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Is It Normal If Your Boyfriend Never Gets Jealous?


The fact that you are asking this reveals an underlying problem in the relationship. A boyfriend who never gets jealous is generally not an issue. The fact that his girlfriend expects it is. Perhaps you had an overbearing, jealous boyfriend before and equate jealousy with love. Or, you are just nervous that he might not like you because he is never jealous. Whatever the case, you are worried that your boyfriend might not be committed to the relationship because he never gets jealous.

my boyfriend never gets jealous

In most cases, it is fairly normal if your boyfriend never gets jealous. A boyfriend does not have to be constantly jealous of your conversations with other guys to like you. If he never gets jealous, it is because he trusts you and is confident in himself. He never even thought that you might cheat on him, so he has nothing to be jealous about. While he knows that other guys hit on you and find you attractive, he is not worried because he knows that you will never do anything.

1. He Is Not a Jealous Person

Some guys are extremely possessive. They treat their girlfriend like their property and become upset if any other guy approaches. This is not the guy that you want to date. If you are dating someone who is never possessive or jealous, then that is actually a good thing.

2. He Trusts You

There are times when boyfriends are jealous because of the past. If he has been cheated on before, then he may be a little wary of the same thing happening again. Other guys are cheated on and move on, or they are never cheated on at all. He has no reason not to trust you, so he also has no reason to be jealous. He knows that you are committed to the relationship and believes that you will be faithful. It doesn’t matter how hot someone is or how often they flirt with you because your boyfriend trusts you to be faithful.

3. He Doesn’t Want to Push You Away

Some guys are extremely self-aware. They know that acting jealously will only push their girlfriend away. While you might do something to make him jealous, he knows better than to act on his feelings. He is self-aware and understands that his feelings are just feelings. There is no reason for him to not trust you, so he deliberately chooses not to act on those feelings.

when a man says he is not jealous

Should You Do Anything?

While a number of women want to know, “Is it normal if your boyfriend never gets jealous?”, we think the real question is something entirely different. Your boyfriend is normal and seems like a really good boyfriend. The bigger question is why you expect him to be jealous at all.

A jealous boyfriend is possessive and emotionally destructive. When someone acts jealously all the time, it can quickly end the relationship. You become defensive because you are faithful and do not deserve his lack of trust. Reading your texts, demanding to know where you are and similar behaviors are unacceptable and a sign of a controlling partner.

If you have had a jealous boyfriend in the past, it is natural to equate jealousy with love. The problem is that this can hurt your future relationship. Never being jealous does not mean that your boyfriend does not love you. It only means that he is a good person who trusts you. Even if he feels jealousy, he is self-aware enough to realize that he should not act on it.

Does It Mean That He Does Not Love You?

In the majority of cases, the answer to this is no. If he chose to be your boyfriend, then he wanted more than just a fling. If he did not want a relationship, he would not be exclusive with you and it would be just a sexual fling. The fact that he wanted to have a relationship with you is a sign that he does care for you. You should never assume that jealousy means that he does not care.

There are rare cases where it might mean that his feelings have changed. If he used to be jealous and suddenly stopped without a reason, it might be because he is mentally checked out of the relationship. At the same time, there could be other reasons why he might suddenly stop being jealous. He might have realized how much it hurt the relationship, or he started to trust you. You should never assume that he is not committed to the relationship just because he does not act jealously.

While there are a number of jealous boyfriends out there, it is fairly normal for a boyfriend to never get jealous. If your boyfriend does not get jealous, it is most likely a sign that he genuinely trusts you and knows that you will be faithful.


  1. my bf has pictures of ex lovers in his bedroom. he doesnt post photos in fb of us after 10months of dating. when he posted selfies in fb with an ex lover while we’re together, he doesnt understand why i felt disrespected or jealous. he claims to be a non jealous type. a man who doesnt feel jealous maybe just means he is not into you.

    • It is possible that he has chosen to spend time with his ex for a reason. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Decide what actions you believe are acceptable. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Sofia!

    • That doesn’t sound healthy for you. He should be proud of that fact that you’re together. If he can post selfies of himself together with his ex, why can’t he post photos of himself with you. It’s you he’s with now. You’re not being jealous at all.

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please feel to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Faye!

  2. I’ve just got in to an argument with my boyfriend as he never shows signs of jealousy or anything like that. All he says is ‘Why would I be jealous, I’ve got no reason to be. I know you wouldn’t do anything so why should I be bothered’

    However, he says it in a ‘I don’t give a f*ck way’. I know he was jealous with his ex’s in the past, although he was single for 5 years before me. So he says he’s grown out of it. He also says it’s because he didn’t trust them, and one of the reasons that he loves me is because I’ve never gave him reason to make him not trust me. That makes me feel like I’m just a safe option, like I’m someone not to worry about losing and that I’m too available possibly. I think it’s nice to have someone get a little protective as it shows you that they value you, and that they feel lucky to have you.

    He on the other hand he looks at other woman terribly. It makes me feel so uncomfortable when we’re out. I know everyone looks a little, but this is so bad that other people notice. I feel that even if I was flirting with another man, he probably wouldnt notice as he’d be busy staring in to the eyes of another woman… Which has happened on many occasions. It’s disgusting how many other woman do it back knowing he’s with his girlfriend…. Anyway, not to go off topic, is it wrong to expect your partner to want a little reassurance now and then?

    • There is nothing wrong with having the feelings that you are having. However, there is nothing wrong with him having the feelings that he is having. Take this time to determine what you want for your future. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Allow him to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Faye!

  3. Okay so I’ve been with my husband for 3 yrs and I’ve mentioned that I want to a child and he keeps saying NO! I reqlqñy want to be a mom specially if it’s with the man I love, but the problem is he doesn’t want children, yet when he’s with his nephews or friends children he’s always so loving and it just gets to me he says why am I jealous well the fact that he does t want one yet really babysits other people’s kids.

    • He is not interested in having a child. You are interested in having a child. Think back to when the two of you got married. If you had a discussion about children in the future, then the two of you may have come to a decision. If you agreed that you didn’t want children, then determine what you think is best for the future of this relationship. If you want children and he refuses, then you may need to determine if your marriage or if your desire for children is more important to you. Speak with your partner about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Letty!

  4. Also got a boyfriend I can actually say that his not a kind of man who got jealous atleast that’s what I observe while trying to tease him saying what ifs…then he will just say ok…you can do that kind of thing but no to touching which is so much unfair in myside coz even I just think of him having new girl than me(which is true) is really hurtful in my side…knowing I so so liked and love him that even though I know he got lots of girls I still choose to stay…I so want him be jealous coz only that way I can say that a man dont wanna lost you..but unfortunately his not like that..coz every time I go take attempt a joke saying want it over etc….while I expect him saying a big no..but what I always receive is OK BYE,HOPE FOR YOU BETTER FUTURE like what the fuck…that really shows me that he doesn’t care at all….so now…is it still normal having not jealous man like this???

    • His behaviors are totally appropriate. You inform him that you want the relationship to be over, and he accepts your statement. This is not a matter of jealously. You should not joke about your relationships, as it is harmful to your partner. Learn your lesson from this relationship, and apply that knowledge to your future relationships. Ensure that you are always respectful to your partners in the future. Have a great day, Jiel!


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