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How to Send Telepathic Message to Someone


Telepathy is derided in popular culture, but it is a real thing. It often occurs among people who know each other really well. Their vibrations and cells have become entangled in each other, so they can often sense how the other person is feeling. This happens most often among spouses and family members who have been around each other for many years.

Using Telepathy To Get Someone To Notice You

Unfortunately, many people do not believe in telepathy. They think that something does not exist just because they cannot see it. Quantum mechanics know shows an indication of why telepathy might work. Scientists have found that quantum particles have an ability to communicate with each other, even though it does not make any logical sense that they can. In one study, particles were sent in opposite directions at the speed of light. When a “spin” was added to one particle, the other particle exhibited the same spin. This is counterintuitive to everything scientists know. Both particles were moving in opposite directions at the speed of light, so the communication had to travel at more than twice the speed of light to relay the information. Somehow, this happened. Scientists might not believe in telepathy now, but some groundbreaking research today may one day show how it happens.

How to Send Telepathic Message to Someone

For you to learn how to send telepathic message to someone, you have to believe that you can. If you do not believe that you can do it, it won’t work. Doubts cause you to lose energy, so you have to avoid doubt. Think of the last time you bought a dress online. You were communicating online, so there was no person or shop that you could actually see. How could you guarantee that your money would actually buy the dress or that the dress actually existed? You had no real way of knowing, but you never doubted it.

Initially, you should focus on calming the mind as much as possible. The best way to do this is by to start in a quiet place where nothing will bother you. Turn off any outside sounds like the television. If there are pets or children nearby, you may want to shut the door.

Now, focus on removing thoughts from your mind. Focus on your breathing at first. Whenever your attention wanders, draw your focus back to your breathing. If a thought appears, don’t try to grasp at it, push it away or explore it further. Just let the thought float past and watch it go away. Once your mind is cleared of unwanted thoughts and stress, you will be more open to receiving or sending messages telepathically. Close your eyes and prepare to begin.

How to Send a Mental Message to Someone

Sending a Telepathic Message

Next, you want to picture the person you want to communicate with. This image needs to be so vivid that it seems real. For the actual sending of the message, you can imagine talking to them on the phone or in person. You can imagine this as sending them a text or writing them an email. The technique you use to visualize sending a telepathic message to them does not matter as much as the imagery. Your visualization needs to be as detailed, vivid and realistic as possible.

If you are imagining talking to the individual in person, imagine every detail of them. Think about their scent, smile and facial expressions. Imagine their voice. When you are ready, tell them everything that you wanted to relay. Then, make sure to wish them a good day and return to whatever you were doing before you tried to send a message. Your message has now been sent.

Be patient as you do this process. It can take time to develop the strength and ability to send telepathic messages. If you keep trying, it will happen. You just have to keep practicing and be patient.


  1. I experience dream premonitions for many years now. This past year, I been having dreams of me having telepathy. I will definitely practice to enhance my ability.
    Thank you

    • That is a very interesting experience. I am sure our other readers will be interested in hearing about your unique experience. Thanks for commenting and sharing it with everyone!


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