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If You Don’t Have Dreams, What Does That Mean?


At some point, you have most likely met someone who says that they never have dreams. They are not lying because they genuinely don’t remember any of their dreams. The average person dreams at least seven times a night. Depending on when you wake up during your sleep cycles, you may or may not remember what you were dreaming about.

In one study, 1,000 adult Austrians were surveyed to find out if they dreamed and how often. Nearly one third of them dreamed at least 10 times a month. Another third estimated that they dreamed less than once a month. The only real way to find out for sure if you are actually dreaming or not is to take part in a sleep study. Researchers can look for rapid eye movements that signify REM sleep to see if you are dreaming or not.

All of the research indicates that essentially every human being has REM sleep, which means that every person also dreams at night. If you don’t have dreams, then that means that you just are not remembering your dream. There are several reasons why you may not remember your dreams when you wake up.

1. You Use an Alarm Clock

Your alarm clock may be good for waking you up for work, but it does not help you remember your dreams. Normally, you would remember your dreams in the half-asleep state that you enter as you gradually wake up. If your alarm clock interrupts this sleep state, you may not be able to remember your dreams.

2. You Sleep Heavily

Studies show that people who wake up frequently during the night are more likely to remember what they are dreaming about. If you are a heavy sleeper, you may miss out on this chance to remember your dreams.

3. You Are Not Responsive to Your Environment

The people who have the best dream recall are also the people who respond best to hearing their names when they are awake. While there is no way to know why this connection exists, one hypothesis says that these individuals may be more likely to respond to their environment in general and wake up. By waking up during the night when they hear a noise, they are able to remember their dreams better.

4. You Are Not Trying to Remember Them

Sometimes, you wake up in the middle of the dream and quickly forget about it. When you try to remember what you were dreaming about a few minutes later, you realize that you can’t even guess at what the main topic of the dream was. Your dreams tend to disappear soon after waking up, which could be the reason why you do not remember them.

If you do want to remember your dreams better, there are a few options. Some people use a voice recorder on their phone or a dream journal to immediately remember what they were dreaming about. Keep a dream journal and a pen next to your bed so that you can write down your dreams as soon as you have them. This will help with your dream recall and allow you to actually dissect what you were dreaming about.

5. You Drink or Take Sleeping Pills

If you are heavily sedated, you are going to sleep too heavily to remember your dreams. In addition, some medications like Ambien actually change how much time you spend in REM sleep. This means that you actually could be dreaming less if you take sleep medication. When you do dream, the heavy sedation makes you sleep so heavily that you do not remember them.

Are There Cultures That Never Dream?

The famous Greek historian Herodotus wrote about a group of people who lived thousands of years ago near the Atlas mountain in North Africa. According to Herodotus, these people did not eat any living thing and never had any dreams. Modern historians think that Herodotus was talking about a society known as Atlantis that was purported to thrive many thousands of years ago. About 8,000 years before Plato, this society achieved a supreme level of scientific, spiritual and artistic progress before natural disasters and war brought it down. The leftover members of the society fled to areas like North Africa and Persia.

In Persia, the remaining Atlanteans were thought to have worked with Zoroaster and the magi to develop new religious traditions. In North Africa, the Atlanteans were thought to work with ancient Egypt to develop the religious traditions of that culture. Other than the reports from Herodotus, it seems like no culture or society has actually reported being without dreams.

If you do not have dreams, it is unlikely that it will have any physical, spiritual or mental consequences. Most likely, you sleep too heavily or wake up too early to remember your dreams. Try using a dream journal to track your dreams and make sure to get plenty of rest at night so that you have a better chance of remembering them.


  1. Hey! I have a question. I see darkness in my sleep, like your eyes are closed and feels like seconds an its the next morning. When I do dream I almost always remember them or at least having them mainly cause I have lucid dreams when I do. I mean it could be possible for my subconscious to develop a dream like state although idk about that. But if it is true that we forget them that’s still interesting cause it’s like a show without a viewer.

  2. I have a dream about someone that I dont know, yet I trust them in the dream so mush. then we I turn around they push me into this big hole. I wake up when i hit the bottom, what could this mean.

  3. I get enough sleep, but most of the time I always wake up feeling tired and it’s synced up to when I feel like I don’t dream. The times I do dream, which seems to be once in a blue moon so to say…those are the times when I wake up feeling truly rested and great. Unfortunately these dreams which are rare, always come to pass within the next few days of having them. People and locations within the dream are usually different, but the scenario always remains the same. I’m wondering how many other people you have come across with the same if not similar issues!? Would you say that I wake up feeling tired because I in fact did not reach REM sleep on those dreamless nights!?

    • A couple of things could be happening. If you are too exhausted when you go to bed, you might not be hitting your REM cycle or remembering your dreams properly. It is also possible that you don’t remember your dreams because you keep getting woken up by sleep apnea–most likely, you wouldn’t even realize that you were waking up each time, but it would disturb your sleep and make you feel tired the next day. If you have symptoms of sleep apnea like snoring, it may be something you should bring up to your doctor at your next visit.

  4. I don’t believe that I dream anymore. I’m a 21 year old male, who hasn’t dreamt in about 14 years. The strange thing is I sleep heavily nothing wakes me. Though I do wake up, whenever there’s been a threat to me or someone close to. Every other night I’ll be asleep but when I wake up I can recall what’s happened around me the whole time I’ve been asleep. Am I actually dreaming, do I sleep with my eyes open or what.

