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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You


If there’s one thing that has all men scratching their heads everywhere, it’s trying to figure out if a girl likes them or not. The truth is that it can be really difficult to tell how a girl feels about you unless she’s the type to just say it. And that can be really frustrating for all the guys out there just wondering how she feels.

Girls are the type to typically keep their feelings hidden from you until you’re able to decipher all their little clues. The thing is, girls give off hints that there’s no way any guy could possibly pick up because they just have no idea what to look for. If you’re someone who’s completely clueless as to what a girl is feeling, these signs may help.

  1. Eye Contact

One sign that a girl is seriously into you is when she makes a lot of eye contact. If she’s talking to you and her eyes never leave yours, she’s definitely into you. If you’re talking to a girl who is looking off into the distance and not really even looking at your face at all, she’s not really interested in you. Make sure to watch for this.

  1. She Plays With Her Hair

Any girl with hair long enough to play will with definitely be playing with it if she likes you. We have a habit of using our hair to communicate our feelings. We hide behind it, we nervously twirl it, and we even brush it away from our face and décolletage so you can get a better look. Bottom line is that if a girl is playing with her hair while talking to you and also showing these other signs, she definitely likes you.

  1. She Bites Her Lip

Girls definitely know how to direct a guy’s attention to their benefit. We know that biting our lip is sexy and that guys can’t really resist it. Now, sometimes we have a habit of doing this subconsciously but most of the time, we’re doing this on purpose so we can get your attention in order for you to pick up on the hint that we like you. So the next time you see a girl biting her lip and looking you in the eyes while you’re talking, stop it and whisk her away to the dance floor.

  1. She Touches You Often

Anybody who likes you is going to initial some physical touching. If a girl is grabbing your shoulder or lightly bumping into you while laughing, this is a sign she likes you. Girls aren’t typically comfortable just touching random guys all the time so if she is putting it out there enough to just touch you, you better take that hint and run with it because that girl is definitely into you.

  1. Her Body is Completely Facing You

This is something that anybody does when they’re interested in someone. We don’t even realize it’s happening, but when a girl is talking to you and her entire body is facing you, then she likes you. Just keep in mind, however, that if she’s sitting at a bar stool and it’s particularly hard for her to face you, just ignore this sign. But if you’re up and standing in a group and her entire body is facing you – even if she’s looking a different way – she likes you.

  1. She Goes Out of Her Way to Talk to You

Girls don’t waste their time for no reason. If she’s going out of her way to find you and talk to you, then she definitely likes you. For example, if she’s all the way across the bar and her friends are going in the opposite direction but she still walks up to you, even if it’s just to say “hi”, it means she likes you. If she puts in that much effort to get you to notice her, then she is absolutely interested in you.

  1. She Laughs at All Your Bad Jokes

Yes. Most of your jokes are probably terrible. A girl may not even realize she’s doing this, but if you make a bunch of jokes and she’s laughing at all of them and genuinely think they’re funny, it’s because she likes you. Psychologically, when a person is interested in another, they tend to think the things they say are funnier than other people would think. So if she’s actively telling you how funny you are and she’s laughing tons, she definitely likes you.

  1. She Whispers About You to Her Friends

If you’ve just had a conversation with this girl and she walks over to her friends and you see her giggling with them and they’re all looking over at you, then she definitely likes you. Either that, or they’re all making fun of you. However, the former is probably the case for you. If she actually tells her friends about you, you’re in.

  1. She Looks Over at You’re a Lot

No matter where she is, if you seem to keep catching her eye no matter who she’s talking to, then she definitely likes you. This is her way of showing you that even though she’s immersed in something else, she’s still thinking all about you. So when you see this, look over at her and smile – hell, even send her a wink!

  1. She Compliments You

Getting a compliment out of a girl isn’t an easy task. We don’t just dish that out for no reason and when we do, we really mean them. If she’s complimenting you on your interests, hobbies, and even how you look and smell, she is definitely interested in you. Just watch out for those hidden compliments you might not notice until later!


Here are some extra signs that she’s into you that you may not recognize at first. If a girl is doing these things often around you, it’s safe to say she’s into you and you should definitely make a move.

  1. She asks for your name – first and last (so she can look up your social media).
  2. She asks for your number and suggests meeting up sometime.
  3. She brings up the fact that she’s single
  4. She asks a lot of questions about your childhood.
  5. She tries to get to know about your hobbies and interests.
  6. She twirls her hair when she’s around you a lot.
  7. She tells you that you have good taste in _____.
  8. She looks you in the eyes and holds your gaze for a very long time.
  9. She bites her lips when talking to you.
  10. She tilts her head down and looks up at you with big eyes.
  11. Her pupils are dilated whenever she talk to you – a big sign anyone is interested in you.
  12. She teases you endlessly about something.
  13. She playfully punches or hits you when you’re joking.
  14. She laughs a lot and says that you’re really funny.
  15. She challenges you to something (pool, darts, etc.) and brags about her own skills.
  16. She’s the first to initiate the conversation after the previous one died down.
  17. She asks if you have anyone special in your life.
  18. She talks about her interests and hobbies.
  19. She brings up her family and childhood and tells you about them.
  20. She tells you that she likes the same things that you do.
  21. She introduces her friends to you.
  22. She sticks around when all of her friends migrate somewhere new.
  23. She offers to buy you a drink at the bar.
  24. She makes up a nickname for you – even if she’s only known you a few minutes.
  25. If you’re in a group, she keeps trying to get your attention only.
  26. She moves in really close to you and doesn’t retreat when you get close.
  27. She follows you around an area for a little while.
  28. She hunches her shoulders over so her cleavage is more visible.
  29. She makes eye contact with you while she’s dancing on the dance floor.
  30. She makes an effort to be nice to your friends.

Trying to figure out a girl’s feelings can be really frustrating. Why can’t we just say what we feel?! I can understand how maddening it can be and that’s why I’ve put together all of these signs for you to be able to tell when a girl likes you.


  1. I think all of the above mentioned are pretty good, but to me personally, THE most important factor into determining whether a girl likes me, is when she gives me a real kiss on the cheek.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. It is certain that your comment will support many members of our community.


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