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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Through Text


It may be easy to see if a girl likes you when you are face to face with her. However, it can be pretty tricky to get an understanding of how she is feeling when you are talking to her through text! Women are already difficult enough to read, but putting a digital barrier between you is only going to make it a thousand times harder.

You really have to keep an eye out for certain things when you are talking to a girl through text and not seeing her in person. Especially if you are not sure at this point of whether or not she likes you.

Maybe the two of you have only been talking through text. This often happens when you meet someone through a dating app or find them on the web. Or maybe you have met, but only once or a few times and no more. Now you two are happily communicating with each other through instant messaging or social media, but you aren’t really sure where the whole thing is going at this point.

That is understandable. Not everyone knows what is important to pay attention to.

That’s okay though! That is exactly why we have whipped up this list. Just to help you figure out whether or not she likes you through text. Ask yourself the following questions to find out your answer:

  • Who Starts The Conversations?

Are you the only one that ever starts up a discussion with her? If so, there is a fairly good chance that she does not like you all that much. A girl with no interest in you will not take time out of her day to get her phone out and text you. She won’t even be thinking about it. You will be the one that always initiates conversation between you.

However, the opposite seems to be true when she is the one that is starting convo. You will notice that she talks to you first. This is because she thinks about you and will take the time to get her phone out to shoot you a text.

  • Who Ends The Conversations?

A girl who likes you will rarely be the one who ends the conversation. If she really, really likes you a lot, she will never end the conversation. The conversation will actually not have an ending. It will always remain open ended.

Does she constantly end the conversation? Even when you don’t feel like it was over? That is usually a negative sign. It means that she did not really want to be talking to you in the first place and she can’t wait to get you to stop texting her. She might only be talking to you quickly so that she does not appear rude. However, the moment she can, she will put an end to the talk that you are having through text.

  • What Is Her Greeting Like?

Does her greeting stand out to you at all? Is it light and happy sounding, or is it annoyed and drab? This is especially important to be keeping track of, because this is one of the certain giveaways to what she is truly feeling towards you.

Some bad greetings:




Oh it’s you.

Are very shortened greetings and the periods behind the words make them seem more stern. This is a good indication that she is not excited to be conversing with you. She would put a little more effort into her greeting if she liked you.

Some good greetings:

Oh hey there!

Hi handsome

What’s up?

Hello there

Usually when a girl likes you she will make sure that the greeting is more than just one word. She may even send a sentence after asking how you are. That is a guaranteed way to know that she cares about how you are doing and what is going on in your life. She may even drop a nickname or a compliment in there to make it lighthearted and welcoming.

  • How Does She Say Goodbye?

Goodbyes are also important when it comes to seeing if she likes you through texting. Her goodbye will give away a lot of what she is feeling when it comes to you.

You can be sure that she does not like you at all if she just doesn’t say goodbye.

Many women will just ignore the ending so that way you don’t have a chance to continue the conversation at a later time. She won’t give you an idea of when she will want to talk again. Nor will she wish you well.

You can definitely take it as a strong sign that she likes you if she makes her goodbye seem lengthy and endearing. She may even ask you to talk to her again soon. Or she might let you know when she is going to be available next to talk to you. She’ll definitely tell you to have a good night or to sleep well. That all depends on when you two are saying your goodbyes to each other.

  • What’s Her Emoji Usage Like?

Some people think emojis, or emoticons, are silly, but little do they know that they can tell you a lot about someone.

Emoji usage is important when figuring out how she feels.

Does she use a lot of emojis? That is definitely a good sign! If she is using a lot of them it means that she is trying to convey how she is feeling to you.

A girl will not waste her time with many emoticons if she isn’t interested in you. She couldn’t care less and won’t make an effort at being descriptive about her emotions.

You might notice that a girl who has a crush on you will use lots of hearts, heart eyes and kiss faces when she is talking to you.

  • How Long Are Her Responses?

Well, it’s safe to say that someone who does not like you will not take much time to think of what she is going to say to you. She will send one word or one sentence texts back to you just to be polite. There will not be any depth to these messages and they will be boring.

However, if she likes you, she will ensure that her texts have meaning to them and that they are more than a single word or sentence.

  • How Long Is She Waiting To Respond?

The worst sign of all is if she is taking a really long time to reply back to you. This means that she doesn’t want to talk to you at all and she is hoping that you will go away at some point. She thinks dragging out her responses will drive you to lose interest.

Is she waiting more than a few hours? Did she say anything about being busy?

These are things that you should be thinking of when deciding whether she likes you or not.

She will respond quickly if she really likes you. Or she will at least tell you that she is going to be preoccupied and won’t be able to respond to your message for awhile.


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