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Is It Possible to Continue a Dream the Next Night?


In most of your dreams, the dream stops before you reach the end. For nightmares, this is a good thing. After getting chased by a monster, the last thing you want is for the monster to actually catch up to you. When you are having an enjoyable dream, waking up before the dream ends is annoying. If you can learn how to be a lucid dreamer, you might be able to continue a dream the next night.

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If you do not want to spend the time lucid dreaming, you can always go for the easier option. You can continue your dream once you wake up where the story line stopped in the dream. Doing this may also impact what you dream about when you fall back asleep, so you could easily solve your problem.

There are also recurring dreams that automatically happen over and over again. Often, this type of dream shows that there is some problem, fear or desire you have to address in your real life. You keep having the dream because you are not addressing the problem. If you want the recurring dream to end, confront the problem in your real life or in the dream.

After you wake up, review what happened in your dream and what was going on at the moment the dream stopped. Now, go back to that moment in your imagination. You can continue the dream and pick the steps that you want to have happen. This is an easy way to finish your dream and can even encourage your subconscious to return to that dream once you fall back asleep.

Returning to Your Dream

Sometimes, imagining the dream’s outcome is not enough. You want to actually go back to the dream and experience all of the pleasurable feelings that seemed so real a moment before. There are sleep meditation tricks and imagery techniques you can learn to help you continue a dream the next night or right away.

To try this method, you have to start by going back to sleep immediately, If you wake up in the middle of the dream, do not move and lie completely still. If you move once you wake up, your body starts to process sensory stimuli about your surroundings. This can interfere with the last vestiges of the dream that are left within your mind.

Keep your eyes completely closed because this will help you to return to sleep. Basically, you want your body to be in a sleep-ready state. This means that your body should be relaxed, your eyes should be closed and you should be completely still. Since light can wake up your dream, make sure that your room is as dark as possible when you are sleeping. Whatever you do, do not turn the light back on.

Begin breathing deeply and slowly. Try to keep your breath under control with long, slow breaths. This is the type of breathing you experience when you sleep, so it should trigger your mind to return to sleep while the dream is still floating around your mind. Some people even say that using regulated breathing techniques can help them fall asleep in under a minute. If you are new to this technique, keep practicing it and you will gradually start to improve.

As you continue your deep breathing, try to recall the last memories of the dream. Remember as much about the dream as you can. What was going on? Who was there? What did you feel like? How did the room or environment look?

Your dreams are basically a random combination of your thoughts, feelings and sensory input from your waking life. If you are able to remain focus on your dream, you are more likely to have the same images and events in your next dream when you fall back asleep.

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Other Options

If you can remember to remain asleep and return your dreams quickly, the last technique can work. Another option is to keep a dream notebook. If you are positive that you will not be able to return to sleep, take out your dream notebook and try to remember everything that was happening in the dream. Remember what you were doing in your dream, how you perceived the actions and all of the memorable details. You want to remember the dream while it is still in your short-term memory. Your brain essentially shuts off the memory part of your mind while you sleep, so the dream will disappear for good if you do not write it down immediately after waking up.

Try to solidify everything that happened in your dream. By focusing on everything that you felt or saw in the dream, you will be able to coax out a more detailed memory.


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