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How to Text a Girl to Make Her Smile


You are interested in learning how to text a girl to make her smile, but the problem is actually putting your plan into action. Luckily, the following list of texts that will help you make your friend or partner happy. Keep in mind that the text itself is only one aspect of building a relationship. It is important to respond appropriately and respectfully to her words and wishes for the relationship. You will learn various techniques on how to strengthen your relationship and make her feel happy.

How to Text a Girl to Make Her Smile

It is important to remember the current status of your relationship. Avoid being too familiar or too distant in your words. Sharing your kindness and compassion will always help to make her feel happy. Also, telling the truth will help her trust you. Being aware of where your relationship is right now will help you pick the right text to make her smile without turning her off.

Acknowledge Her Importance to You

She is important to you, and your desire to make her smile reveals the connection that you share with her. She may be a family member, friend or romantic partner. It is always nice to hear how important you are to someone, so try opening up your conversations with what caused you to think about her. If you have been thinking about her for the last few days and you were overcome with a desire to message her, then just tell her that. The knowledge that your thoughts dwell on her will make her feel special and appreciated.

It is possible that she shared a personal story with you in the past. She may have told you about her cat, and you saw a cat that day and thought about her. Her hobbies may include painting, and you might have come across a piece of art that caused her to appear in your mind. If she has shared her favorite book or movie with you, then you can read or watch it to strengthen your relationship. Whatever it is, you can tell her about an action, person or thing that reminded you of her and made you feel happy.

Share Polite Conversation With Her

Polite conversations about topics that interest her will bring the two of you closer together. She may have shared something with you that makes her feel happy, such as her desire for traveling the world. In this example, you can speak with her about which countries she may want to see. Ask her about what aspect of traveling she finds most enjoyable. If you also want to see the world, then inform her that you share her desires. This will help strengthen your mutual connection.

You can text a girl to make her smile throughout the day. It is important to try speaking with her when time allows. Talk to her during the morning or evening, but not while she is sleeping. Long and respectful conversations are likely to make her happy. Have a short conversation with her in the morning to influence her to think about you while she is at school or work. After dinner, you can let her know that she is on your mind. She may start looking forward to having a kind word support her throughout the day.

Speak About Important Topics

If you want to find out how to text a girl to make her smile, then she needs to know that you care about her intelligence and emotions. Have deep discussions like learning about each other’s perspectives on the nature of reality and experiences. This will make her realize that you are capable of maintaining deep conversations. Additionally, you will want to nourish your emotional relationship. She will be happy if she knows that you care about her emotional well being especially during difficult times when she needs support.

Ask her about what she is thinking about. She may have something on her mind that she needs to talk about. Her relationships with friends and family may be important to her, so listen to her as she talks about the people who are in her life. Learn about her spiritual beliefs and share yours with her as well. Developing intellectual, emotional, and spiritual connections with her make her feel comfortable and secure. This will influence her to think about you and feel more positive when you are around.

Easy Steps for How to Text a Girl to Make Her Smile

It is beneficial for you to speak with respect and awareness. If your goal is to make her smile, then ensure that your messages are always filled with kindness and compassion. Avoid sending her messages that may make her feel uncomfortable or sad. Send her puns and riddles instead of depreciating humor because this will make her develop an intellectual connection with her.

Many people like to be given compliments. If it is appropriate for your relationship, then inform her that she looked beautiful when you saw her. Let her know that you liked her hairstyle or clothing. Avoid talking about other girls because this may make her feel insecure or confused. Most importantly, never lie to her about your thoughts. If she asks how you feel about her, then inform her of your true feelings. It is never a good idea to lie or withhold the truth because your relationships must be built on respect and trust.

Make Her Laugh and Feel Good

Laughter brings many positive qualities into the world and into human relationships. It is impossible to laugh without smiling, so share your jokes or funny stories with her. Each person is different, so ensure that your humor is compatible with hers. You will probably want to avoid sharing dirty jokes that you and your guy friends enjoy. Jokes that degrade others should be avoided. You can share funny stories or events, such as things that made you laugh when you experienced them.

Ask her if she has any funny jokes or experiences to share with you as well. When she shares things with you that make her smile, she will feel a connection grow between the two of you. You may find that a relationship built upon a foundation of humor will be strong in every situation. Be silly and free with her, and do not try to maintain a facade of stoicism. It is important to show that you are listening, and your laughter in response to her jokes will show your attentiveness.

Behaving Appropriately for Your Relationship

Each relationship is different, so your messages should be reasonable and responsible. For example, if the two of you are acquaintances, then you should not message constantly throughout the day or speak on topics that may be sensitive. Acquaintances should speak about events, people, and ideas, but they should avoid emotional or spiritual conversations. Friends may want to strengthen emotional and intellectual connections, but speaking about sex or love may be premature. If the two of you are in a romantic relationship, then speak often and deeply.

As you learn how to text a girl to make her smile, you should always keep her feelings in the forefront of your mind. You should attempt to understand her state of mind. If she is having trouble with one of her friends, then be emotionally supportive. If she is questioning previously held beliefs, then give her a safe place to explore her questions and ideas. You always have the option to request that the two of you spend time with each other in person. Doing so will make her feel that you want to get to know her better and enjoy her company.


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