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I Always Dream That Someone Is Running After Me and Trying to Kill Me. What Does That Mean?


Sometimes, your dreams are a pleasant blend of your friends and activities like flying. You often forget about these dreams as soon as you wake up because it does not leave a real, lasting impression on your mind. When something traumatic happens in your dream, it leaves a lasting impact. For days or months afterward, you keep remembering the dream as you struggle to interpret it.

Running away from someone in your dream can be a terrifying experience. Even if they do not say it in the dream, you know that they are trying to kill you. You keep running, but it seems impossible to get away and hide from them forever. When you wake up, you are breathing heavily as you try to remember what happened. The good news? While it might be terrifying, this type of dream is incredibly common.

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me

A dream typically represents the emotions that you experience in your waking life. When you are unable to process these emotions in your waking life, they tend to appear in your dreams. The dream itself tends to be metaphorical in nature. For example, a dream about flying does not mean that you can actually fly. Instead, it shows a sense of freedom in your waking life.

When you dream that you are running away from someone who is trying to kill you, it shows the emotions that you are currently experience. Your dream show that you are trying to avoid a situation in your waking life with another person. Even though you might be trying to make this situation work out in your waking life, these efforts are not bearing fruit yet. That person might be dangerous, or they might just be someone who is trying to make your life difficult.

The real interpretation of this dream depends on who the person in your dreams is. If it is someone you know, you may easily be able to tell why you feel fearful or afraid of them. You may already be aware of a situation where you disagree with that person or feel like they are hostile against you.

In some cases, you have no clue why that person appeared in your dreams. This happens when your subconscious is using the person as a metaphor. They may represent a certain quality that you are afraid of and trying to escape. For example, perhaps you have self-esteem problems in real life. You have been working on getting a promotion, but you constantly feel like you won’t live up to the expectations you set for yourself. The person who appears in your dream may represent this fear. If your mother has always judged you or put you down, you may dream that she is chasing you. Your mother would be present because she represents your own inner fears, so she might not be present due to anything that she is actually doing or thinking right now.

In other cases, this type of dream shows that you are trying to avoid a certain situation in your real life. You may feel like that individual is dangerous or difficult. Instead of facing them directly and solving the problem, you are striving to avoid it as much as possible. You may also be afraid that avoidance will only cause more problems, which is why the person in your dream is trying to hurt you and kill you.

Focus on Your Health

If you are running from someone who represents a problem, your first step is to address that person, feeling or problem in your real life. If you are afraid of an upcoming review at work, this dream may mean that you should put more effort into your goals, handle the review and face your fears.

If your dream does not seem to represent a current situation or fear, it may be a reflection of your physical health. You may feel like there is some danger to your health that you are trying to avoid or confront. Because of this, you dreamed that someone is trying to hurt you. This health problem could be a bad lifestyle habit like overeating, smoking or drinking. You may fear that this habit could ultimately kill you, so you dreamed that you are running from your fears in your dream.

Being chased in a dream can also represent a sense of being trapped or consumed by someone. It may mean that you are trying to avoid responsibilities in your real life and failing. If this is the case, your best bet is to double your efforts and focus on fulfilling all of your responsibilities.

If you still cannot figure out what your dream means, it could mean that there is a deeper emotional or psychological issue going on. If you need help solving this problem, there are always counselors and psychologists that you can talk to.


  1. I dreamt of some weird old man, at first i thought he seemed familliar but nope. At one place, all of the people i know gathered to celebrate something, all my family members where there and this old man showed up and started to chase me with a knife on his hand. What i did was running and finding sone spot to hide myself but it seems that i can’t hide from him. I saw my aunt, i was asking for a help from her and she said go to my house there’s a lot of men who can keep you safe. But her house is too far and even if i am running away from that old man, it seems like im not leaving my spot. I can sense his anger towards me, i asked for help for my other members but still no one held a hand, and then I stabbes someone for thinking that he was the one chasing me. What does this dream mean?

    • Dreams of being chased and attacked are manifestations of concerned or worries that you may be dealing with at this time. It seemed that no one was able to support you in the dream, which may be a sign that you feel isolated in regard to a certain aspect of your life. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address them about their purpose within your dream, as this will reduce similar dreams from appearing in the future.

