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12 Signs a Guy is Flirting with You


You’re trying to figure out if a guy is flirting with you without having to actually make a move. Sure, you have no problem making a move on a guy, but you want to at least have some idea if he’s remotely interested in you. Makes total sense. But how do you do this if you don’t actually know the signs? This is where we come in. You need to know what to look out for when talking to a guy, that is if you want to see if he’s actually flirting with you. So, let’s get to it and show you the 12 signs that a guy is flirting with you.

He’s nervous. Listen, unless you’re talking to him like he’s auditioning for a big job, then there’s no reason why he should be nervous. So, if he’s nervous then he probably is slightly intimidated by you because he has feelings for you. This is great because when someone’s nervous, you have the power. So, don’t be shy, you can direct where this conversation will or will not go.

He talks to you for no reason. Some guys like simply conversing with other people, but usually, they won’t start a conversation with someone they aren’t sexually attracted to. So, if he comes up to you and starts talking about of the blue, he’s interested. Now, if his conversation is slightly sexual in nature and he’s always teasing you, well, then he’s flirting with you. You have you pay attention to the energy of the guy and look at how he talks to you. Is he excited when you two speak? Interested in conversation?

He touches you. If he’s touching your arm or back while you two are talking or standing beside each other, he’s flirting with you. Touch is a huge part of non-verbal communication, so if they’re physically touching you, they’re interested. It’s pretty simple. You wouldn’t touch someone you don’t find attractive. Much of what people think flirting is revolves around touch. And they’re not wrong. So, pay attention to how he touches you and where he touches you, nonverbal communication is the biggest component of flirting.

He remembers the small things. If he remembers all the minor details that you’ve told in your story, then he’s paying attention to you when you speak. Now, you may not think this is a big deal but it is. Men usually don’t pay attention to things they don’t deem as important. So, if they remember minor details of your life, this shows you that they’re paying attention. Let them fill in the details that they remember about you, it’s very arousing to hear a guy talk about you in detail.

He moves into you. Body language is key when trying to see if someone is flirting with you. You have to put yourself in his shoes when it comes to this. If you’re into a guy, you lean into him, you touch him, you’re basically all over him. However, when you’re not interested, you stay far away from them because you don’t want them to get the wrong impression. This is the same for men. They don’t want to get the attention of women that they’re not sexually attracted to. So, this applies to both genders. If you’re into them, you’re physically closer to them.

He asks you if you’re single. That’s a huge flirtatious move if he asks if you’re single. He’s not asking just because he’s curious. He’s asking you because he wants to see if he can try something out with you. Asking if you’re single is basically asking, “Can I try to kiss you without getting slapped in the face?” So, if you hear that line come out of his mouth, and your answer is that you are single, watch his facial expression and you’ll see the excitement in his eyes.

He’s all about smiling. When a guy is flirting with you, he doesn’t have to be saying much. You’ll be able to see it in his smile. He can’t wipe the smile off of his face which is a big thing for men. They’re constantly trying to be serious and mysterious, so, if he broke that look, then he’s into you. Smiling is very flirtatious because you’ll be able to see the desire in their eyes.

He hangs around you. Flirting doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you two are talking about sexually influenced topics. Just him hanging out with you all the time is flirtatious. He’s not looking for a friend and even if he was, he wouldn’t spend a majority of his spare time hanging out with a girl he’s not sexually interested in. If he’s spending his free time hanging out with your mutual friends because he knows you’ll be there, well, that’s a huge sign. If he’s sitting next to you whenever you guys go out with a group of friends, that’s an even bigger sign.

He’s on cloud nine around you. It’s like he just won the lottery. He’s staring at you with those seductive, hungry eyes as if you were a lollipop. He’s constantly laughing at your jokes, touching you, teasing you – the guy can’t get enough. If this isn’t enough proof that he’s interested in you, then I don’t know what you need.

He inquires about you. He asks your mutual friends about you. If you’re seeing someone, what you’re doing this weekend – he’s trying to see what your lifestyle is like and what you do in your spare time. Even though he’s not directly talking to you, this inquiry is flirtatious in nature. He knows that him asking about you will eventually reach you.

He’s heavy into texting you. Oh, he’s really into talking to you via text message. You two talk about everything and he’ll slip some cute sentences here and there. He’s trying to get to know you and also hit on you at the same time in a low-key way. If he’s spending his whole day talking to you, he’s interested in you. Even if the texting is not flirtatious in nature, just time texting you is showing interest.

He tries to see you again. Maybe you guys kinda hit it off the last time you saw each other, but you were nervous and so was he, so you’re flirting was slightly awkward. But, now, he wants to see you again. If he’s interested in you, he’ll try to see you again, like he’s doing now. If he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t attempt another meeting with you, he’d try someone new.

If you thought flirting was only based on sexual innuendos, it’s not true. Flirting takes on various forms, both verbal and nonverbal, you just have to make sure you’re aware of them. Now that you know the 12 signs that a guy is flirting with you, you’ll be able to figure out whether or not to make a move. But remember, make sure that they’re showing a couple of these signs. That way, there’s a stronger chance that he’s into you.


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