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How To Tell A Girl She’s Beautiful


There are some things that you can’t say enough. Many guys think that their girlfriend knows how beautiful she is, but many women have issues believing that they are beautiful. The media puts out so many unrealistic images of women, and men, that it can be hard for people to appreciate how attractive they really are. After all, you don’t have to be a supermodel to be beautiful in the eyes of the people who love you!

Telling a girl that she’s beautiful can make her day if you do it the right way. Unfortunately, many men don’t know how to tell women how they feel. Worry no longer, we are here to help you tell that special woman in your life how you truly feel.

Look her in the eyes

Many women harbor body issues. It’s hard for women to feel positive about the way they look when they have to face unrealistic images in the media and men who only compliment them when they have ulterior motives.

If you want a woman to believe what you’re saying, then you need to convince her that you’re sincere. Start by making sure that you look her in the eyes when you’re talking to her. Some men don’t feel comfortable with sustained eye contact, but if you want to become good with women, it’s a skill you need to practice. It’s hard to trust someone who won’t look you in the eyes.

Write a note

There’s power in the written word. There’s a reason that we still read love notes written from people who died hundreds of years ago, when a message is put onto paper it takes on a life of its own. It also helps that once she has a love note from you, she can look at it even when you’re not around.

Try and write the note by hand, you might feel more comfortable typing letters up on your computer but messages printed off by machines don’t feel all that personal. Even if you have bad handwriting, she’ll be able to look at it and know that you took care in writing every little line, loop, and dot.

Tell her without words

They say that actions speak louder than words and that truism also works for relationships. Women enjoy being told that they’re beautiful, but if your actions don’t match up with your words, then they are going to ring hollow. So next time you see her plant a passionate kiss on her lips before doing anything else.

If you kiss her right then you won’t even have to tell her how you feel, your kiss will have told the whole story. Other gestures include packing her a homemade lunch, giving her a backrub, or simply cleaning up after dinner. It’s the little things that will show her how you really feel.

Use a song

Music can add extra power to any music, especially when it comes to romance. If you can sing a song to your girl about how beautiful she is, then you definitely should! Even if you don’t think you’re very musical, it’s still worth a try.

After all, it’s the thought that counts. If you are uncomfortable singing, then you can also make a playlist of songs that say the words you have trouble saying yourself. You get bonus points if you pick songs by her favorite musicians.

Tell her how she’s beautiful

Everyone needs to feel special. You can’t use the same canned lines on every woman and expect to get a good response. Maybe you can skate by with generic praise, but eventually, it will seem empty. You need to focus in on what makes your girl special.

What is unique about her beauty? What is it about her that makes her stand out in a room full of women? If you’re not the type of man, who can come up with flowery words on the spot take some time and write down all the ways your woman is beautiful. Is it her hair? Is it her eyes? Is it the way she moves? Get as specific as you can and then tell her!

Pay attention to her

No two women are exactly alike. What works for one woman might not work for another. We can give you general advice, but it’s up to you to figure out what makes the special girl in your life truly happy. Try out different ways of telling her how you feel and see how you react.

Some women just need to hear the words “you’re beautiful” while others don’t take words seriously and need to see your feelings in your actions. Remember, women will often react positively just to be polite. Watch out for the way she instinctively reacts. If a positive reaction seems forced, then it probably was.

Look for honest reactions and plan accordingly, you want to find a way to communicate with her that resonates with her on the most instinctual level.

Ask her what makes her feel beautiful

This may seem like cheating, but it really isn’t. Relationships need to be built on a foundation of communication. Talk to your girl and see how she feels about the matter. Some girls are hesitant to talk about their needs, but others will open up and pour their hearts out at the drop of a hat.

Whatever the case may be it’s worth doing whatever it takes to find out how she truly feels. Women can really surprise you, after talking to her honestly, you might find that she is into things you’d never guess on your own.

Surprise her

Men are usually creatures of habit, but the last thing you want to do in your relationship is simply going through the motions. If you keep doing the same things over and over again eventually, you might forget the feelings that drove you in the first place.

You need to find new ways to show your girlfriend how you feel. Don’t just send her the same messages on the same schedule, surprise her at novel hours with new messages. Most women love pleasant surprises.

Spit it out

It’s great to try and get creative with expressing your feelings, but it is possible to overthink these things. In the end, if you have feelings for a girl you should probably just come out and tell her.

Don’t worry if you’re not a poet, if you speak from the heart then any woman who appreciates you will love what you’re saying. So next time you see your girl don’t just think “wow, she looks beautiful!” Open your mouth and say the words.

Keep telling her

A relationship is a growing thing. You can’t just water a flower once and expect it to keep growing forever; it needs a continual diet of water and sunlight to grow big and beautiful. The same goes for relationships, you can’t tell your girl she’s beautiful once and expect to coast on that one compliment.

You need to keep reminding her how you feel, switching up your methods as you go. Sure, it does take effort. But if you really love her then it won’t feel like a chore. Instead, it will be an adventure where you continue to discover new ways to make your girlfriend happy. If it’s true love then you’ll find that few experiences are as fulfilling.


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