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15 Fun Indoor Activities for Couples


Once couples start to live together, they can get stuck in a routine. They become used to just going to work, coming home and switching on the television each night. Going outside and hiking is a fun way to break up the routine, but the weather will not always work with you. Even in the summertime, you may not want to drive somewhere to do something together.

The good news is that there are many indoor options that you can do. Best of all, many of these fun indoor activities for couples are completely free to do. Once you have the supplies or other items you need for the activity, you can do it as often as you want for free. If you are tired of being stuck in a rut, spice things up and have some fun. If we missed any of your favorite fun indoor activities for couples, make sure to leave a comment with your favorite activity at the bottom of the article.

indoor couple activities

Are you tired of flipping on Netflix after you get home from work? Does it feel like even reading a book takes too much effort? If you are bored of your routine, you have to find a way to do something new. These indoor couples activities will help you spice things up and have some fun together. Plus, these indoor activities are a great way to enjoy some quality time as a couple.

1. Throw a Brunch, Movie Night or Dinner Party

While you might be stuck indoors, there is no reason why you can’t invite some friends over! Social events are a lot of fun to do as a couple, and it is especially fun if you have other couples over. You can make a brunch on a weekend morning or throw a dinner party where everyone can dress up. If you want to have a relaxed evening at home, try inviting some friends over for a movie night.

2. Go to a Movie

Yes, you could just watch Netflix at home. At the same time, there is something distinctly unique about watching a movie at the theaters. Dress up a bit to make it more of a date. Bring along some movie snacks and prepare for some fun.

3. Create an Indoor Exercise Routine

indoor activities for couples to do together

If you want to stay in shape and allay the boredom, an exercise routine might be just right for you. At the most basic level, you can pop in an exercise video and do a yoga workout. You can also create couples routines with a medicine ball or calisthenics. Whatever you do, you will get to boost your bond as a couple, have some fun and get in great shape.

4. Bust Out the Board Games

This is one of the easiest and cheapest things to do. Once you have a decent collection of board games, your game nights will be completely free. Games give you a chance to interact with each other and get a little competitive. Get a range of games so that you can mix up your game nights a bit. To make game night even more fun, try inviting over some of your friends or family members.

5. Make a Goals List

Goals lists or bucket lists can be fun to do as a couple. Write out your goals and dreams in life. Everything from your goal to write a book to your desire to visit a certain foreign country can be included. Later on, you can work as a couple to figure out how you can accomplish these goals together. If you are well-suited as partners, you will be surprised by how many of your goals are similar to each other.

6. Go to a New Event

Have you ever watched ballet or been to a drag show? Have you ever been to an NFL game or watched the horse races? Life is short, and doing new things can help you learn what you like. At the very least, your poetry slam or music festival will help to light up an otherwise dreary day.

7. Relax and Have Some Fun

If you are stuck indoors because of the weather, don’t worry. There are plenty of locations where you can have fun without going outside. Hot tubbing or a spa trip can be a fun, relaxing way to spend a rainy day. If you have a bit of a betting streak, head to your local casino—just make sure that you set a limit on how much you can gamble away!

8. Art and Music

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Art and music can help you grow as a couple. If neither of you actually play an instrument, you can always start a drum circle with some bongo drums. You can also try learning an instrument together. For art ideas, you can try painting as a couple or just make collages out of old photographs.

9. Visit Your Friends and Family

Boredom is an emotion that it is best to share. Spending time with your friends and family can help add some fun to your day. Plus, it will help your partner get to know your loved ones as well as you do. You can just head to a family member’s house, meet up at a restaurant or plan an indoor potluck together.

10. Have an Indoor Picnic

When it is impossible to go outdoors, you can still have fun inside. Rather than just watch a movie together, make your evening a romantic one. Spread out a comfortable blanket and pillows in front of your television. Pack a picnic basket with wine, cheese or your favorite snacks. Now, you just have to dim the lights and let your romantic evening begin!

11. Video Gaming

Fun Indoor Activities for Couples

Video games can be a fun way to spend time together. It is always more fun to play with someone else, so why not play as a couple? You can team up against other players or compete against each other. Either way, you are in for a lot of fun.

12. Take a Class

Learning new things can be a good bonding experience for couples. Spend some time talking to your partner about the types of things you want to learn. This could be a car repair class, an improv comedy class or a cooking class.

13. Home Improvements

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If you are stuck indoors, take some time to brighten up the interior of your home. Your home improvement projects can be as simple as painting a room or it can involve a large remodeling project. Take some time to discuss the projects you would like to do and figure out which options you can afford to do or need to do first.

14. Try Cooking Together

indoor activities for couples

Cooking together is a fun way to bond and make a delicious meal. Beforehand, go online to find a recipe you both want to make and make sure that you have all of the groceries that you need. If you want to try a gourmet meal without any fuss, then try one of the programs like Blue Apron that send you the ingredients you need to make a gourmet dinner.

15. Art Galleries and Museums

Even if you are not an art lover, a bit of time at a museum or art gallery can be fun. You can go on an official tour or spend time exploring at your own pace. This type of option is a great way to relax and enjoy time together as a couple. Plus, you will get to learn something new together.


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