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Is It Okay To Wish My Ex A Happy Birthday?


Breakups are one of the most difficult things that we as humans have to endure, don’t you think? And when we go through them, they tend to leave a lot of different things up in the air. Like what do we do when it comes to our ex’s parents. Do we still say hi when we see them in the grocery store or send them cards during the holidays? What happens to the pets we bought with our ex? Who gets to keep what? There are sooo many different questions that are surely running through a person’s head when they suffer through breaking up with their love.

But one silly, but super important question that is commonly asked throughout the world with almost every breakup is whether or not we should wish our ex a happy birthday?

Don’t feel dumb for asking this question, because it is one of the most common and normal things to ask. Birthdays are important… Well, to most people. So you might know that your ex really treasures that one day of the year and find yourself torn about if you should say something to them or not.

This is especially difficult if the two of you had dated for a longer period of time.

Say you  had celebrated the last 6 years of birthdays together. It’s a little hard to not keep up the traditions you once had. It might even leave you a little bit melancholy, although it isn’t even your birthday.

We get it.

Which is why we are here to lend you a hand in figuring this whole ordeal out.

All you have to do to come to a conclusion is read the guide below and see if your situation allows for you to still say hello or happy birthday to your ex nowadays.

How Did You Breakup?

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not it’s okay to wish your ex a happy birthday, or any other holiday, is how the two of you broke up. How you left things in the end is very important in deciding whether you two should ever talk again at all. Were things awful in the end? Because if so, maybe it is best to just leave things alone. Why wish someone a happy birthday if they were terrible to you? Like say they cheated on you, were abusive or did some other crappy things to you. Why would you want to even give them your time? It’s better to just let things be and let go. Ignore them. They don’t deserve a happy anything from you!

However, if the two of you broke things off under good circumstances it’d be different. Such as you just didn’t feel right for each other or one person was maturing faster than the other, etc. These aren’t great, because in the end someone got heartbroken, but it didn’t leave a nasty open wound in either of you. So when you say happy birthday it won’t pile on to the resentment, because there won’t be any resentment to pile onto in the first place.

What Are Your Intentions?

You might be thinking, ‘What do you mean intentions? The intention is to say happy birthday! Okay, yes, usually that would be the case, but sometimes we have a subconscious urge to try and open a window of communication with the people that broke our hearts. We may think there is another chance at being with this person. You might be thinking that if you send a birthday text or post on their Facebook wall that the thought of you will slowly creep into their mind again. When that is the case it is a bad idea to open up a line of communication. Don’t go into this with any other intentions besides wishing them a happy birthday!

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Talked?

We ask this, because if you haven’t talked in years and haven’t said anything on their other birthdays, why do so now? Wouldn’t it be better to just leave things alone at this point. You might rile up some pretty heavy feelings for both of you if you just start talking to them out of nowhere. You never know how they are going to feel about it after all this time of dead silence between the two of you. But if you wish them a happy birthday every year and nothing negative comes of it, then yes, go head and keep doing what you are doing. As long as no one’s feathers get ruffled then all will be good.

How Do You Think Your Ex Would Feel?

It’s important to ask how your ex would feel about you wishing them a happy birthday. Like if you are the one who initiated the breakup they might be a little hurt to hear from you. You never know, they could still be salty at your for breaking their heart. However, if things ended alright and you don’t think they’d be affected by the greeting then sure, wish them a happy birthday all you want.

It’s never an easy decision to talk to your ex about anything, but depending on your situation it might be okay to wish them a happy birthday!


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