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If a Girl Says She Has Plans After Being Asked for a Drink, What Does That Mean?


You found the perfect girl. After talking to her for a while, you finally found the courage to ask her out. The only problem is that you have to find just the right day to go on a date. She previously said that she was interested in going out with you, and now she says that she has plans after being asked for a drink. Has she changed your mind? Is she just blowing you off? What is she trying to say?

If a Girl Says She Has Plans After Being Asked for a Drink, What Does That Mean?

Before you can figure out what this means, you have to look at how the situation actually played out. There is a huge difference between a girl saying plans after she already said yes to a drink, and a girl telling you no to a drink because she had plans. If the girl straight out told you no to a drink because she had plans, then there is a more than likely chance that she just doesn’t want to go out with you. It is possible that she just really does have plans, but it is more likely that she isn’t interested. If she was genuinely interested in you and also genuinely had plans, she might suggest a different day to met up so that you know she actually likes you. If she does not suggest an alternative time, back off and let her make the next move (if there is one).

If she says yes to a drink and later says that she has plans, don’t assume the worst. She would not tell you that she wants to meet for a drink if she is totally not interested. In most cases, telling you that she wants to meet you for a drink is definitely a sign that she wants to be at least friends and could want to be something more. When she said that she had plans, she genuinely meant that she was busy and could not meet up.

There is a slight chance that she just said yes without thinking about it or because she felt awkward saying no. There is also another slight chance that she reevaluated her “yes” later on because she realized that you wanted something more. With that said, the most likely reason why she said yes to a drink is because she actually wants to meet up with you as friends or as something more.

What Should You Do Now?

A girl says she has plans after being asked for a drink, and you need to know what to do next. Before you take the next step, try to figure out what she means by saying that she has plans. If she automatically said she has plans after being asked for a drink, what she really means might be “no.” If she already said yes to a drink and then said that she had plans when you mentioned a specific time, then she probably is just busy.

If you think that she is just trying to let you down easy, don’t continue to push for a drink. Tell her to let you know when she is free and wants to meet up. That way, she knows that she has to make the next move if she actually wants to see you and have a drink. If she is not actually interested, then she will not reach out for a date in the future. Most people are at least free on one evening of the week, so you can basically assume that she is not interested if she does not text you for a drink in the next week or so.

If she originally told you that she did want a drink and was just busy, then take her at her word. Mention that you would like to grab a drink over the weekend if she is busy or ask her directly when she would have a free evening to meet up. If she says that she does not have any free time, then she is probably trying to let you down easy and turn down your offer. If she seems like she is trying to find a free day or seems enthusiastic about meeting up, then just wait. Some people are constantly busy with their goals at work or school, so it just takes a bit of luck and patience to find a free time where you can meet up.

Give her a chance to make the next move. If she actually wants to get a drink with you, then she will eventually send you a text or tell you when she is free. If she is not interested, then she won’t and you will know that she was trying to be nice when she turned you down. Whatever the reason, the ball is in her court now.

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