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How to Tell If You Like Someone (If You Are a Guy)


When you like a girl, you generally know it. You feel shy whenever she is around, and you find yourself rambling on as you try to find something to say that will impress her. While there are many obvious signs that you like a girl, you may not always realize it. If she has been your friend for a long time, you may have never consciously considered her as an option. You may also have thought that she was not your type of girl. She wasn’t the normal look or personality that you like, so you did not think about actually dating her.

Over time, you started to realize that you had deep feelings for her. While she was just a friend, you find yourself growing nervous whenever she is around. You want to see her each day, and you are sad when she misses school or work. If this describes the way you feel, then there is an excellent chance that you are starting to like her.

Imagine that you suddenly see a picture of her or you hear her name. Stop and think about how you feel. Do you feel like smiling when you hear her name? Does your heart beat faster and your stomach fill with butterflies? Does it change your mood in any way?

Different thoughts and names can make you feel a different way. Thinking about a boss that you hated can put you in a bad mood or make you feel agitated. Meanwhile, thinking about a crush will often make you feel happy, nervous or excited. One of the first and easiest ways to see if you like someone is to think about how you feel when you think about her, see her or talk to her. If she makes you feel excited, nervous and happy all at once, then you probably like her.

1. It Isn’t Easy to Talk to Her

When you like someone, it isn’t always easy to just flirt with them. Your brain quickly gets in the way. When someone you like is around, it can be hard for you to think clearly and find things to speak about. Your stomach does back flips as you struggle to answer the most basic questions. If you find it hard to talk to her like you do with everyone else, then you probably like her.

2. You Get Jealous When She Is Around Other Guys

There is no reason to be jealous about another guy talking to a girl unless you like her. If you just view her as a friend or new sister, then you would not care. If you are jealous of the other guys talking to her, then there is probably a bigger reason behind your feelings. You don’t like when other guys talk to her because they are competition. Even if you do not consciously realize that you like her, your subconscious is making you feel jealous.

3. Do You Act Differently Around Her?

If you are just as calm and collected around her as you are around your best friend, then you probably do not have feelings for her. When you like someone, there are biochemical changes in your body that occur whenever you are around them. Your adrenaline gets a boost and you feel energized. Your nerves may make it hard to think of something to say, and you may find yourself fidgeting constantly. Your hands may sweat as you stumble over your words. If you like her, then you probably act differently around her than you act around everyone else.

4. You Try Talking to Her All of the Time

When you like someone, you find yourself wanting to say hello without needing to. When you pass her in the hall, you ask her how she is doing and soon get involved in a deep conversation. This is extremely normal. Whether you realize it or not, your desire to talk to her all the time is probably because you like her. You want to be around her more often, so you may find yourself making excuses to be near her.

5. Mirroring

In normal conversations, both speakers tend to mirror the other’s habits. This is a subconscious way to connect with the listener or speaker and show that you are listening. You are more likely to mirror the mannerisms of someone that you like. This is why friends, family members and romantic partners tend to have very similar habits over time. If you find yourself mirroring the girl’s mannerisms, phrases or way of talking, then there is an excellent chance that you like her as something more than just a friend.

6. You Get Butterflies in Your Stomach

When you feel nervous, your body releases adrenaline into your body. This makes your stomach feel queasy or uncomfortable and is the reason for the phrase, “butterflies in your stomach.” If you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach whenever you see the girl, then there is an excellent chance that you like her.

7. You Tease Her All the Time

If you like her, then you probably tease her. Although you are much older now, many people retain that childhood habit of teasing or picking on someone that they care about. Sometimes, flirting outright is just too intimidating, so your easiest option is to tease her. This could be a sign that you like her, although you definitely want to make sure that you do not take the teasing overboard.

8. You Respond to Her Texts Immediately

When you get a text from a friend or family member, you respond a few hours or even days later. When you get a text from that special person, you find yourself responding immediately. You have barely read the message when you already texting out your response. If you normally do not respond to texts this quickly, then there is an excellent chance that you like her.

9. You Dream About Her

It is very, very easy to confuse dream feelings with real feelings, so you should definitely make sure that you do not just like her based on what happened in a dream. With that said, it is quite common to dream about someone that you like. They are a frequent part of your thoughts. Because of your feelings for that person, your subconscious places an extra focus on them, so you end up dreaming about her all of the time. If you keep dreaming about the same girl (especially if it is a romantic dream) every night, then there is an excellent chance that you are interested in her.

10. You Dress Nicer When She Is Around

Think back to what you wore the last time you saw her. Was it a bit more dressed up than normal? Did you take time to do your hair or use cologne? While you may not have noticed it at the time, you may have been doing these things to look better for her. People naturally want to look good to impress someone that they like. Even if you did not consciously realize what you were doing, your subconscious may have been nudging you to look extra attractive before you saw her.

11. You Know About Her Life

There are so many things to remember every day. From workplace deadlines to homework assignments, there are a lot of activities to juggle and things to remember. When you are constantly busy, it seems impossible to remember details about anyone’s life. If you find yourself able to remember the tiniest things she said or details about her goals in life, then there is an excellent chance that you do like her. Those details only matter to you because you like her or admire her. Because of how you feel, you find it easier to listen and remember what she says.

12. You Are Constantly Reminded of Her

When you care for someone, you notice the littlest details about them. Your subconscious may think about them all the time. When you notice her favorite scent or a movie that reminds you of her, you take a moment to notice it. If you are interested in someone, it is quite common to see things that constantly remind you of her. One or two reminders can be just a coincidence. If you see more reminders of her, then your subconscious mind is focusing on her a lot for some reason.

13. You Keep Fidgeting

Most people feel nervous when they are around someone that they like. Because of this, they may fidget or move constantly. You may find yourself running your fingers through your hair or picking at your hands when you are around her. These movements are a way to defuse some of your nervous tension, and that nervous tension is a sign that you like her.

14. Her Opinion Matters to You

Many people only care about the opinions of the people closest to them. They do not care what strangers think, but their friends’ opinions are important. If you find yourself caring about her opinion of you, ask yourself why her thoughts are important. You care about what your mentor or people you admire think. You care about what your loved ones think of you. If you care what she thinks, there has to be a reason. Either you view her as a good friend, or you like her. If you like her, then you care about her opinion because you want her to think well of you and admire you.


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