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How to Tell If a Fortune Teller or Psychic Is Real


The needs of people may require them to speak with a fortune teller or psychic. The worry is that there are so many frauds and liars in the world that it is difficult to know which ones are honest and which ones are cons. For those searching for answers from the unseen realms, the task to decipher good from bad may be daunting. This article will help you to better tell if a fortune teller is psychic or genuine.

How To Tell If a Fortune Teller or Psychic is Genuine

1. Simple

Someone who is truly in tune with the other world should be reasonably separated from the materialism of this one. Materialism cuts the gateways of higher thinking in a way that is unsuitable for a psychic medium. If the person claiming to be a psychic is adorned with jewelry from expensive corporations rather than crafted jewelry, then they are probably a fraud. Similarly, someone living in a penthouse apartment instead of a cabin in the woods probably is much less in tune with nature and the other realms.

2. Detached

Detachment is key for someone working with the spirits. If someone is concerned about brand name products, engrossed in politics or complaining about worldly things. If they are rude or cruel to you because of the way that you look or dress, then they are not to be trusted. If they are too personable or easily offended, then you may want to search for someone else. Look for a stable expression and impersonal statements for signs of a genuine psychic.

3. Honest

Your reading should not feel as though your psychic is attempting to make you feel a certain way. If everything that your psychic says seems to make you feel afraid, then they are probably working on your fear to make money from you. Likewise, if they change their statements halfway through because you have a frown on your face, then they are simply trying to make you smile for profit. They should not hold back information, as is it not their job to protect you from the spirits.

4. Communicative

A genuine psychic or fortune teller should do the vast majority of speaking and communicating. If they are reading you, then your body language and short answers should be enough for them to understand the truth. If they are reading cards or looking into a crystal, then they should be giving you the details of their visions. Psychics who constantly ask questions or for reassurance that they are on the right track should be avoided.

5. Balanced

When you answer a question and they react with surprise, then they are probably not seeing through the veil of reality. If your answer causes them to become angry or passionate, then their minds are certainly not prepared for communicating with the spirit world. This isn’t to say that they must have no emotional reactions at all, but they must be prepared for whatever comes their way. It is important to be as honest as possible when speaking with a medium, as this will help you gauge their accuracy.

6. Accurate

Obviously, it is important for a psychic to be accurate. If they are constantly mistaken, then it is clear that they are not worthy of the professional. They may even be in tune with something or someone of another realm, but it is possible that their spirit or guide is wrong. The reader should be able to give you information about your question with as little information as possible.

7. Precise

A fortune teller should also be precise. It is easy to be vague and give flowing answers that can be applicable to everyone. Answers that can be both positive and negative are often signs that the medium has no idea what they are doing. Additionally, it is important for the psychic to be able to give an accurate name or description. Descriptions that are meaningless, such as a tall shadow or deep voice, may be signs that there are simply reaching for straws. Do not allow probability convince you that the psychic has guessed that they are speaking to your late father.


They should not alter their statements to fit your reactions. A true psychic will not try to make their previous statements fit into places that they should not. Frauds may try to convince you that what they meant to say was something different. Cons may also try to tell you that the void is mysterious and mistakes happen often. Your medium should not attempt to backtrack or misrepresent their predictions.

8. Convincing

It seems simple enough, but a psychic should be convincing. If they clearly have no idea what they are doing, then it is almost certain that they are not psychic. You should feel confident in every statement of the person who you are working with. People who are searching for money may claim that critical energies are causing them to lose their connection. If that is the case, then they are simply lying to you.

9. Transparent

Psychics who are certain of their predictions will often give you a audio recording of their work. This will allow you to listen to their statements and test their accuracy. This is a sign of someone who takes pride in their connections with the other world. If you find that they are mistaken, then return and question them about their communications. However, if they are willing to give you this information, then they are more likely to be correct in their predictions.

10. Knowledgeable

Feel free to discuss your understandings of certain spirits, gods and goddesses. They should have a reasonable understanding of the beings of the spiritual realms. For those who work with crystals or stones, then they should have a broad understanding and collection of different minerals. People who use nature should spend time in nature, while people who read the stars should know which planet is which in the night sky.

11. Non-Leading

The questions of a true psychic should not be leading. They should not be attempting to pull information out of you. If they are communicating with a spirit who drowned to death, then they should make it obvious that they are speaking with someone who has drowned. Frauds may ask you if someone you knew died with connection to water. In short, the more questions that a medium asks, then less likely they are to be genuine.

12. Focused

False psychics often bounce from topic to topic. This is a way to gather information without asking questions. A genuine psychic should be able to go into detail about a particular subject. If you are interested in the future of your relationship, then your fortune teller should not be discussing your career or childhood. Attempt to bring a potentially false psychic back to the topic that you wish to discuss and see how they react.

13. Reputable

A psychic should have a strong reputation. Some psychics only take new clients that have been refereed to them. This is a good sign that they are honest and true. Others will have numerous negative reviews and care only about their money. Speak with other people who have gone to a particular psychic for their feedback. Some psychics may request that they can give your information to new clients so they can ask you about the reputability of the psychic.

14. Reasonable

Genuine psychics will not immediately claim that you are cursed, hexed or under a spell. They will explain the causes for the events that in your life without trying to scare you. Liars will often tell you that you will need to frequently return to ward off interventions from devious spirits. In most cases, people that try to scare you into coming back are fraudulent. Good ones will give you the tools that you need to correct any concerns or fears that you have.

15. Sensitive

Trustworthy mediums should feel your emotional energy the moment you walk through the door. If you are feelings depressed and lonely and the person that you are meeting is blissfully unaware of your situation, then you may not have a reliable source in front you. They may be so in tune to your emotions that they shake with excitement if you arrive full of energy and positive energy. Essentially, their mood should match your mood, as this will reveal that they are in touch with your spirit.

16. Understanding

They should understand that you are not psychic, though you may have psychic qualities. As such, they will not expect you to read their mind. Additionally, they should understand your potential criticisms and be ready to allay your fears. If they are unable to working with someone who is critical, then they should offer a refund and explain that they are not prepared to work with you at this time.

17. Imaginative

Imagination and the ability to see the surreal in the mundane is a quality of people who are in touch with the spirit world. They may often have unusual designs or rooms, and they most certainly should not be carbon copies of another psychic. Be wary of people who surround themselves with items bought from department stores. A fern in a bowl is much more convincing than a wizard or dragon made in a factory. True mediums likely will have their own art or creations available for you to look at.

18. Guiding

They should be able to give you guidance for the future. Like their readings, this guidance should not be vague and worthless. Instead, they will give you ways to discipline your mind and a path for you to follow. If you leave their presence and feel as though you are lost and without direction, then they likely did not give you the help that you were seeking. Appreciate those that stay with you for weeks or months after you leave.

19. Gracious

When you are preparing to leave their presence, they should be grateful to have been able to assist you. They should not attempt to set up an appointment with you or try to get money from you in different ways. Instead, they may thank you or offer you a gift to remind you of their teachings. These may take the forms of cards, stones or other items that are in tune with their spiritual awareness.


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