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How To Show Her You Love Her


You just know. Maybe you’ve been dating her for quite a while now. Or maybe you’ve been friends for a long time and you saw her in a completely different light that sent your heart beating triple time. Maybe you just met her and you just know. Whatever circumstance you’re in, love is such a beautiful feeling meant to be shared and celebrated. So if you’re sure about it, make her sure about you too! Here are some fool-proof ways to do just that:

Let her into your life. Introduce your girl to your circle. Introduce her to your family. It’s a sure way to let her know that you’re invested in the relationship because you wouldn’t let your family meet someone temporary. Let your friends and colleagues meet her. Not only will she realize that she’s pretty special, but she will also feel how much you really want her to be a part of your future. Once she realize just that, I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to stay. And in return,

Enter her life

Know her. Know the REAL her. Be interested in what she likes and what she doesn’t. Join her with her hobbies and take the time to really understand rather than treating it as a chore. Who knows, you might learn to enjoy what she enjoys and you’ll have more things in common then! Sometimes you don’t need her to invite you. You can take the initiative to know more about her. When she tells you her plans for the weekend, a simple “Can I come with you?” is all that it takes to make her heart melt. And once you managed to enter her life, do some simple permanent things such as staying.

Meet her family and friends and get to know all of them too

It will make your girl the happiest when she knows that the people important to her is important to you too. It is of great value that she will feel like you care for her enough to be interested with what she does. She will feel how important she is to you and she will be thankful for all your efforts to do so.

Show her honesty

The only time that you are excused in being untrue to your girl is when you’re going out to buy her some gifts. Love and trust go hand in hand. She will never believe that you love her when you keep telling her lies. There’s no other simpler way to say this – Be honest. No matter how much things might hurt, be honest. Never lie even for seemingly small harmless things. Stay truthful with her and she will never doubt your intentions.

Be proud of her

She is the girl who captured your heart and made you feel all that happiness that almost split your whole being in two. I’m sure she’s beautiful and special. But she will not feel like it when you’re hiding her. It might not feel like hiding for you. But each time you choose not to let the world know about her, you’re basically putting her on a safe house. I’m not saying that you need to post about her 24/7.

I’m not saying that you transform into that annoying boyfriend. All I’m saying is that whenever you get the chance, let other people know how proud you are to be the boyfriend of one amazing woman. Show her off! Let others see how you see her. The world needs more kind, intelligent and good-soul people like her. Just let them know you have one (and that she’s not up for grabs!).

Remember the important dates

Basically, you just have to remember at least four important dates – Valentine’s day, your anniversary, her birthday and the day that you first met. Not all girls want extravagant gifts on these days. Sometimes, all it takes is the thought that you remember these dates too. Girls find it really sweet when guys remember. The day you met is a day that she reminisces so fondly.

By remembering this, you will make her feel that this date is also important to you. Guys are so famous at being forgetful. They are not as keen as the girls. So when guys remember, girls feel extra thankful and flattered. Take her out on her birthday! Let her know that you are grateful for this day as well because this is the day that she came into this world to begin her journey towards you.

Once in a while, go out of your way to make her feel special

Your girl might not be the needy and high-maintenance type. But it doesn’t mean that she does not appreciate you going out of your way to make her feel special. By that, I mean that you do the unusual once in a while. If you are not the poet type, try to write a poem or a letter for her. She will surely swoon and appreciate you doing this only for her.

Guys, the keyword is effort. When your girl knows that you’ve put so much effort to make her happy, she will instantly become happy just by the thought of it! If you are not the adventurous type, surprise her with a trekking trip all planned up and arranged. It’s about showing her that you are willing to do anything and everything to see that little smile on her face.

Make adjustments for her

If only happy endings are so easy, then everyone must have their own tales. But that is not the case. It’s easy to love someone when the situation is a breeze but it starts getting tough when you have to make some adjustments that might be uncomfortable for you. Love is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sacrifices are what fill up those gaps. And sometimes, the arrow of sacrifice will point to you. Sacrifices can be small like she’s making you come to this reunion that coincides with the NBA finals!

By coming despite of missing the game that you’ve anticipated so much, you will make her feel that she’s a very significant part of your life. Sometimes sacrifices can be big too, like you have to choose between this overseas career that will raise your salary or staying with her. If you know that she’s a keeper and that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with her, do this sacrifice because it’s worth it. Anything but losing her.

Spend quality time with her

You might think that chatting with your girl as much as you can and calling her twice a day are sufficient but the truth is, they seldom are. Your girl doesn’t need you bugging her 24/7 but she yearns for a time together, undisturbed and focused. You might do something so simple as staying in for Friday night with delivered pizza and home movies, or maybe something bigger like going out-of-state for a vacation over the weekend.

What matters is the quality of time that you spend with her. An hour where you talk sincerely is still sweeter than a whole day spent together but with calls that you entertain here and there. Remember to stop chatting with your colleagues while on vacation! And remember to stop checking your notifications from time to time when you’re with her. Give her the time that she deserves and she will love you more for it.

Prioritize her

She is that girl that you’re willing to move mountains for. She will not feel this if you keep on putting other people above her. I’m not saying that you should abandon your family and friends and move to an island where there are only the two of you.

It’s just about letting her know that if it has to come to that, you will choose her. I understand that sometimes, you have to pick hang outs with friends and that’s okay. Just let her know that if she needs you while you’re out there enjoying yourself, you will run in a heartbeat and be with her.

So many girls complain that they put their boyfriends as a priority and in return, they are only considered as options. Never make you girl feel like this. Never make her feel that she’s a Plan B, that if your first plan didn’t work, that’s the only time that you will remember her. Make her realize that she’s on the top of your list and that she deserves to be there.

Consult her with your decisions

In the end, things should still be up to you. But in making big decisions, girls appreciate it when they are being asked and consulted. It makes them feel like they have a say towards things and that their opinions matter. Let her speak her beautiful mind and listen to her. She might even enlighten you!

The little things do the magic

When girls are asked about the sweetest thing that their boyfriends did for them, they surprisingly say the simplest things. Waking up with prepared breakfast in bed, coming out of the office and realizing that their boyfriend is there to pick her up, bringing her coffee to work. Although the grand gestures are surely heart-melting, the little things are what keep the flames burning. So make yours blazing!

She will surely appreciate you cooking for her even though you burnt the egg, simply because you were the one who prepared it. She loves that foot massage you give her more than how she likes the one in her favorite spa simply because the one from you has so much love in it. The little things do the magic trust me, and the best part of it is that they are what they are – little! They are usually easy to do and won’t hurt your wallet. You just have to keep surprising her!

Showing your girl that you love her might seem difficult at first because there are just so many things to prove. But if you really love her and that you can’t afford to think of a life without her in it, these ways are just on the top of the infinite others that you can do to show your love for her because she is just worth it.


    • If someone is not accepting your calls, then it is possible that she is unable or unwilling to maintain a relationship with you at this time. Do not reach out to her, but give her an opportunity to reach out to you. Determine what you want for your future without her, and ensure that you share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Faydee!


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