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How To Talk Dirty To A Girl And Turn Her On!


When you’re making out with the girl of your dreams, of course, you want her to be into it. You probably want to take it further which is good, but you’ll have to warm her up. You can’t just jump from making out to having sex. You need to make it a smooth and sensual progression, allowing her to relax and get into the groove of things. Well, the best way to get her relaxed and into the whole thing is to add a little dirty talk to the mix. Women are visual and love being touched, so you’ll be able to get her imagination going with your words, hands and lips. If this is your first time using dirty talk with a girl, don’t be scared. Sure, the first time may bring out a couple giggles, but you just need to get used to it and find phrases that suit you.  So, let’s get started and teach you how to dirty talk to a girl to turn her on.

You have to believe what you say

If you want to turn her on, you can’t feed her bullshit. Even though we’re horny, we’re still able to tell when a guy is lying to us. If you’re going to dirty talk to her, make sure that you mean what you say. If you think she’s beautiful, tell her. If you don’t like the way she moans, then don’t tell her. If you want this to actually work, you’re going to have to be honest. So, whatever turns you on about her, say it and let her know. It’ll make her wet knowing that she makes you hard.

Use dirty talk during foreplay

Foreplay is the best part of sex, ask any woman. We all know that men love sex, however, they usually tend to forget about foreplay and jump the gun into penetration. You don’t want to rush it. Instead, take your time and enjoy foreplay. Talk dirty to her, feel her body, lick her, kiss her, bite her. Foreplay is essential for helping her warm up and become wet. The longer the foreplay, the wetter she becomes. Use dirty talk during foreplay and she’ll be like a river.

If you’re trying to get her to orgasm, don’t focus on it
The problem with men is that they focus too much on getting the woman to orgasm. You should know that a female orgasm is strongly connected to her mental state, so instead of thinking about the orgasm, think about pleasing her. This is where the dirty talk comes in. You’ll need to pay attention and listen to how she reacts to your dirty talk. You’ll notice when something you say turns her on and when you say something that is indifferent to her. You don’t want your words to be indifferent, you want them to have an impact.

Know her fantasies beforehand.

It’s a good idea if you can somehow, through conversation, ask her what her fantasies are. If you know what turns her on, then you’ll be able to do it. Plus, then you’ll be able to pick the right dirty talk for her.  You can start this conversation by asking, “Whats the craziest thing you’ve done during sex? or “What’s something you’ve always wanted to try in bed but haven’t had a chance?” or “What turns you on the most?” This is much better than trying to fish around during sex what turns her on. The earlier you know, the better.

Use anchor words during sex

If you’re not sure when to use dirty talk, the easiest way to throw a phrase in, is when you’re performing an act. So, for example, if you’re going down on her, you can say, “you taste so good,” when you’re inside of her, whisper in her ear, “your pussy feels so good right now”, or if you’re doing doggy style, smack her ass and say, “I love your ass”. This is a great way to throw in some dirty talk without making it a big deal. Plus, these are probably thoughts that are already going through your head, so you may as well vocalize them.

Use whatever social media platform you like

If you’re going to be doing the dirty talk via chat, you should first pick a platform that you’re going to do it on, whether that be Facebook, Snapchat, texting, etc. Some guys prefer to text while other prefer Facebook messenger. It doesn’t really matter what platform you use, instead, you should be focusing on building up chemistry and sexual tension. You need to carry that sexual tension out until the next time you see her.

Make her want more

Don’t give her all your best right away, instead, you should keep a little mystery. When you start dirty talk, start off easy and slowly build up the tension with more and more details and descriptions. If you start too soon with the dirty thoughts, it may scare her. If you take too long, she’ll become bored and uninterested. You can start by saying, “I had a dream about you last night” or “I just saw your Facebook picture, seeing that picture made me hard.” Plant the seed and see how she responds. If she’s into it, she’ll flirt back with you and then you can slowly progress into dirtier conversation.

Tell her what to do

It can be extremely sexy for a girl to have a guy tell her what to do. Plus, she can’t read your mind, so if you’re wanting to do something dirty, she’ll need a heads up. Instructing her is also a form of dirty talk. “I want you to get on your knees and suck my dick.” That’s hot. You can mix it up with a few questions, like, “how would you suck my dick? It’s the give and take interaction that she’ll love.

