to women, so go out to bars or clubs and start talking to women. That way, you’ll relax when it comes to approaching the woman you really like.

Talk to her at night

You can, of course, talk to her during the day, but if you want to be flirtatious, it’s always better to do it at night. Why? Well, she’s done with the work day and may be laying in bed where she’ll be fully relaxed. People are more willing to open up at night, there’s something about the darkness which relaxes people. Plus, she’ll have time to focus on the conversation, while during the day she’ll be distracted with work, school, etc.

If you’re sexual over text, back off in person

If you two sext at night or dirty talk over the phone, when you meet in person back off a bit with that type of communication. Now, sexting isn’t bad, but you want to show her that you’re more than just that. When you see her for a date, talk about non-sexual things, I know you’re capable of doing that. If you can only flirt with her and dirty talk with her, it doesn’t look like you’re capable of much more which is a huge turn off for women. They may only want to sleep with you but they want to sleep with someone with some intelligence.

Don’t rush into the physical

There’s plenty of time to have sex with her. That’s not the problem. What you need to do is build up the tension so that the physical attraction is off the chain with intensity. If you rush too fast, she’s going to feel that you only want her for sex which isn’t going to get you laid. Though you two may only want to have sex, she doesn’t want to feel like she’s being used, which is understandable. Take your time to talk to her, to actually get to know her, that way the sex between you two will be passionate.

When you do, make it passionate

When you finally kiss her, don’t jump on her. You’re still building the tension at this point. Many guys, after doing everything right, rush through this part too fast, making the woman pull back. You don’t have to sleep with her that night. You can have a passionate and heated make out session, leave her wanting more. Seduction takes time, though if you wait too long you may bore her, rushing into it will freak her out. You need to feel the moment where you can take it to the next level. But it’s not how you feel, it’s about what you think she feels. If you listen to your own feeling, well, you would have tried to sleep with her a long time ago.

Now that you know how to seduce a woman, well what are you waiting for? Get out there and start practicing. It’s going to take a couple tries, but once you find your groove, it’ll go smoothly.