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How to Touch a Girl on a Date and Make Her Desire You


Getting a girl turned on is no easy task. Especially when the two of you are out on a date. But it’s not impossible to do! If you play all of your cards right you will touch her and make her desire you in no time. How do you do that?

Follow these tips and you’ll accomplish your goal without any troubles.

Unfortunately it takes a lot more than a simple touch to make a girl want you. You do have to put in some effort to get your desired outcome.

What kind of effort would that be?

Set The Right Atmosphere

There’s no way that you can take her to McDonalds and expect her to fall all over you. If you are really interested in catching her attention, do something special for her. This means planning a date in advance and putting quite a bit of thought into it. What does she love to do? Where can you take her that she will be overjoyed to be? When you put her in the right setting, it’s a step in the right direction of putting her in the mood.

Pick the perfect place to feed her.

Women might not eat a lot on dates always, but they sure do love to be wined and dined regardless.

Let her choose her favorite upscale restaurant. If you already know what her favorite is, go ahead and make the reservations and play it off as a surprise.

This means taking her somewhere that has a romantic vibe and letting her pick out the perfect meal for her perfect date.

Get a glass of her favorite beverage and then the real work begins from there.

Ensure that the entire time you are a total gentleman.

They say that chivalry is dead, but we highly disagree! Women are attracted to men who are polite and caring towards them.

Open her car door, help her over puddles and pull out her seat for her.

It can’t hurt to do those things, can it?

We don’t think so.

Dinner manners are must when it comes to your date.

Put away the electronics and put all of your focus on her! She is what you are all about tonight. There is no other way to accomplish your goal than by putting all of your attention on her.

Charm Her With Your Chatter

Alright, so maybe talking isn’t your thing, but tonight it should be. Girls love to talk and they love when you talk to them. When you are at dinner make sure to keep the conversation going at all times. That doesn’t mean to just say anything that comes to mind just for the sake of forgoing silence.

No, you will want to think carefully about what you are going to say to her the entire night.

Remember that saying even one wrong thing can ruin everything!

Focus the conversation on her.

What does she like to do? What’s on her mind lately? What’s going on in her life?

She surely will appreciate that you have taken interest in more of the person things in her life.

This will warm her up to you.

After you let her talk for a bit and give minimal response, it’s time to move on to the flirting portion of the conversation.

Witty banter is always welcome, because it raises sexual tension between people by bonding them closer together.

Tease her with your words.

Don’t forget lots and lots of complementing should be happening!

Flattery is everything when trying to make her desire you.

It’s also important to mirror her body language throughout the night, but it is especially important to do so when it comes to flirting.

When she smiles, you should smile back at her. When she leans forward, you should also find yourself leaning forward.

Get Closer To Her

You may have started the date sitting across from each other. Now it’s time to get a little closer. You can’t touch her very well all the way over there now can you?

Not very well anyways.

So it’s important to close the distance between the two of you physically so that you can create a feeling of togetherness.

You are probably wondering how you can get closer to her without making it awkward, right?

No problem. Tell her that the lighting is making you uncomfortable and ask her with a coy smile if she minds if you scooch a little closer to her.

She will understand what you are going through and definitely give the go ahead!

Sit next to her as close as you possibly can without making her feel suffocated. That means there should be about an inch between your legs. If you can’t get right next to her, sit close enough so that your knees can at least touch.

Now it’s time to get down to business.

Not only do you want your knees to ‘accidentally touch’ but you should work towards your thighs brushing against hers.

From there you can subtly touch her hand as you are talking.

Put one hand on top of hers while she is talking. This makes her feel as if you are really paying attention to what she is saying while also giving the date a feeling of intimacy.

When she is mid-sentence try brushing a piece of hair out of her face or put a strand behind her ear.

Contact is everything when trying to turn someone on. We might like to think that our words can get us anywhere, but in this case that is just not how it works.

Another thing to try and do is play footsie with her. Footsie is almost an ancient way of flirting with someone. Make sure that she knows there is nothing accidental about this.

If she reiterates your foot plays, then there is a good chance that this whole thing is working! You are warming her up to your touch and that’s half the goal here.

Don’t Overdo It

Although touching her is the excitement, you don’t want to overwhelm her. Keep your hands to yourself most of the time and keep the touching subtle, as well as almost minimal. Make sure you keep a good amount of time in between each move.

You don’t want to come off as gropey.

It’s important to avoid more personal areas such as her chest or too far up her thigh.

The last thing you need is her thinking you are some sort of pervert trying to feel her up in public.

The touching should seem romantic to her, not lustful or rapid.

Slow is better in this situation.

Don’t Just Expect Her To Jump On You

Just because the date is over doesn’t mean that your work is done.

She’s not going to jump on you when you leave by any means.

It’s important that you remain a gentleman as the two of you are ending your public date.

Hold her hand as you leave to go to the car. Open the door for her. And while you are walking it’s okay to put your hand on the small of her back.

These types of touches signal to her that you care for her wellbeing and are enjoying spending time with her.

Find Another Place To Hangout… One That’s Secluded

Time to find your private place. As long as she’s agreed to it that is.

You can invite her back to your apartment for a night cap or ask if you can walk her to her door.

When you are in the car on the way to your next destination you can try placing your hand in the middle of her thigh.

Too far up and she might assume you are being naughty, but right in the middle and it’s more romantic.

A little personal, but not too much. It will leave her wanting a little bit more.

When you finally reach where you are going it’s important to keep the conversation going.

It can be a little more sultry and seductive this time.

Tease her with your words again. Flirt with her. Flatter and repeat.

When you get to the door of where you are going is when the real test starts.

Get Brave

Now is the time where it is all coming to an end. Or so it seems.

However, you have the power to get her inside your apartment or you inside hers with her consent.

All you have to do is try this one last thing.

Now that you have spent the night warming her up to you, you can be a little braver.

Grab her by her waist and pull her close to you for a hug.

Is she liking it? Does she seem to melt into you?

If so then you are certainly accomplished in your feat!

She is digging you my man and it’s time to go for the kiss.

Was she stiff as a board when you pulled her in?

If so, she might not be feeling the vibe and the date didn’t go well.

No kiss for you.

It happens sometimes, but usually when you follow all of the above tips you won’t have any weird, uncomfortable hugs! Instead you’ll have touched a girl and made her desire you.


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