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15 Icebreaker Games for Couples


When you are dating someone, you can suddenly enjoy all new couple events and parties. From double dates to social events, you can hang out as an “us” instead of just a “me.” When you are having a party or social event, icebreaker games for couple can help to get your party going. To make sure that your party is memorable, make sure that you plan out of your icebreakers. If you need some supplies for it, make sure to collect them ahead of time. You can even create prizes for the winners. Fun prizes can go to the most romantic man, woman or couple. Use these icebreaker games for couples to introduce different couples and to spice up your next event.

1. The Rules of Drawing

In this game, you have some people who can draw a picture, signs or arrows. The other people can only watch the drawing happen. The drawers cannot draw anything that would be a number, name or part of the alphabet. They are also not allowed to mouth the words, sign what they are doing or speak words in any way.

Obviously, you might need some help for unusual words. If you want to show that the words sounds like something else, use an ear to represent “sounds like.” For a couples event, you may want to try romance-inspired things like hugs, valentine’s cards, roses, diamond rings, hearts, chocolate, lace, music, restaurants or kisses. You can also use the types of words that you would normally use for charades or similar games.

2. Start Counting Your Blessings

This is a very intimate icebreaker game. While you could use it for introductions, it also works well as a way to close a party. To start with, you should dim the lights. You can light some candles to make a more intimate ambiance. Invite all of your guests to sit around the room in a circle. In this game, your guests will focus on the ways that they have blessings within their lives. Make sure that people use specific examples. Instead of saying that you are thankful for your family, be more specific like being thankful for something a family member helped you with or for a new family member. This game is just a chance for everyone to share what they are thankful for and can be a good conversation starter.

3. Kissy Face

If you do not have time to get supplies, this is an excellent game to choose. Best of all, it is a quick way to get everyone laughing and talking to each other. The first step is to have every woman apply lipstick as heavily as possible. Ideally, they should use very bright or dark colors. If you have extra lipsticks, it will make the game more fun. Then, every woman should sit down next to her partner. When you say “go,” all of the ladies have 30 seconds to give their dates as many kisses as possible. The couple with the most kisses on the guy’s face wins the game.

4. Garage Sale Time

To prepare for this game, you need to get a bunch of blank pieces of paper and pens. Hand out the pieces of paper to each one of your guest. Then, tell your guests to write down the name of an item they would like to get rid of at a yard sale. Beneath the item, they should write down the top five reasons why they would like to get rid of it. Make sure that you do not reveal the real reason why they are actually writing down the item and reasons.

Once everyone has finished, explain the real reason for the game. Now, the players need to cross out the item’s name. Instead, they should write their partner’s name in the blank. Go through the circle and have everyone read off their list by saying, “I want to get rid of (partner’s name) because he/she . . .”

Obviously, you will want to make sure that you play this with people who have a sense of humor. While the responses will most likely be hilarious, they will not be funny to anyone who is easily offended.

5. Coconut Mania

This is another game that is better for people who have a sense of humor and are good sports. Couple coconut mania also requires coconuts, so you need to add these fruits to your shopping list. Once everyone is present, each couple will hold up a coconut between just their foreheads. They are not allowed to use anything other than their foreheads to keep the coconuts up.

One person gets to be the host or hostess. It is their job to give the couple commands like “Move the coconuts from your foreheads to between your shoulders,” “Jump!” or “Dance in place.” Each couple has to try to follow the instructions exactly without dropping their coconut. If the couple drops their coconut, they are out of the game. The last team that is left standing is the winner.

6. Romantic Poetry

If you have a large group, pick just four or five couples to play without actually telling them what they are going to play. Before the event, you need to find many different romantic poems that the couples can read.

Once the couples are ready, the man is supposed to read the romantic poem to his partner. Everyone else in the room judges his poetry reading based on how much applause he received, his gestures, his sincerity and his inflection. All of the guys take a turn reading the poetry to their wives. You can give the man who wins a certificate for being the Most Romantic Man of the Year.

7. Mix and Match

Before you do this game, you have to make sure you have all of the supplies. You need to look for over-sized clothes like socks, panty hose, underwear, shoes and hats. Toss all of the clothes into a large basket or a pile. When you say, “go,” the players have just two or three minutes to win the game. Their goal is for the women to put the men’s clothes over their own. The men should put the women’s clothing over their own clothes. When the timer runs out, yell “stop.” The best dressed couple is the one who wins.

