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60 Baby Names Meaning Ice or Snow


When the snow starts to fall, the world falls silent. Inside, you are curled up next to a wood stove as a roaring fire keeps you warm. Winter is a beautiful time of year, so it is natural for you to want to impart this beauty on your child as well. There are many different winter-inspired names that you can choose for your baby boy or baby girl. To get started, we have a list of 60 baby names meaning ice or snow.

30 Baby Names Meaning Ice or Snow for Girls

1. Holly

Holly is a beautiful wintertime name for a little girl. The beautiful berries of holly trees only ripen in the winter, which is why they are so popular as wintertime decorations. Plus, the main character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (played by Audrey Hepburn) was called Holly.

2. Snow

This is actually becoming a more common name now. Snow is an obvious name if you want a baby name that means snow. Plus, it was the name of the fairy tale character and Disney princess, Snow White.

3. Juniper

Juniper is another name that is a good one for a wintertime name. It is supposed to be based on the Welsh name, Guinevere.

4. Neva

Neva is a Spanish word that means show or white. Because of this, it is a more exotic option if you want an ice or snow related name.

5. Lucia

Lucia is the Swedish saint of Christmas.

6. North

North is always a name associated with the snow. It also received a lot of attention after Kim Kardashian named her daughter North.

7. Eira

Eira is a name that comes from Welsh. Inspired by a Norse goddess, this name means show. It is actually a fairly common name today in Norway and Sweden. The modification Eirwen means white as snow. Meanwhile, Eirlys means snowdrop.

8. Ivy

Ivy means faithfulness and is a beautiful vine that still looks great in the winter. I

9. Frostine

Frostine comes from a French word that means snow. In the children’s game Candyland, it is the name of the queen.

10. Ember

Ember is a name often associated with fire. Since a fire keeps you warm on cold, wintry nights, it is a great snow-related baby name.

11. Blanche

Blanche sounds like a very old-fashioned name, and it was actually the name of a character in the Golden Girls. In French, it means white.

12. Christmas

Christmas sounds like an obvious choice for a cold or ice-related name. You could also try a less obvious option like Christine or Noelle.

13. Olwen

Olwen is Welsh name that is thought to mean white footprint. It actually comes from the name of a Welsh goddess who was said to have flowers spring up from her every footstep.

14. Nieves

Nieves is a Spanish name that was made in honor of the Virgin Mary, Our lady of the Snows. Some say that this name was made when the Virgin Mary made a miracle happening by making snow remain un-melted in Rome’s August heat.

15. Bianca

Bianca is actually a name that means white. It is a fairly popular name for girls in the United States and hit its peak popularity in the 1990s.

16. January

January is the coldest month of the year, and it also makes for a beautiful girls name. January Jones is a character in Mad Men. In addition, the root word of January comes from the name of a Roman god who had two faces.

17. Alba

Alba comes from a Latin name that meant bright and white.

18. Lumi

Lumi can also be written as Lumikki. It means snow.

19. Demetria

Demetria was once the name of a Greek goddess who was the goddess of winter. You can also shorten it to Demi, which was the 88th most popular name in the state of Louisiana in 2014.

20. Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is such a pretty baby name for a little girl. This Welsh name is said to mean fair and blessed. You can also shorten it to the nickname Gwen as well.

21. Iclyn

Icyln certainly sounds like an icy name and makes me think of snowflakes. It actually means compassionate or an idealist. I

22. Neve

Neve is an anglicized way of writing the name Niamh. This old-fashioned name means snow.

23. Noelle

Noelle is a beautiful name for a baby born in the winter. It is the female version of the name Noel, which means Christmas.

24. Merry

During the holidays, you always hear people say, “Merry Christmas,” so many people think of winter when they hear this name. This Welsh name comes from a name for the guardian of the sea, but the modern word means happy or jolly.

25. Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone associated with the month of January.

26. Crystal

White crystals look like pieces of ice that stay year round. Some people even decorate their trees with beautiful crystals so that the tree lights make the tree look as if it is covered with ice or icicles.

27. Alaska

Alaska is known for being the last frontier and is filled with snowy mountains. The actual word Alaska comes from a Native American word that means Great Land.

28. Elsa

Elsa is the name of the main star of the Disney film, Frozen. It is actually a Hebrew name that is a shortened form of Elizabeth. It means God is satisfaction.

29. Natalie

Natalie was once the name that was traditionally given to any girl born on Christmas day. If you want to go with tradition, use this name for babies born around the holidays. e is on or near 25th December, keep the tradition going by naming her Natalie.

30. Paloma

During the 12 days of Christmas, the singer is given two doves. Paloma means doves, so it connects to this wintry meaning.

30 Baby Names Meaning Ice or Snow for Boys

1. Whittaker

Whittaker is a fairly old-fashioned name, but some of the classics never truly die out. This particular name means from the white field, which makes it perfect as a wintertime name.