  2. It started when I was in a store and I could hear gun shots. The man was almost about to kill somebody right next to where my mom and sister were in the car. I was still in the store and I signaled my mom that I was in there. The killer guy saw my mom and tried to kill her but she got to me just in time. The cops showed up and my mom and I quickly ran to our car to go home. As we were driving no one in the car felt like they were being chased but me. We went up the steps when I noticed the man at the neighbors house trying to kill them. He saw us . He left the neighbors house and was chasing us up the stairs. We didn’t get into the house in time and he got into the house and ran straight to my dad and the killer was about to stab my dad while I was trying to fight him off, then I woke up. Can you please help me? I’m so confused and ever since I woke up, I have been really scared and tripping about it.

    • Dreams of being shot are reflections of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. The stresses that are present in your life at this time have also influenced this dream. Running to your father within the dream could be a sign that he makes you feel comfortable and safe. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address whoever is chasing you regarding their purpose within your dream.

  3. For me my dream was this older man was trying to get at me the people I was with witch was my sister and my grandmother, but I had said beforehand that we should leave and hide it’s near the people we live near as I scream for help the men enter the house I continue to get there attention someone comes out, I know them and scream help us please call 911 she gets her phone and I tell her what’s going on she tells the officer as we wait for the police to arrive it seems like there was two men because instead of the older man there was a younger skinny short haired looking man he tries to frighten us by chocking someone, then we’re back in the house still waiting for the police to arrive one of us has a phone so I say to call again but they were like “they’ll come” and I was like they would have been here already later on I see an opportunity to get a pink knife that’s similar to the one I actually have in real life. After I have the knife I wait, then one of his younger family members comes in his name is Aj I start talking to him I tell him how I need his phone, he lets me he soon leaves as time goes on the man comes in and says “you know Aj tells me everything right” I freeze but stay confident with my response and say yeah I figured he said you were like his dad he laughs and leaves the room later in the I hear noises and notice that my sister is gone so I get up with the knife and look for her, as I go into a room he’s on top of her saying something about her wearing lipstick to bed and she’s crying saying stop so I rush in and immediately take action I turn on the light and go to stab him anywhere that’s closest his back and neck were visible for obvious reasons as he turns to see who it is I strike for his Chest up area, then I wake up. Please inform me on what this could represent/ mean.

    • This dream seems to show a sense that someone close to you will pose a threat. You may feel like no one else can really help you through this threat, so you dreamed that you had to stab him in order to get him to stop. Thankfully, the dream only shows your subconscious thoughts and fears, so it is unlikely that this exact scenario will happen in real life.

  4. My dream was extremely weird. These people captured my mom, grandma and grandpa and then came in our house with guns and knives. My brother called the guy who came in first by his name but I had never seen him before and then the guy stabbed him to death. After that I was forced to defend myself with my brothers gun when someone would come after me and try to kill me and when it was all over my mom, grandma and grandpa were ok. I have no idea what the dream means.

    • The dream seems to show a fear that your loved ones could be at risk. The fact that you had to defend yourself may mean you feel like you will be responsible for taking care of yourself (and perhaps taking care of your family members as well) if some kind of outside risk ends up harming your family. Luckily, a dream only shows the state of the dreamer’s subconscious mind, so there it is unlikely this dream will end up happening in your waking life.

    • The dream may represent a fear that something could harm you, your friend and your baby, but you won’t be able to handle it on your own. Thankfully, a dream only reflects your subconscious thoughts and fears, so it is unlikely you will actually go through this experience in your waking life.

  5. I do have weird dreams once a while and it’s hard to cope with it and not only myself but I see people who are to me in my dream as well… I really don’t know how to cope with it

    • It seems that you need to take this time for introspection. This will help you understand the best way for you to cope. If you find that nothing helps you, then consider addressing whoever is chasing you within the dream regarding their purpose. This should prevent similar dreams from appearing in the future.

