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I Always Dream That Someone Is Running After Me and Trying to Kill Me. What Does That Mean?


Sometimes, your dreams are a pleasant blend of your friends and activities like flying. You often forget about these dreams as soon as you wake up because it does not leave a real, lasting impression on your mind. When something traumatic happens in your dream, it leaves a lasting impact. For days or months afterward, you keep remembering the dream as you struggle to interpret it.

Running away from someone in your dream can be a terrifying experience. Even if they do not say it in the dream, you know that they are trying to kill you. You keep running, but it seems impossible to get away and hide from them forever. When you wake up, you are breathing heavily as you try to remember what happened. The good news? While it might be terrifying, this type of dream is incredibly common.

A dream typically represents the emotions that you experience in your waking life. When you are unable to process these emotions in your waking life, they tend to appear in your dreams. The dream itself tends to be metaphorical in nature. For example, a dream about flying does not mean that you can actually fly. Instead, it shows a sense of freedom in your waking life.

When you dream that you are running away from someone who is trying to kill you, it shows the emotions that you are currently experience. Your dream show that you are trying to avoid a situation in your waking life with another person. Even though you might be trying to make this situation work out in your waking life, these efforts are not bearing fruit yet. That person might be dangerous, or they might just be someone who is trying to make your life difficult.

The real interpretation of this dream depends on who the person in your dreams is. If it is someone you know, you may easily be able to tell why you feel fearful or afraid of them. You may already be aware of a situation where you disagree with that person or feel like they are hostile against you.

In some cases, you have no clue why that person appeared in your dreams. This happens when your subconscious is using the person as a metaphor. They may represent a certain quality that you are afraid of and trying to escape. For example, perhaps you have self-esteem problems in real life. You have been working on getting a promotion, but you constantly feel like you won’t live up to the expectations you set for yourself. The person who appears in your dream may represent this fear. If your mother has always judged you or put you down, you may dream that she is chasing you. Your mother would be present because she represents your own inner fears, so she might not be present due to anything that she is actually doing or thinking right now.

In other cases, this type of dream shows that you are trying to avoid a certain situation in your real life. You may feel like that individual is dangerous or difficult. Instead of facing them directly and solving the problem, you are striving to avoid it as much as possible. You may also be afraid that avoidance will only cause more problems, which is why the person in your dream is trying to hurt you and kill you.

Focus on Your Health

If you are running from someone who represents a problem, your first step is to address that person, feeling or problem in your real life. If you are afraid of an upcoming review at work, this dream may mean that you should put more effort into your goals, handle the review and face your fears.

If your dream does not seem to represent a current situation or fear, it may be a reflection of your physical health. You may feel like there is some danger to your health that you are trying to avoid or confront. Because of this, you dreamed that someone is trying to hurt you. This health problem could be a bad lifestyle habit like overeating, smoking or drinking. You may fear that this habit could ultimately kill you, so you dreamed that you are running from your fears in your dream.

Being chased in a dream can also represent a sense of being trapped or consumed by someone. It may mean that you are trying to avoid responsibilities in your real life and failing. If this is the case, your best bet is to double your efforts and focus on fulfilling all of your responsibilities.

If you still cannot figure out what your dream means, it could mean that there is a deeper emotional or psychological issue going on. If you need help solving this problem, there are always counselors and psychologists that you can talk to.


  1. I always have dreams someone is trying to kill me and I never know who the people are. When I was 9, (I’m 20 now) I was tested for sleep apnea and they told my mom I had very vivid dreams that I don’t remember and I was supposed to see a psychiatrist but never did. Should I go get tested again and see if they say the same thing? Because now I remember the dreams. I have like 7 different dreams in one night. All about different people trying to kill me in different places.

    • Your dreams may be reflections of various influences in your life. Your fears and concerns may be causing these dreams to manifest. The media that you consume may appear in your dreams as well. Allow this dream to guide you to act with kindness and compassion. Perhaps attempt to speak with those who are chasing you in your dream. Have a great day, Tasha!