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8 Innocent Traits Guys Find Endearing In Girls


You might be here because you are wondering what ultimately attracts a guy to a girl. Well, if so then you have stumbled upon the right article for you. Men are complicated creatures and they can be hard to please. Little do most know that they aren’t as hard to keep happy as we like to imagine! There are eight very simple traits that guys always look for when it comes to finding a girl they like. They treasure these traits and typically won’t take a girl who doesn’t have at least most of them. What are these special traits? Keep reading and we will let you know exactly what they are!

  • Kindness

The number one thing that guys tend to find endearing when it comes to women? Kindness. A sweet girl is a good girl to have. No one really finds themselves attracted to a girl with a mean attitude that treats other people like crap. That definitely doesn’t give off the appearance of innocence either. Men look for a women who can be gentle and sweet no matter what the situation is. They want someone that doesn’t bring out the claws just because they are feeling feisty. Of course we are all entitled to our off days, but those days must be much less than the days that you are being nice all around.

  • Confidence

Nothing, and we mean pretty much nothing, is more attractive to a guy than a girl who has ultimate confidence levels. Confidence is key to doing anything in life and that includes attracting men to you. Confidence is endearing to them and they will definitely chase after a woman with the utmost self assurance. Being down of yourself can be a major turn off for everyone that surrounds you. Not just guys, but friends and family might be thrown off by it as well. It’s important to believe in yourself. Doing so will attract people to you.

  • Humor

Not everyone is blessed with this trait, but it easy to lighten up and make life a little more humorful. That means not taking everything so serious and trying to see the good in the sea of bad. Making jokes and not having a chip on your shoulder are recommended. Men love that! Not ever finding anything funny at all is definitely a turn off in every way possible. Learning to take everything with a grain of salt is something that men find endearing. You will notice that the women who act like they have a stick up their behind are usually single and lonely. Or they are with weaker men. Don’t be that type of girl!

  • Healthy Appetite

A trait that makes you more appealing is if you have a good appetite. That means not eating like a rabbit around guys because you are simply embarrassed to eat heavily. Men actually like quite the opposite. They like a woman who can eat and be their true selves around them. They want someone who eats until they are full. Not someone who makes themselves sick because they are too ashamed to eat a full meal when they are around men. It’s definitely a cute attribute to have. It’s true! Ask any man!

  • Honesty

Honestly is an important trait to have throughout your life. It is also helps men find you more appealing. Being honest proves that you have no problem being yourself. You don’t want to be brutally honest, but you definitely want to let your true colors show. Being honest is a good way to show people that you are trustworthy. The easiest way to lose a guy is by hiding who you really are and basing everything off of lies. Starting anything off by lying is just building a foundation that is going to eventually crumble.

  • Shyness

Confidence is key, but also being a little shy can be a major turnoff to most guys. There is something very innocent about being just a bit shy. It is definitely okay to not be a shy person. We are not saying that you have to act shy if you simply are just not that type of person. However, if you are a shy person it will work in your favor. Being subtle and withdrawn can make you out to be mysterious to a guy who just meets you. This will draw him into you and give him the strong urge to want to get to know you better. He will want to see what you are all about. Once he gets to know you is when you need to bust out that strong confidence!

  • Humble

Being humble is one of the most important traits that guys tend to look for in a woman. Why? Because modesty is everything! Being too proud can make you appear arrogant to other people. No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t eat a piece of humble pie once in awhile. Always trying to one up someone else or putting other people down for the sake of your pride are both terrible things that men do not find endearing in girls.

  • Elegance

No one is saying that you have to be superbly classy, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little elegant every now and again. Men don’t typically enjoy a woman who has no boundaries or limits in exposing herself to the world. Of course it’s okay to be who you are! But add a little class to it and you will be absolutely golden!


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