    • Most people dream and just don’t remember it. Perhaps the reason why you don’t remember it at all is that you sleep so deeply. Most people only remember their dreams if they wake up during or immediately after the dream. If you sleep deeply and don’t wake up at these times, you may never remember any of your dreams.

  5. As long as I can remember I’ve never dreamed and i watched a video on YouTube about what would happen if we didn’t dream and it said I could have trouble learning new things I’m 14 and in the 9th grade and Ive always had trouble in school withlearning new things it also said I could have weight gain and immune system problems and ive been putting on weight but it seems I can’t lose it and I have also always been sick when the flu season or something comes around so does this mean I don’t dream

    • These conditions are probably not related to whether you dream or not. Some people don’t dream because they are too tired when they fall asleep at night. Other people sleep so well that they never wake up during their dreams, which makes it harder for them to remember their dreams. Most likely, you are dreaming anyway, but you just don’t remember your dreams. The only condition I can think of that can cause some of the issues you discussed and is sleep-related is sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, then weight gain and problems focusing or learning are definitely possibilities.

  6. Hello, I am a 16 year old boy and I haven’t dreamt in 2 years and I have been told it could be a sign that I’m psychotic, is there any proof to that?

    • Not dreaming is not an indication of psychosis. Whoever told you that is either speaking our of ignorance or lying. Do not be concerned by their statements. You may want to avoid them if they have a history of similarly informing you of things that are not true. Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life.

  7. Hi , I’m 18 . I rarely dream, or so I think…I cant recall any of my dreams except 3 , and those I remember as clear as day….one was when I was 6 or 7 ( it was a nightmare) and the other two was within a year gap when I was 17 (I was staying in a hostel ). Just wanted to know whether its gonna affect my health ……and I’m kinda of insomniac I sleep late and wake up around 7 …..could it be the reason……yet,, I didn’t always have trouble sleeping but I almost never remembered my dreams (I don’t know yet…). so is it bad???

    • The fact that you are an insomniac and have an irregular sleep schedule may be the reason why you don’t remember your dreams. If you don’t wake up at certain times in the sleep cycle, you might not remember any dreams that do happen. While the lack of dreams is not a health problem on its own, your insomnia could lead to some kind of health problem (or be caused by a health issue).

    • Some people just never remember their dreams, or they sleep so heavily that they don’t dream. I don’t know how common it is to never remember your dreams, but I don’t think it’s a sign of a mental or physical problem.

  8. What if I’ve never had dreams sense I was like 5 years old? I wake up to my name being called in the mornings and sometimes randomly wake up during the night. I just, don’t get dreams. I lay down, dose off, wake up, and it’s the next day! What could this possibly mean?

    • Many people don’t remember their dreams. If you are interested in remembering them, then you may want to try to write down your thoughts as you wake up. This may cause you to have a better recollection of any dreams that you may have through the night.

  9. Hello, I’m a 14 year old girl. I feel like I don’t have dreams, though I do have sever anxiety and depression. I take pills for that and my panic attacks also I add on melatonin, so I feel like it’s just that…Do you think it is?

    • There are many people who don’t dream. Your medical provider will be able to give you information regarding your medical care and how it may be related to dreams. If you are interested in dreaming, then you may want to attempt to write down your thoughts as soon as you wake up.

  10. I havent had a dream since.when i was like 8 and now im a teen what dies.this mean since i dont remember anything other than just black when im sleeping

    • Sometimes, it means that you are too tired at night to dream. Some people don’t dream because they have bad sleep apnea. Other people don’t remember their dreams just because they never wake up at the exact point in the sleep cycle where you are most likely to remember your dreams.

  11. Dreams have been an odd topic for me. I don’t have regular dreams or at least ones that I can remember, however the ones I do they’re either nightmares or just odd they focus on my everyday surrounding but for some reason their always weird, out of the norm or consists of unlikely elements. Sometimes I’ll remember dreams exactly as I had seen them despite the fact that I am a very heavy sleeper but whatever I do see it’s always disturbing.

    • That is an interesting experience, although disturbing dreams are never enjoyable to have. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  12. I rarely have dreams or at least that’s what I remember. They usually tend to focus on my everyday surroundings however they are always out of the norm, there will always be something unsettling. Often I remember dreams exactly as I had seen them despite the fact that I am an extremely heavy sleeper. What ever I see is sort of nightmare or worse it’s truly disturbing. Whatever I see it focuses around fear , I’m either escaping, being chased by someone or something or am simply in trouble. At times I see things in real life that have occurred in my dreams like deja vu every event unraveling like I had seen it, often If I daze off in the car and walks up I’ll se things I saw whilst asleep. Lastly I have also been a victim of sleep paralysis and seen what people call shadow people. At times I see the same dream again or after a while…..what could this all mean?!

    • One of my family members had to go to a sleep specialist for sleep apnea and sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is essentially you dreaming, but you are more aware and better at remembering them than most people are at that time. Your body doesn’t move because you are still in REM sleep, and your body is deliberately paralyzed in REM sleep so that you can’t just act out your dream (i.e. running off a cliff or jumping out a window). Even though there is a medical reason for it, it can still be quite terrifying to experience because you feel like you can’t move at all and don’t realize what is a dream or not.

  13. I always had dreams and remembered most of them. My husband passed away in November and ever since then, I do not remember dreaming. I wake up and don’t remember even dreaming. Is this a common occurrence?

    • Perhaps it is just connected to your loss. Sometimes, you don’t dream or remember your dreams because you were too exhausted. In this case, maybe you are too emotionally and mentally drained.


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