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How to Take Care of Your Man


Before we dive into this topic, we should start by saying that it is not your responsibility or requirement to “take care of your man.” Our personal belief is that this should be mutual. In good relationships, both partners do their best to care for each other. While there are stereotypes about what women should do or men should do, you should not let these limit how you actually act in your relationship. Instead, work to find a balance that works for both of you. If you are good at balancing the books and he is good at organizing the desk, then you should stick to what you are each best at. The important thing is to get the balance that works for your relationship.

If you love each other, you will naturally want to make one another happy. There are a number of ways that you can learn how to take care of your man (or woman). By doing these little things, you can show how much you care and love him.

how to show your boyfriend you care

There are some stereotypes that we will use in the article because they tend to be true. They are not always true, but they are more common than not. For example, my husband happens to weight 50-100 pounds more than I do. It is only natural that he would eat more. Plus, he completely fits the stereotype of “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This brings us to step one in taking care of your man.

1. Feed Him

Do you ever see those Italian movies where the mom keeps feeding everyone because it is how she shows love? There is a reason for this. Cooking for your guy or picking up his favorite munchies at the store is an easy way to show how much you care. No one can afford to buy a fancy gift all the time and expensive dinners can eat into your budget. For a simple, easy way to show how much you care every day, cook him something.

I have been married for nearly a decade, and I still serve up my husband’s favorite dishes. He cooks for me sometimes too, but he is a little less likely to do so. I tend to be eat less and also have just one or two meals each day. Cooking for me all the time would be frustrating because the work would be wasted if I can’t physically eat it. It still might be worthwhile for him to cook for himself, but he honestly does not care enough. He’ll eat a bag of carrots raw if it means that he does not have to put effort into his meals. The easiest way that I can show that I care is to make him food he loves and surprise him. For my husband, it’s like Christmas every day.

2. Hop in the Bedroom

You don’t have to have sex every night, but physical touch is amazing for relationship building. Studies have shown that couples who are physically close are more likely to stay together. Of course, your man probably will not mind if you go beyond just cuddling.

While individual guys may have different personalities or needs, most guys will be quite satisfied by spending the evening in bed with you. On an initial level, you are physically satisfying his sexual needs while deepening your bond. You are also making him feel desirable. It’s like when he buys you sexy lingerie. He tells you that you are gorgeous all the time, but wearing the lingerie makes you feel confident, sexy and desirable. Having sex with your significant other shows him that you find him attractive, boosts his ego and makes him feel like a desirable guy.

3. Give Him a Chance to Take Care of You

how to make your boyfriend happy

Yes, you are entirely capable of changing your tire or replacing the alternator. Sometimes, it is nice to be taken care of. You put in a lot of effort to show him you care, so give him a chance to repay the favor. This helps him to feel needed, show his love for you and repay you for your love. It doesn’t have to be a traditional guy role either. If you are a disaster at doing laundry or actually cleaning the dishes, let him do it if he wants to. If he does something to take care of you, make sure to show your gratitude afterward so that he knows that you appreciate his efforts.

4. Talk to Him

While he wants to be viewed as intelligent, strong and attractive, he also has an emotional side as well. In our society, guys are taught that they have to be manly men in public and around other guys. For some men, the only chance to really talk is with their girlfriend or wife. While he might not be a major talker, you should always listen to him when he wants to open up. This is just another way that you can show him how much you care and admire him.


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