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100 Hunting Dog Names


Hunting dogs are a tradition for many types of hunting. They might help you rustle up ducks or fetch them after you have successfully killed one. In other cases, your hunting dog is just the dog you bring along for protection when you are out in the elements. Whatever the case, you need hunting dog names. Now that you have the perfect dog, you have to start brainstorming the right naming options for it. We can help you get started with this list of 100 hunting dog names. We have divided the list into male and female, but a number of the names can be used for either gender.

badass hunting dog names

50 Hunting Dog Names for Males

1. Trapper: Your little puppy is going to grow up into an amazing trapper for animals.

2. Buddy: Your hunting dog is one of your best friends, so this name is perfect for him.

3. Tank: This is a cute name for a dog.

4. Trigger: This is a clever name for a hunting dog.

5. Wolf: Animal names are great for hunting dogs.

6. Hawk: This is a great name for a good hunter.

7. Drake: This name comes from a type of mallard.

8. Tiger: This is a strong name for a hunter.

9. Radar: When you are out hunting, your dog is like a radar that detects everything that is going on around you.

10. Ranger: Your puppy helps you monitor the landscape like a park ranger.

11. Gunner: This is actually a word for someone who operates a cannon or a gun.

12. Gauge: This is another name based on firearms.

13. Bullet: When it is time to catch some game, your hunting dog is as fast as a bullet.

14. Glock: This comes from the Glock pistol.

15. Ruger: This comes from a manufacturer of high-quality firearms.

pheasant hunting dog names

16. Buck: This is a great name if your dog will hunt any animal with antlers.

17. Sarge: This is a commanding name for a hunting dog.

18. Bear: Bears are another popular prey for hunters.

19. Max: This is a popular choice for male puppies.

20. Winchester: This comes from the American company, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

21. Duke: Duke is always a good hunting name.

22. Mack: This is a tough-sounding name.

23. Ryder: This is another great option for a hunting dog.

24. Hunter: This is one of the most obvious name choices for a hunting dog.

25. Diesel: This sounds tough.

26. Beast: Watch out for this hunting dog!

27. King: This is a regal sounding name for a hunting dog.

28. Hammer: This strong-sounding name comes from the part of the firearm that turns stored up energy into the energy needed to fire a projectile.

29. General: This is a great name for a commanding dog.

30. Porter: This is a hip name for a hunting dog.

duck hunting dog names

31. Rocky: This name comes from Rocky Balboa.

32. Brutus: This is a tough name for a puppy.

33. Chase: This is an adorable name for any dog.

34. Magnum: This name comes from the Magnum gun.

35. Spike: This remains a popular hunting dog name.

36. Sparta: This name comes from the warrior society that existed in ancient Greece.

37. Boomer: This is always a great name for a dog.

38. Thunder: This is great for a dog that loves the outdoors.

39. Walker: This comes from the television show, Walker Texas Ranger.

40. Orion: Orion was a mythological hunter who was placed by Zeus into the stars as the constellation known as Orion.

41. Rambo: This name comes from another Sylvester Stallone character.

42. Zeus: This would be a great hunting dog name.

43. Davy Crockett: This legendary hunter was known as the king of the wild frontier.

44. Apollo: Apollo was a god who was known for being great at archery.

45. Rex: This is a fairly classic name for a hunting dog.

46. Ace: Your dog is an ace at hunting game—or at least, he will be with a name like this.

47. Hercules: Hercules was a hero in myth who was known for being exceptionally strong.

48. Musket: This is an awesome name for a hunting dog.

49. Remington: This name comes from the firearms manufacturer, Remington Arms Company.

50. Bud: This is the perfect name for man’s best friend.

50 Hunting Dog Names for Females

1. Benelli: This is the name of an Italian firearms manufacturers.

2. Scout: This name is perfect for a dog who always helps you scout out the game.

3. Liberty: Your hunting dog gives you the freedom to have some fun in the outdoors and bring home game.

4. Lynx: A lynx is a cat that is known for being a natural hunter.

5. Fox: Foxes are known for being intelligent and lively.

6. Beretta: This is such a pretty name, and it comes from the name of an Italian firearms company.

7. Huntress: This is another fairly obvious option for a hunting dog.

8. Powder: This name sounds feminine, but it actually comes from gun powder.

9. Arrow: Your hunting dog is more useful than any gun or arrow in finding and catching game.

10. Ammo: Gun and ammo inspired names are perfect for hunting dogs.

11. Justice: This is a righteous name for a hunting dog.

12. Blaze: This speedy-sounding name can be used for a male or female hunting dog.

13. Cabela: This is a store that is popular among hunters, but it would also be a great name for a hunting dog.

14. Remmy: Shoring the name of the Remington Arms Company makes it sound more feminine.

15. Dakota: This is an adorable name that comes from the Dakota tribe.

female hunting dog names for labs

16. Shiloh: This is a classic name for a dog.

17. Shadow: Whenever you are out in the fields, your dog is like your little shadow.

18. Dixie: This type of hunting name is popular in the south and southeastern part of the United States.

19. Rebel: Use this name for your little rebel.

20. Outlaw: Don’t be surprised if your dog rarely listens if you choose a name like this one.

21. Sky: This is a pretty name for a dog that will hunt beneath the open sky.

22. Athena: Athena was once known as the goddess of strategy, athleticism and

23. Scooter: This is such an awesome name for a hunting dog.

24. Sunny: Another nature-inspired name.

25. Artemis: Artemis was the goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology.

26. River: Your hunting trip could include a river, right?

27. Bolt: This speedy name is great for a male or female dog.

28. Meadow: This makes sense for a dog that loves to hunt in the meadows.

29. Jag: This is a tough name for a dog.

30. Colt: This name comes from the Colt Manuacturing Company. It began manufacturing firearms in 1836.

registered hunting dog names

31. Kingsley: This is a great option for the king of hunting dogs.

32. Xena: Name your puppy after the warrior princess!

33. Tombstone: This was the location of the famous shoot out at the O.K. Corral.

34. Annie Oakley: Annie was famous for being an amazing sharpshooter in the late 19th and early 20th century.

35. Wolverine: This could work as a male or female name.

36. Blitz: This is one of the best military terms to use for your hunting dog’s name.

37. Rogue: This a great name for a hunting dog.

38. Aurora: This comes from the name of the Northern Lights.

39. Dawn: If you have to wake up at dawn to go hunting, this is a great option to go with.

40. Willow: Nature-inspired names like this one are great for hunting dogs.

41. Finch: This is a cute option.

42. Boone: This cute name comes from the American pioneer, Daniel Boone.

43. Stormy: Nature-based names like this one are great for hunting dogs.

44. Dash: This is a good name for a fast dog.

45. Olympia: Long ago, the Olympics took place in Olympia and the modern games
were born.

female hunting dog names for pointers

46. Maverick: A maverick is an independent person who strikes their own path.

47. Legend: She might not be a legend yet, but she will be.

48. O.K: This simple option comes from the location of the O.K. Corral shoot out in the Wild West.

49. Nyx: This was the name of the Greek goddess of the night.

50. Jesse: This comes from the outlaw, Jesse James, who was talented with guns.


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