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Is A Girl With A Boyfriend Flirting With You? – The Important Signs


Sometimes you may run into a girl who has a boyfriend, but she is still flirting with you. How are you supposed to tell if she has a boyfriend? It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some girls are very good at hiding the fact that they are taken by another man. However, you might not be comfortable pursuing this girl unless you know that she is completely free. That makes you a good guy for sure!

But how are you going to know, if she does not tell you so?


Look at the following signs to help you decide if a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you or not!

Signs She’s Got A Boyfriend That You Don’t Know About

You may know whether she has a boyfriend or not, but if you do not know of a boyfriend then here are some signs that may give away the answer to that.

She Calls You At The Strangest Times

If a girl has a boyfriend, but is trying to flirt with you or get with you, she will not call or text you at normal times throughout the day. Nope, instead she will be texting you in the wee hours of the early morning or even very, very late at night. This is usually because her boyfriend is sleeping or out of the house. She may be talking to you during work a lot, because this is a time where she does not see her boyfriend at all. Unless they work together, then she may not text you during those work hours. She does not want to get caught talking to another guy, so she will do anything to avoid texting or calling you while she is with him. That would just sell her out! You will notice that the communication may be very flowing until it stops abruptly. Girls who don’t have boyfriends will usually tell you when they are about to go do something or if they are going to be busy and won’t be able to respond to you. However, if she is occupied with another man, you might notice that she stops texting or talking to you very quickly, without any warning to it at all.

She Only Wants To Hang Out Privately

When a girl has a boyfriend she will not hang out with you around her friends or even your friends. In fear that they might go back and tattle on her for hanging out with another man. There is no way that her man knows that she is spending too much time with you. So she is going to avoid that information getting back to him at any cost. This might mean that you two never eat out at a public restaurant together. You may not get many chances to hang out at the mall or anywhere else that she might be at risk of being seen with you.

When you do go out and about somewhere public, she will make sure that you are far away from where she lives. Therefore you are far away from where her boyfriend, friends or family could spot you. All your plans will either involve you staying in, going somewhere secluded or traveling far away.

Not only that, but you may find that you are never invited back to her place. That may just be a place she shares with her boyfriend. Even if they do not live together, she probably will not invite you back to her house in fear her boyfriend might make a surprise visit at some point.

She Doesn’t Really Pay Attention To You In Public

If you do have the opportunity to see her in public or go somewhere with her, you may notice that she does not give you her full attention. She may act as if you almost do not exist. This is because she does not want to make it obvious that she is into you, just in case she runs into someone she knows or, the worse case scenario for her, she runs into her boyfriend. You might feel as if her entire attitude towards you shifts when the two of you are in the public eye together. This is a definite sign that she has a partner out there somewhere.

She Talks Badly About ‘Previous’ Guys She Has Dated

She may often bring up how crappy her ‘last’ relationship was, but it will always feel current to you. That is because each time you see her she will have something new to complain to you about her last partner. That is because these things are happening every day, not in the past. When she speaks in this kind of way it gives away the fact that she has a boyfriend. You just have to be listening carefully to figure out whether it is really a past relationship she is whining about or if it is someone that she is currently dating that you are not yet aware of.

Signs That She Does Have A Boyfriend And Is Flirting With You

You may already be aware that she has a boyfriend, but now you are wondering whether or not she is really flirting with you or if she is just being friendly. Here are the top signs that let you know which one she is doing!

She Seems To Be Two Different People

Meaning that when she is with her boyfriend around you she acts like you are nothing but a mere peasant to her. She will not even give you the time of day or look your way. However, when he is not around the two of you, she acts completely different! She may act like you are suddenly the most important person in the world. When her boyfriend leaves, even if it is just for a few minutes, she will suddenly have all of her attention focused on you and her eyes won’t seem to peel away. Then when he reappears, her attention will suddenly disappear again. This is a sign that a girl with a boyfriend is interested in you romantically. There is a difference between being friendly and flirting. You just have to know what to be on the lookout for! Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but you will notice that she is very into you when her boyfriend is not there.

Her Body Language Gives It Away

She may not tell you that she likes you or that she is flirting with you, but you should be able to see it by paying attention to what her body is saying to you. This means that you should constantly keep your eyes peeled for these following body language attraction signals:

  • Eye Contact: A girl with a boyfriend will not usually maintain eye contact with you for long periods of times. Unless, she is flirting with you that is. If she likes you she will always be making unbreakable eye contact with you. She will keep her eyes on you, instead of her boyfriend. Wherever you go, her eyes will follow. She may also look at you as if you are a piece of meat. Like she has intesne desire deep in her eyes. There may even be a few winks here and there when her boyfriend is looking the other way.
  • Lip Licking: Girls faithful to their boyfriends will never lick their lips seductively at you. So if she is doing such a thing, you can be sure that she is flirting you. She might even go as far as the sexually bite her lip to attract your attention there.
  • Touching: Well, normally woman loyal to their men will not touch other men. Just out of pure respect and love for their relationship. However, if she is taken, but is still being flirtatious with you, she will touch you very often. This means that she won’t be scared to grab your hand and hold onto it when her boyfriend isn’t around. You may think this is a sign of friendship, but it’s not unless both friends are single. She may place her hands in inappropriate places, such as your chest or your knees or even your upper thighs. This is definitely a sign that she likes you as more than just a friend.
  • Hugging: Okay, friends definitely hug. So don’t assume that a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you just because she gives you a hug every now and then. But there is a chance that she is flirting with you if she does certain types of hugging. Such as an extremely long hug, where her body is pushed tightly against yours. That does not seem like a hug a simple friend would give. There is too much contact that way to make it feel appropriate. She knows that and that is exactly why she is doing it. To be flirtatious.

She Tries To Be Sneaky, Thinking That It’s Fun

You may notice a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you if she acts like talking with you or touching you is forbidden. She may even send you secret texts or give you secret notes. Let’s just be clear: If she is doing anything secretly, she is doing it because she likes you and she has a boyfriend. She might think this is fun, because there is a certain fun feeling that comes along with doing forbidden things. But, it’s up to you to decide if that is something that you are comfortable with, very well knowing that she is taken by another man.

She Complains A Little Too Much About Her Boyfriend To You

Does she often bash on her current boyfriend? But only to you? Does she make him seem like the most horrible person on this planet that does not treat her well at all? She may be telling you this type of stuff because she wants to gain sympathy from you. This is a guaranteed way to get you to flirt back with her without you feeling as guilty. Sometimes these things might not be true and she may just be saying them purely for the empathy she receives from you. You will notice that the center of conversation when you are with her is always her whining about her boyfriend. This is one of the signs that she likes you, even though she is already in a relationship.

She Makes Very Desperate Moves Towards You

She might not take it slow when it comes to trying to get to you. This is because she wants everything to go very rapidly, as she does not want to risk her boyfriend seeing it happen. She will be very sudden in her efforts to get with you or get alone with you.

She Wants To Hang Out Alone A Lot

Even if you are friends with her boyfriend, she might ask you to hang out with her alone all the time. That is not usually something that people do when they are in a committed relationship. People who are loyal will usually include their boyfriend’s in whatever activity the two of you have planned, or at least invite them along. However, if she is flirting with you and has a partner, she will always be asking you to hang out solo. She wants to spend quality time alone with you.


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