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60 Baby Names Meaning Ice or Snow


When the snow starts to fall, the world falls silent. Inside, you are curled up next to a wood stove as a roaring fire keeps you warm. Winter is a beautiful time of year, so it is natural for you to want to impart this beauty on your child as well. There are many different winter-inspired names that you can choose for your baby boy or baby girl. To get started, we have a list of 60 baby names meaning ice or snow.

30 Baby Names Meaning Ice or Snow for Girls

1. Holly

Holly is a beautiful wintertime name for a little girl. The beautiful berries of holly trees only ripen in the winter, which is why they are so popular as wintertime decorations. Plus, the main character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (played by Audrey Hepburn) was called Holly.

2. Snow

This is actually becoming a more common name now. Snow is an obvious name if you want a baby name that means snow. Plus, it was the name of the fairy tale character and Disney princess, Snow White.

3. Juniper

Juniper is another name that is a good one for a wintertime name. It is supposed to be based on the Welsh name, Guinevere.


4. Neva

Neva is a Spanish word that means show or white. Because of this, it is a more exotic option if you want an ice or snow related name.

5. Lucia

Lucia is the Swedish saint of Christmas.

6. North

North is always a name associated with the snow. It also received a lot of attention after Kim Kardashian named her daughter North.

7. Eira

Eira is a name that comes from Welsh. Inspired by a Norse goddess, this name means show. It is actually a fairly common name today in Norway and Sweden. The modification Eirwen means white as snow. Meanwhile,