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If She Doesn’t Text Back Should I Text Again?


So she stopped texting you back, huh? Or maybe she never responded to your first initial text that you sent her? Either way… Ouch man. That kind of blows! It’s understandable that you’d be out here looking for advice, because this can be one of the most conflicting situations to be in when it comes to talking to someone that you like. You don’t want to not text her back just in case there is a chance she might respond, but you also don’t want to text her again because you don’t want to be annoying. Right? Yeah, that is pretty conflicting. So what are you supposed to do if she doesn’t text back? Should you text her again?

if she doesn't text back is she not interested

We are here to tell you that it all depends. What does it depend on?

So many things. There are various different factors to consider before you decide whether not you should text her again. What are they? Keep reading to find out now!

The Factors

What’s Your Relationship Like?

Before deciding whether to text again or not make sure that you think about what your relationship was like in the first place. Do you two know each other? Have you met in real life? If not, it might not be worth continuing to try to talk to her. She may have already decided that she does not want to talk to you and that is exactly why she isn’t responding. Sending another message might not make any difference. However, it might just annoy her more and turn her off. This is usually only the case if you two have never talked before.

Have You Talked Before?

That brings us to this one: Have you really talked before? If so, then you could be safe sending her another text. She might just be busy or have something going on that is distracting her. But if the two of you haven’t talked before it might not be worth your time. She will most likely respond eventually if the two of you are already friends and have spent time talking to each other.

if she doesn't text back for days

If So, What Was Your Last Conversation Like?

If you have talked before, especially if you have talked many times, you might safe sending her another text depending on what your last conversation was like. Was it pleasant? Or was it hostile? If it was negative, you might want to give her time to cool down. You may have said something offensive or perverted. If so, give her time to respond to you. Sending her multiple texts after fighting or having a bad conversation might only make her dislike you more. She may just need some time to process and decide how she feels. If she likes you then she will definitely come back around at some point. If she doesn’t like you, she won’t. Which gives you your answer.

How Much Have You Talked?

How much you talk to one another might be important when deciding to text her again or not. If you have talked a lot, yes go ahead and send out another text after the right amount. But if the two of you don’t spend that much time talking and she never gets back to you it might mean that all hope is lost. She might have just lost interest in you. Sorry to be the one to tell you that, but it’s a large possibility!

Did She Delete You?

Next take a look at whether or not the two of you are still connected on social media. This is extremely important to know. Has she deleted you? Her deleting you is definitely a bad sign. She doesn’t have any interest in having you in her life any longer. This probably means that she doesn’t want to talk to you and therefore you should not send her another text. It’ll just be a waste of your time. However, if you are still on social media, there is a chance she still wants to talk to you. And that means it might be fine to send another text to her.

Was She Flirtatious?

Did she flirt with you previously? This is a strong sign that she likes you and that she probably wouldn’t mind if you text her again after she doesn’t respond. But if she showed disinterest in you from the beginning it’s pretty safe to say that she probably doesn’t want to continue talking to you. You will usually be able to tell when a girl likes you and if you can’t figure out whether or not she does then you definitely have your answer.

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

We just want to add this one in, but it should be pretty obvious. Don’t text her again if she has a boyfriend. If she doesn’t then yes, take a shot at sending another message.


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