8. The Key to Your Heart

There is an old proverb that says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This game is based around that idea. This game requires multiple, 2-foot strings. You also need cookies with holes, donuts, apples or large, soft pretzels. The en should sit down on a chair with a blindfold on. In front of them, their girlfriend or wife stands with the chosen food attached to the string. When you say “go,” the men must try to eat the entire item as fast as possible without using their hands or removing the blindfold. The couple who finishes this game first, wins. If you have a very large group, divide the couples into two groups so that half of them can enjoy watching the other half compete.

9. Bell Ringing

This game is one of the easiest icebreaker games for couples. It is a simple way to introduce the couples to each other. When the hostess or host rings a bell, they say a category. The couple that answers the category or description should raise their hand. For example, your categories could be:

“I am looking for the couple who looks the most alike.”
“I am looking for the couple who has traveled the farthest together this year.”
“I am looking for the couple who can sustain the longest kiss without looking around when I say go.”
“I am looking for the couple who for the person who is wearing the most gifts from their partner right now.”
“I am looking for the couple who can show e the most pictures of you two together.”
“I am looking for the couple who had the shortest honeymoon.”
“I am looking for the couple who has the most unique hobby that they do together.”
“I am looking for the couple who has done the sweetest thing for their in-laws.”
“I am looking for the couple who married closest to an official holiday.”
“I am looking for the couple who has the funniest honeymoon story.”
“I am looking for the couple who received the most creative Valentine’s gift from their spouse.”
“I am looking for the couple who have the most matching letters in their first name.”
“I am looking for the couple who married the closest to their birthday.”
“I am looking for the couple who had the most children between their wedding and fifth anniversary.”

10. Shaving Time

This will be a fairly messy game, but it can be a lot of fun. This icebreaker game for couples requires a blindfold, whip cream, a clip fastener, a plastic spoon and a towel for every couple. The man puts the towel around his neck and fastens with the clip fastener. Then, the woman applies the whipped topping to the man’s fast. She is then blindfolded and given a plastic spoon. The woman has two minutes to shave her fella with the spoon. At the end of the game, give out prizes for the worst shave, funniest shave and best shave.

11. Win, Lose or Draw

In this game, you pick categories that relate to the couple’s relationship experience. Simple topics make for a short game, but more complicated topics can make the game longer. Write words on pieces of paper ahead of time with one word on each strip of paper.

Every team chooses someone to draw. Each time someone draws, it is another person until everyone has a turn. The turns alternate between the teams. The person who picks out the paper draws the thing on the label. Use a timer to start and stop the drawers turn. While the person draws, the other teammates have to guess what it is. If they can guess what it is before the time is up, the team wins a point.

12. Changing Places

Make all of your guests in a circle. Then, one of them gets into the center of the circle. They say something like, “Everyone who is wearing yellow should change places. Greet your neighbor on either side.”

As everyone wearing yellow changes places, the person in the center tries to slip into a vacant seat before everyone takes them. Whoever is left without a seat is left in the center and has to give another command. This game can continue as long as you want, and it does not really have any winners. The main goal of this icebreaker game for couples is to make sure that everyone has introduced and had a chance to meet each other.

13. Ribbon Run

This icebreaker game for couples is like a modification of a scavenger hunt. The couples have to work as a team. You need to have some inexpensive ribbon to play the game. Cut the ribbons into different lengths. Then, hide these lengths throughout some of the rooms before the parties start. Let the couples know which rooms they can search. The couples will have 10 minutes to search for the ribbons. Each time they find a ribbon piece, they tie it to the next piece. The couple with the longest ribbon pieces is the winner of the game.

14. A Heart Tree

In this game, you need to have some kind of artificial plant or tree. Have all of the couples bring in photos of themselves when they were very young or babies. Use a printer to copy each picture. Then, paste the pictures all together using construction paper hearts to attach them. Hang them on the artificial tree using a bright ribbon. Then, everyone at the party gets to guess which picture of the couple as babies matches up to which adult couple. You can always give a prize to the couple who guesses the most right. You can also add numbers on the backs of the pictures so that you can easily provide the answers later on.

15. Bag Your Mate

This is one of the most fun icebreaker games for couples, and you only need a brown paper bag to play. Make sure that you have enough paper bags so that each couple has one. Divide the men and women into different rooms. Then, you should have everyone put a large paper bag over their heads before they come back into the room.

The players are not allowed to talk since they could easily tell who is who by their voices. Instead, the players have to find their mate by only using their sense of touch. When a couple has managed to find their mate, they quietly walk up to the host to let the host know (and to make sure that they have actually found the right mate). The first couple who successfully finds each other wins the game. After one couple wins, you can have everyone continue to play the game until everyone has found each other. The game can officially end when the last mates have found their partners.


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