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How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of You


No matter what you do, there will always be someone out there who wishes they were you or wishes that they had the things in life that you have! Why? Because they are jealous of you! We all have the ability to be envious of others, but some people let it take them completely over.

How are you supposed to figure out when a person is being jealous of you? Easy! Just look at these following 8 things that give it away:

  • They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

There is one sure thing that you will notice when someone is truly jealous of you that they will always criticize you. It does not matter what the situation is, if you have an achievement or you are successful in any way, they will make you feel like it was not good enough. Even if you are just displaying a new outfit or something even more unimportant. There is no doubt that jealousy is a strong feeling and it can make people blurt out things because they feel insecure. So you might find that someone who is envious will always have something negative to say to you, even when you felt like there was nothing negative to be said!

  • They Copycat You

There is a saying to goes, “They hate you, ‘cause they ain’t you!”

That is a definitely true statement. Most of the time when someone is jealous of you it is because they kind of wish they were as cool as you. They might want to have some of your physical features, your personality traits or they might even just be jealous of the material items that you possess. Whatever it may be that you have and they don’t, it might be what is causing them to be jealous of you and also hateful. This means that they will always try to copycat things you do or the stuff that you have. You might find them imitating you all of the time. This can be annoying, but it is most likely because they are green with envy. This is probably one of the most prominent signs you will see from someone who is jealous of you.

  • They Give You Backhanded Compliments

There is no doubt that jealousy makes people do and say some nasty things. That is why when someone is jealous of you they will always be making backhanded compliments. What are those? Well a backhanded compliment is a insult that seems like a compliment. Jealous people will do everything that they can to belittle you and that is exactly what these types of compliments do. They seem nice, but they leave you feeling horrible about yourself.

A jealous person will also be enthralled when someone else puts you down. They may constantly have a smug look on their face when you are going through a tough time or when someone else makes nasty comments towards you.

  • They Overcompensate Their Own Accomplishments

Because they think that you are better than them, jealous people will try to make their achievements seem like the best ones there are. They want you to feel as if yours are not as cool or important. They will build themselves up at any chance they get. Even sometimes going as far as to exaggerate things or lie about them entirely. A jealous person will come off as very arrogant towards you. They never want to seem like they aren’t just as good or even better than you are.

Their insecurities always seem to get the best of them when it comes to you and might drive them a little crazy. This makes them feel the need to overcompensate for everything and anything they can.

  • While Simultaneously Making Yours Seem Unimportant

While a jealous person will make themselves seem better than they truly are, they will also try and make you seem worse than you really are. They will grab any opportunity they can to downplay any good that you have done. They have the constant urge to tear you down. Even if you have done something amazing, they will find a reason to make it seem as if you did not do anything cool at all. You can definitely tell someone is full of jealousy when they are doing these types of things to you. True friends will always build up your confidence, not tear it down at every chance they get. They will root for you to win, not to lose.

  • They Become Overly Competitive With You

And like we just said, people who are jealous of you will always be rooting for you to lose. They cannot stand that you do better than them at anything. It could be something as small as a paper you write in school or even playing a fun game of sports that you are playing with your friends. Whatever it is, they will be doing their best to defeat you. They want to be the grand champion, but only when it comes to facing off with you. They get upset and down on themselves when you do better. That is because their jealousy completely takes over. Sometimes this makes them go a little crazy and get way too competitive with you. This can even lead the two of you to stop being friendly towards each other in general. Real friends will play hard with you, but never overpower you just to humiliate you!

  • They Go Out Of Their Way To Humiliate You

Speaking of humiliation, a person who has a lot of envy pointed towards you will always do their best to embarrass you. Especially in front of other people. They may make negative comments about your appearance. They could even go as far as to bring up a really embarrassing moments and laugh about it. They get a kick out of seeing you feel down on yourself when others laugh at you. Sometimes they might fail at humiliating you and that will make them feel embarrassed themselves. This can cause them to build up more resentment aimed towards you. They will continue to try and make you look bad every time you are in a large group of mutual friends. This is because they would rather your mutuals like them more than they like you. This doesn’t always work, of course, but they will attempt it repeatedly.

  • They Talk Crap About You To Other People

Alongside of trying to single you out in front of your friends, sometimes strangers, the people who are the most jealous of you will talk smack about you behind your back. So they will talk badly about you in front of you and when you aren’t around. They will stop at nothing to sully your reputation. They may even make up things that are not true and tell a whole bunch of people. They could even talk crap about you to people that neither of you know. They just want to make you seem like a terrible person. They might name drop you negatively at social gatherings or at work, just because they are so jealous of you.

It is a sad reality, but this is just what jealousy does to people. It makes them crazy, mean and a horrible person to be around. That is why you should address the person who is jealous of you or walk away from a relationship with them forever. They will only continue to try and bring you down at every opportunity that arises.



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