Know what you shouldn’t do

  • Don’t jump right into dirty talk. She’ll think you’re just looking for sex or you’re weird. If you’re getting girls numbers but aren’t moving past this point, this is the problem. Play it cool.
  • Don’t use lame filler words like “oh yeah,” “I love that, baby,” “feels so good”. You can do better than that. Be a little more creative. If you do use these filler words, only use them while she’s describing what she’s going to do to you. You have to keep it going – if you use fillers, you’ll cut the flow.
  • Don’t get too dirty. If you want to amp it up, you can, but you have to make sure that it flows with the conversation and what she’s sexually into. If she’s not into BDSM and you start talking about gagging her, well, she may not respond in the manner you want.
  • Only do it if you want to. If you’re doing this just to impress a girl, don’t do it. You need to truly want to do it, that’s the only way it’ll work. If you prefer not to use dirty talk, then don’t. Honestly, if you force it, it won’t be enjoyable for anyone.
  • Don’t send a dick pic, just don’t. Dick pics aren’t attractive. If you want to send a shirtless picture, fine. But keep your underwear on. Generally, women don’t find dick pictures attractive or stimulating. So, save your dick pics for another time.

What to do if she responds negatively?

If you’re trying to dirty talk but she’s not into it, then leave it alone. Don’t try to force something that isn’t naturally progressing. See what made her respond negatively. Did you try too soon? Were you too aggressive? Take some time and just relax. You don’t need to jump on the dirty talk if she’s not into it. If she’s offended, apologize and start again from scratch. If she doesn’t want anything to do with you, then move on to someone else.

Dirty talk: For beginners

If this is your first time engaging in dirty talk, you’ll want to take it slow and test out the waters with what phrases make you feel comfortable using. So, you’ll want to try out these phrases to start with:

Oh yeah, do you like that?

I’m getting so hard/ turned on right now.

You’re so beautiful/sexy

What do you want me to do to you?

I’m close to cumming

You taste so good

I wish I could spend all day between your legs

I love the way you suck my dick

Tell me what you like

I can’t wait to taste your lips

I love the way you moan

You feel amazing

Where do you want me to cum?

Try out these phrases first. If she’s responding well and you’re feeling comfortable using them, then take it to the next level.

Dirty talk: For intermediate

You’ve passed the beginner level and now you’re getting pretty comfortable with dirty talk. Now, you’re looking to amp it up and get a little naughtier. Try out some of these phrases next time you have sex and add them to your dirty talk dictionary. If you feel that you can handle more intense dirty talk, then feel free to improvise and intensify these phrases.

I want you to cum for me

I want you to cum in/on me

Just relax while I eat you out baby

Get on your knees for me

This dick is all yours

Your asshole is so tight, I love it

I love when you tighten your pussy around my dick

I love how you ride me

Do you like when I fuck you from behind?

I want you to squirt into my mouth

I want you to cum for me baby

I love how your lips wrap around my dick

I want to fuck you in front of the mirror

See? These were a little more intense than the beginner level which is what you want. If you see her getting nervous when you say these phrases, then pull back and use softer phrases. She may not be comfortable yet, so don’t rush her.

Dirty talk: For experts

Now, you’re ready for the big leagues. You’ve surpassed all the levels and now you’re at the final stage. This is where you can let loose and unleash all your wild fantasies. Don’t use these phrases right away unless she’s brought up these ideas or phrases in conversation or during sex. If she’s shy, then you’ll want to wait a little bit before using these phrases as they may intimidate her. These aren’t for the light-hearted, so is she’s not ready, then slow it down.

Get on your knees and suck my hard cock

Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you right now

Do you want me to fuck you, you little slut?

Ride me harder

Stick your dildo in your ass/pussy

I want you to choke on my dick

Are you a naughty little slut?

Does daddy have to spank you?

Who owns this pussy?

I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk

Don’t make a sound (if she moans, spank her) What did I tell you?

I want you to sit on my face

Squirt on my face, you dirty girl

Bend over, I’m gonna fuck you hard

If she can handle this intense dirty talk, well, then you’ve reached the ultimate level of kinkiness. At first, this may feel wrong to you, but if it’s consensual – if you like and if she likes it, then go wild.

Just remember, if you want to try out dirty talk, go slow. Make sure she’s into it. If she’s not then maybe you’ll have to wait a bit before introducing back. But if she’s into it, go step by step and see where her and your comfort level is. Once you find your comfort level, feel free for the both of you to go wild! Have fun with your dirty talk and see what phrases you can come up with on the spot.