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100 Irish Dog Names


Irish dog names are always a lot of fun. You can use them to show off your Irish heritage or just your love of all things Irish. They are even better if your dog happens to be of Irish heritage. If you needed some help thinking of the perfect Irish dog names, we have a list of 100 options that can help you find the right option.

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100 Irish Dog Names

1. Guinness: This is a stout beer that originated in Dublin, Ireland. If you love beer or have a brown-colored dog, it would be an excellent name to choose.

2. Moher: This name comes from the cliffs of Moher.

3. Liam: This name means resolute protection.

4. Dagda: In Irish mythology, this was the name of a god. He looked like a large man with a hooded cloak. He was said to have power over agriculture, the weather, life and death.

5. Tierney: This Irish name is said to mean a descendant of a lord.

6. Cork: This is a large city near the south of Ireland.

7. Clover: A four-leafed clover is said to be a sign of good luck.

8. Ciara: This Irish name means black-haired.

9. Kirby: This name is said to mean church settlement.

10. Charm: Since people think of leprechauns when they think of Ireland, a good luck charm is also an excellent name choice.

11. Dublin: This is a popular Irish dog name since Dublin is the biggest city in Ireland.

12. Flannery: This Irish name means valor or ruddy.

13. Cabbage: This is a staple food in Ireland.

14. Eileen: This is an Irish name that means bright or shining one.

15. Burren: This the landscape of County Clare.

16. Paddy: This is an abbreviation in Ireland that is short for Patrick.

17. Roisin: This Irish name means little rose. You say it like ro-sheen.

18. Doyle: This Irish name means black stranger.

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19. Patrick: If you want a longer name, Patrick would also work. St. Patrick’s Day is a common celebration around the world and features all things Irish.

20. Kilkenny: This city is a top destination for tourist.

21. Bidelia: This is an Irish name that means exalted one or strength.

22. Shandy: This is a type of beer that is mixed with a soda. It is a popular drink in

23. Limerick: This is placed in the middle of the island and is an adorable city.

24. Cullen: This name actually means holly tree.

25. Rainbow: According to legend, there is supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

26. Galway: This is an ancient city located in the west of Ireland.

27. Conan: This Irish name means little wolf.

28. Sheena: This pretty name means God is gracious.

29. Shamrock: This is a clover-like plant that is the national plant and emblem of Ireland.

30. Gael: This is from the Gaelic language of Ireland.

31. Killarney: This city is the site of an amazing national park.

32. Cormac: This adorable name means charioteer.

33. Muriel: This gorgeous name means of the bright sea. It would be a beautiful name for an Irish dog.

34. Emerald: This is the green color that you see in Irish fields.

35. Whiskey: Irish whiskey is a popular drinking choice. According to national law, Irish whiskey must be aged for at least three years in a wooden cask and be created in Ireland.

36. Ennis: This Irish town would be an adorable name for a dog.

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37. Finnegan: This Irish name means fair or white. You can also shorten it to the name “Finn.”

38. Aoife: You pronounce this name like EE-fa. It is said to mean radiant or beautiful.

39. Goldy: This name comes from the color of the leprechauns treasure.

40. Gaelic: This is one of the original languages and cultures of Ireland.

41. Wexford: This is the name of a city placed in the southeastern part of Ireland.

42. Killian: This is a popular name in Ireland. It is actually said to mean church.

43. Shanna: This Irish name means old and wise.

44. Fin MacCool: This guy is an Irish legend.

45. Blarney: You might remember this name from the legend of the Blarney Stone. Plus, it is the town where the Blarney Castle is located.

46. Murphy: This Irish name is said to mean sea warrior.

47. Glenda: While you might think of Glenda the Good Witch when you hear this name, it is actually Irish in origin. It means fair and good.

48. Leprechaun: You can’t have a list of Irish dog names without including the name leprechaun. According to Irish folklore, a leprechaun is generally a small, bearded man.

49. Gallagher: This name is said to mean a descendant of a foreign helper. It is a fairly common Irish name for guys or as a surname.

50. Connemara: This fancy name is actually a place in the northern part of County Galway.

51. Cashel: In Ireland, this name is said to mean a stone fort or castle.

52. Puca: This is a creature in Irish folktales that could bring bad or good luck.

53. Kierran: This means little, dark one.

54. Shannon: This name means old and wise.

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55. Clodagh: In Ireland, this is the name of a river. You say it like CLO-dah.

56. Bono: Name your dog after one of the most famous Irish people of all!

57. Boxty: This is the name of a kind of Irish pancake that is a traditional dish.

58. Beacan: This is an adorable Irish dog name and means tiny one.

59. Eimear: You say this like EE-mer. It means swift.

60. Orla: This pretty name means golden princess.

61. Keegan: This cute Irish name actually means son of Egan.

62. Sinead O’Connor: This would certainly be a long name for a dog!

63. Potato: This silly-sounding name is inspired by one of Ireland’s most famous foods. Long ago, there was even a potato famine that occurred because of a blight in the potato crop.

64. Cadie: This adorable, hip name means pure.

65. Sinead: This name is said to mean God’s gracious gift.

66. Donovan: This Irish name means dark.

67. Enya: This music artist’s name is short enough to be an adorable, easy name for an Irish dog.

68. Bailey: Bailey’s Irish Cream is a delicious drink made of cream and Irish whiskey. It is produced by Gilbeys of Ireland.

69. Rosalyn: This lovely name actually means pretty rose.

70. Breana: This name is said to mean virtuous, strong or honorable.

71. Connor: This is an Irish name that means a lover of hounds.

72. Maureen O’Hara: While it might be long, it is certainly a good Irish name!

73. Lucky: This name comes from the luck of the Irish.

74. Erin: This name means from the island to the west.

75. Deirdre: This name means sorrowful.

76. Brennan: Interestingly, this Irish name means a descendant of a sad one.

77. Pierce Brosnan: You can always name your dog after an Irish actor like Pierce Brosnan.

78. Celt: Long ago, the Celts were a tribal society that arrived in Ireland around 500 B.C.E.

79. Kira: In Ireland, this name means throne.

80. Lia: This pretty name actually means weary.

81. Finley: This Irish name is said to mean a fair-haired hero.

82. Van Morrison: You could call your puppy Van for short.

83. Maeve: This old-fashion name means she who intoxicates.

84. Sybil: This sweet name means prophetess.

85. Aidan: This name means little and fiery.

86. Colin Farrell: This actor would be a good name for a dog.

87. Niall: This is an Irish name that is supposed to mean cloud.

88. Ronan: This gorgeous name means little seal.

89. Liam Neeson: This actor’s name would also be excellent for a puppy.

90. Cian: This name means ancient.

celtic dog names female puppies

91. Finonnula Flanagan: Naming your puppy after famous Irish individuals is always a fun choice.

92. Eamon: This unusual-sounding name is said to mean a wealthy protector.

93. Flynn: This Irish name actually means son of the red-haired one.

94. Sullivan: This means black-eyed one.

95. Donnelly: This is an Irish name that you hear all of the time. It actually means the dark or brave one.

96. Cilian Murphy: This would be a great person to name your dog after.

97. Grady: This is an Irish name that is fairly popular. It is said to mean noble or illustrious.

98. Damien Rice: This would be another Irish figure that you could name your puppy after.

99. Duff: This Irish dog name means swarthy.

100. Seamus: This is one of the more popular Irish dog names. It means supplanter.


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