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13 Signs You’re Settling In An Unhappy Relationship


Everyone has been in relationships that they just are not that in to. Sure, they guy is nice, and the two of you do alright together, but that is no reason to keep going on the way you have been. Even though you already know them and are in denial, there are a few sure signs that you are hanging in a relationship that is doomed because you are settling.

No matter how small your settling seems right now, it will be monumental later in life. Those small compromises and nuances that seem to be worth overlooking right now will open like giant fissures the longer you stay in an unhappy relationship. Everyone around you always tries to tell you that your relationship isn’t right and that he is just not the guy for you, but you refuse to hear anything you are hearing.

Just like anyone who is young and in love, you think you have it all figured out., sure, that little voice in the back of your mind has been nagging at you here and there, but that’s just cold feet, commitment issues, or a self-sabotaging problem of yours and nothing that has to do with him. Right?

As women, we have a very bad tendency to ignore all of our intuitive feelings and try to use our brain to figure out everything. However, we were created differently, and with intuition for a reason. Since we were blessed with that extra little bit of sense, it’s only right for us to actually use it and listen to it. That being said, for some reason we refuse to use intuition because we just can’t make ourselves explain anything that we can’t explain logically and with scientific facts.

Perhaps it’s because we are scared of having to listen to any mansplaining about how we are just making it up or being ridiculous and flighty. Or perhaps it’s because we still don’t trust ourselves. Either way, we need to work it out.

There are very obvious signs that you have been wasting your time away on something that will never work out. For the most part, you already know all of the signs and symptoms but are ignoring them