2. Yas

Yas is short, sweet and to the point. In a Native American language, this name means snow. It is an ideal choice if you want a name that means snow that also shows off your Native American heritage.

3. Gabriel

Gabriel was one of the archangels. He was the archangel who announced that Jesus Christ was born. He is also known as the angel of mercy, life, dreams and joy. The Hebrew name means God is my strength.

4. Storm

Wintertime storms can be terrifying, but this means that Storm is a wonderful name to represent the winter. It hits its peak popularity in 1995, but is still a somewhat popular name in the United States.

5. Colden

Colden is an Old English name that means dark valley. While it does not actually mean snow, it does include the world cold in the name.

6. Douglas

Douglas is a type of tree that is popular in winter. It is also the name of a Scottish clan that was well known for their strength and courage.

7. Robin

Robin may make you think of Robin Hood, but it is also the name of a wintertime bird.

8. Nevada

Nevada is a unique, interesting boy’s name. While it is also the name of an American state, the actual Spanish word means snow clad.

9. Jonas

In the Bible, Jonas was the guy who was trapped within the whale. It is also a Greek word that means dove. In 2012, it was the name of a wintertime storm.

10. Noel

Noel is the male version of Noelle. It is the French word for Christmas and was a common boys’ name during the Middle Ages.

11. Frost

Frost is something that forms on plants and the ground during the winter. It is one of the first signs that the weather is starting to cool off, and it makes a wonderful, wintry name for a little baby boy.

12. Nicholas

Nicholas has been a popular baby boy’s name for centuries. In its original Greek form, it mean the people’s victor. Later on, it was popularized as the name of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas is the one that the legends of Santa Claus were based off of. Because of this, Nicholas is a great name to choose if you want your child’s name to be related to Christmas, winter or the snow.

13. Kari

Kari unfortunately sounds like the female Carrie. It is actually a name that comes with Turkey. In Turkish, it means covered with snow.

14. Wren

Wren is a beautiful little bird. In Ireland, wren means the magician of bird. The similar Welsh name, Eirwen, means white as snow. As such, it is a wonderful name for a cute baby boy.

15. Blaze

Blaze is steadily becoming more popular in the United States. While it does not mean snow, it is often associated with winter. When the weather is cold and snow falls, families huddle around roaring fires and warm their hands at the blazing fire.

16. Lixue

Lixue is an extremely unique name. In Chinese, this name means pretty snow.

17. Jack

Jack Frost is a common wintertime character. It started in medieval times as a version of John. Originally, this name meant God is gracious.

18. Crispin

Long ago, Crispin was a version of Christopher or Chris. It means curly-haired and sounds like a way to describe a crisp, wintry day.

19. Frost

You can name your child Frost as in “Jack Frost,” but there is also another alternative interpretation. Frost is from a surname that means born in a cold spell. It was also the name of the famed poet, Robert Frost.

20. Jasper

Jasper is originally a Persian name that is often connected to the Three Wise Men. In Persian, t means the bringer of treasure.

21. Yukio

This is a Japanese name, so it is sure to be an unusual one to hear in the United States. In Japanese, this name means snow. It is often the name of characters in anime shows and comic books.

22. Quilo

Quilo is an extremely unusual name. Long ago, it was actually quite common in ancient Rome. In Roman myths, Quilo was the name of the North Wind.

23. Winter

Winter is an obvious choice if you want a name that is associated with cold and ice. Plus, you can always name your other children Autumn, Spring and Summer to round out the seasons.

24. Aster

Aster is the name of the Star of Bethlehem. As such, it is an appropriate name if your child is born in the winter or if you love stargazing at night.

25. Yule

Yule is a phrase commonly associated with wintertime. Yule actually means winter solstice, and it would make for a beautiful name for a little boy.

26. Vale

Vale can also be spelled Vail. This alternative is the name of a popular site for skiing in the winter.

27. Bodhi

During December, the Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day. This name Bodhi means enlightenment or awakening, which is a great choice for a baby.

28. Aspen

Aspen is frequently associated with wintertime. Once the snow falls, the Aspen ski resort in Colorado swells with new visitors and skiers. It is also the name of a beautiful tree with heart-shaped leaves. When the wind blows through the leaves, it sounds like music and the leaves make the tree seem like it is dancing.

29. Rudolf

Rudolf was more popular decades or centuries ago, but it could still be a baby name today. Now, people tend to think of one of Santa Claus’ reindeer when they hear the word Rudolph. This name actually means wolf.

30. Christian

Christian is a common choice for babies born around Christmas. In Greek, this name means follower of Christ. In the Middle Ages, it was actually a girls’ name. Now, it is almost exclusively used for baby boys.


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