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How Well Do You Know Me? 50 Questions for Couples


You’d think the person you spend most of your time with would know you better than anyone else. Well, that may not be completely true. Sometimes, couples get so wrapped up in the “couple” stuff, they forget to learn about each other.

And sometimes you may be with someone who only pretends to be listening when they’re actually not at all. Those significant others aren’t very good and you should learn to weed out the good from the bad. One way to do that is by asking questions about yourself and seeing just how much they really know about you. Be prepared, though, because they might not know much at all.

Since we’re always changing and won’t like the same stuff forever, it’s important to get to know your significant other even if you think you know them the best already. That being said, the first thing you have to do is find out just how good – or bad – you really know someone. These questions will help you find out just how much you know.


  1. What’s my favorite holiday?

Knowing your significant other’s favorite holiday can tell you a lot about what they value most during the year and also help you prepare for it better.


  1. What’s my favorite dessert?

If you don’t know your partner’s favorite dessert, there’s something wrong. Knowing this can help you bring stuff home for them after a long day and they’ll appreciate it a lot.


  1. What’s the one food I could never get sick of eating?

This is always great to know if you ever have to order something for them to eat when they’re not around. Plus, you always know what to make them if you want to surprise them, too.


  1. What’s my favorite restaurant?

This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know it. If you don’t know this, just think back to the place they always want to eat at.

  1. What would be my dream vacation?

Want another way to surprise bae with something amazing? This is it. Planning for their dream vacation could win you major brownie points.


  1. What’s the first thing on my bucket list?

This will tell you a lot more about someone than you think. It’s the one thing they want to accomplish in their lifetime before they die. You should always know this.


  1. Where is the one place I would move to?

Knowing whether or not your significant other is happy where they are can help you decide just how compatible the two of you are. You’ll also learn about where they see themselves in the future.


  1. Who is my closest family member?

If you don’t know who the closest family member to your lover is, that’s kind of an issue. Knowing this can help you form a closer bond with that person as well.


  1. Would I rather be by the lake or the ocean?

This isn’t super important, but it can tell you how adventurous someone is based on what they prefer. Lakes are small and uneventful whereas the ocean is vast and meaningful.

  1. Would I rather be by water or in the mountains?

This isn’t something vital to whether or not you two are “made” for each other, but rather it gives you a sense of who they are at their core. People who prefer water to the mountains are much different.


  1. What are three things I would bring to a deserted island?

This is a great question to see if they know the few things they value most. It’ll also help you realize if they’re logical or materialistic in their nature.


  1. What’s my all time favorite TV show?

The thing about not knowing this is that you clearly just haven’t been paying attention. If someone loves a TV show, they talk about it or reference it all the time.


  1. What’s my all time favorite movie?

Someone’s favorite movie tells you a lot about their values and what they care about most in life. It’ll also help you know what shaped them to be who they are.

  1. What’s one thing I would change in my life?

If you’re unaware about what someone would change in their life, then you haven’t really been paying much attention to them when they talk. Knowing this should be easy.


  1. What’s one thing about me I would change if I could?

This is another case of whether or not you’re paying attention. People most often complain about the things they dislike about themselves.


  1. What would be my dream job?

This is just something you should have talked about early on in the relationship. A person’s dream job is what they’re always striving for so it’s always important to know.

  1. Who was my hero as a child?

A child’s hero has the ability to shape who they are as a person and you should know this for sure. Think back to what they used to talk about when they mention their childhood.


  1. What was my favorite childhood TV show?

We all have that one show we loved as a kid and it’s important to know your significant other’s favorite. If you don’t know it, that’s a problem.


  1. What language would I most like to be fluent in?

I think everyone has a language or even two that they’d like to be able to speak fluently in at some point in their lives. Knowing what theirs is could help you know more about their cultural aspirations.

  1. What’s something that cheers me up when I’m sad?

This is an obvious question for most people. If you know your significant other at all, you know the answer to this question – or you should.


  1. What is something I can’t sleep without?

Everyone has their bedtime quirks. Whether it’s the need to sleep in socks or the need to have a teddy bear nearby, you should know your partner’s sleep habits.


  1. Where am I most comfortable?

If it’s at home, out with friends, or in your arms, you should always know where your significant other feels the most comfortable. It can also help you know where they’re least comfortable.


  1. What’s my favorite romantic gesture?

Obviously, you should know what this is. If you want to treat your significant other right, then you’ll know what romantic things they like and what they don’t.


  1. What’s my favorite book?

If your partner is a reader then you should know what their favorite books is by now. Their favorite book will tell you all you need to know about them.