  6. I had a dream I was back in school with my girlfriend. We were told once were here we can’t leave. So I told the teacher “watch me”. As me n my girlfriend are tying to escape through these small gray hallways there are doors that lead to other hallways. As were running we are being chased. At this point it’s me my girlfriend and dog. Every time we get through a door the hallway is getting smaller and so is the door. Through the last hallway I was barely able to fit through the door. And as I get out. It is now only me and my dog running. Idk what happened to my gf but I’m assuming she is safe because the killer was still chasing me and my dog. Me n my dog kept running than tried to hide in a random home that seemed abandon. The house was hoarded with random things. It was an ugly home like a crack house. Anyways me n my dog ran to the backyard where there was other dogs. That were no threat but my dog some how found a way through the cage to be with the other dogs. The other dogs killed my dog. And in that moment I screamed. I was hurt that I just seen my dog get killed and at the same exact time the killer finally caught me. In that moment I felt like I lost. He had like a glass knife in the shape of a gun point at me and at that moment I woke up.

    • This dream seems to be a reflection of various social and emotional relationships that you have in your life. Dreams about being chased and attacked are manifestations of your concerns and worries that you may have in your life. It is clear that you care deeply about your girlfriend and your dog. The death of your dog was traumatic, though it is not a sign that your dog is in danger. Nourish your connection with your girlfriend and dog by spending additional time together. You will find that this will bring you many benefits in the future.

  7. In the beginning of my dream I was trying to protect myself & a family(not my family ) from being attacked by bugs that eat humans. i was trying to cover the window because I heard the bugs coming I’m not sure what happen after that .. next thing I know some women is chasing me she starts choking me and I get away. I try to to sit the house on fire but I was scared she would escape find me and kill me. She then started chasing me with a knife so I ran to my basement which is really confusing to me because the dream didnt take place in my house. I ran to the guess room and tried to climb out the window . I escaped and I ran but I didn’t feel like I was running fast enough it felt like she was still right behind me .. then I woke up

    • Your dream seems to be a manifestation of a wide variety of concerns that you may have in your life. Being chased, whether by bugs or people, are reflections of stresses, and you may find benefit in taking this time to look inward. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address whoever or whatever is chasing you regarding its purpose, as this give you greater insights into the purpose of this dream.

  8. I dreamed today about a lot of men who trying to kill me.. and i know in my dream i very very faraway from them.. and i don’t know why?? Because whenever i go or trying to hide from them but i can’t win over them..even in wild forests.. and i think what if i face them and try to fight all of men trying to kill me?? Maybe i win???

    • Dreams about being chased and attacked are often manifestations of concerns or worries that you may have in your life. If you have similar dreams in the future, then you may want to address them regarding their purpose in your dream. This will help you understand the purpose of their presence, and it may help to reduce the likelihood of similar dreams from occurring in the future.

  9. The dream started with me and my family enjoying at a mall, the kids were playing in some park and my mom aunt and uncle were buying something. Then the dream suddenly turned to our house which is being constructed half and the other half is broken. Then again it went to the mall and suddenly my uncle started chasing me with a knife. I tried to get the door of mall closed but it was not closing and then it went to the scene that me and my uncle’s daughter are hiding in one of the stores of mall, where my friends are trying to get people out of the mall and to a safer place while we kept hiding in the store. But suddenly I went out of the store with my cousin because in my dream there was a kind of déjà vu that I’ve seen same thing and at that time the man comes inside the store so we decide to go out. We reached the other floor where the food court was there and the employees were not able to speak then we found a male and a female guard out of which the female guard is taking us to the main entrance to send us out of the mall and I was asking her that if there is any other exit and she said no. Then i started thinking of the things that can happen if we are going to die or not and I wake up with fear

    • This dream seems to be a manifestation of various influences in your life. The presence of your family members indicates the strength of your connection with them. The security guard may b a sign of your thoughts regarding law enforcement. Death is a symbol for change, so it is possible that this dream will help you understand any relationships that you have and how they may be altering at this time.

  10. I dream of monkeys trying to kill people until they also want to kill me. They have my address so they know where to find me. They kept on chasing me. I threw one of my id’s while chasing me. They stopped chasing me when they saw my id and killed the person near my id, they thought it was me that’s why they stopped chasing.

    • Being chased within a dream may be manifestations of concerns and worries that you have in your life. The id and the other person seems to be a unique aspect of this dream. It seems that you should focus on this during the time that you take for introspection. This will provide you with personal insight that will help you understand the purpose of this dream.


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