  1. What spice or herb can I not stand?

I think everyone has that one flavor or spice they just despise. It can be as used as pepper or as unique as tarragon. No matter what it is, you should always be aware.


  1. What’s my preferred brand of chocolate?

This is a particular question for the ladies out there because most of us like chocolate more than your average person. That being said, all guys should know their girlfriends favorite brand of chocolate.

  1. What do I like most about you?

Not only is this a great way to see how your affection is coming across, but if they don’t know, it’s a great time to tell them.


  1. When’s my birthday?

If your significant other gets this wrong, then they should be in the doghouse for a long time. This is something everyone should know.


  1. When’s our anniversary?

This is another one that should definitely be known because it’s a very meaningful day. They have no reason not to know it.


  1. What is my biggest pet peeve?

Everyone has pet peeves and things that drive them NUTS no matter what. If you don’t know what your significant other’s are, then you run the risk of doing things that upset them all the time.

  1. What was my favorite date of ours?

This is something you should know just so you’ll be able to relive some of those dates or go on similar ones in the future. It’s also helpful to know the things you did right.


  1. What flavor of ice cream is my favorite?

This may not seem really important, but if you get the wrong ice cream flavor when your partner isn’t around, it could cause them to get upset and you never want that.


  1. What am I most proud of?

This should be something you know, but it’s surprising how many people don’t know this about their significant other. However, this is vital to knowing what they value most in life and what they’re aspiring for.


  1. Where is the one foreign country I want to visit most?

Culture is a big part of some people’s lives and not so big a part of others. Knowing where your significant other stands will definitely help you in deciding if you have a future together.


  1. Would I rather go to a play or a concert?

There are two different types of people out there. Those who would rather watch a show than a performance. Which type your lover is can help you decide just what to get them for their birthday.


  1. Who’s someone that inspires me most?

Those who inspire us are usually people we want to be like. Therefore, you’ll be able to know where your significant other would like to be in their lives someday.

  1. What is my favorite childhood memory?

Your childhood really shapes your adult life and therefore, you should know just what someone’s childhood was like and what their favorite memory is. It’ll help you understand them better.

  1. What was the first thing I liked about you?

This may surprise you because not many people know the answer to this. However, it’s a relatively important thing for people to know about their significant other.


  1. What do I want to accomplish most before I die?

Everyone has different aspirations. The difference with this one is that it’s the nearest and dearest to someone’s heart and therefore can change their actions.


  1. What’s my favorite clothing store?

There are far too many people who really don’t know the answer to this question about their partner. The funny thing is, they can just look at most of their clothes to get an idea.


  1. What helps me fall asleep the best?

Maybe it’s a fan blowing on them, maybe it’s the sounds of the ocean, or maybe it’s just knowing someone is there next to them. Either way, knowing this is really important.


  1. What’s my favorite thing you do for me?

Some people just don’t tell their partner when they appreciate something they do. Asking your significant other this question will help you understand if you need to show your appreciation more.


  1. Am I a cat or a dog person?

This should be one your partner knows, but you should definitely ask it anyways because it can tell you a lot about someone and what type of pets they’d like to have one day.

  1. Name three things that always make me smile.

This should be the easiest question for your partner to answer. They should always know what makes you smile so they can help you feel better when you’re down.


  1. Who are my favorite musicians?

This is another great question to know just so you can understand what type of music really speaks to your significant other. It’s also a great way to know what type of gifts to get them. You wouldn’t want to get someone tickets to a concert they don’t like.


  1. What’s something that fascinates me no matter what?

There are things in life that just fascinate someone no matter what’s going on in their life. Space, time travel, history, and the like are just a few examples of what could potentially fascinate your significant other.


  1. What would I love to take classes in?

Everyone would like to learn more about something. By knowing what your significant other would take a class in, you’re learning what they’re passionate about and what they’d put the extra effort into.


  1. What’s my guilty-pleasure snack?

You should just be aware of this no matter what. It’s something they always snack on and they take great joy in actually being able to eat it without worrying. You should always get them this guilty-pleasure snack as a small surprise.


  1. What’s my go-to Netflix show/movie?

Not everyone throws on Netflix to watch a new movie they’ve never seen before. Some people have shows they’d rewatch if they could and are usually their go-to shows and movies.


  1. What was my first impression of you?

First impressions usually have to be really good when you want to date someone. However, your first impression to your significant other many have been a crappy one. It’s a fun story to find our which yours is.

You may think you know your significant other better than anyone else, but you may find that you didn’t know them well at all. These questions will determine just how much you’ve paid attention.


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