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Is It Weird to Keep Pictures of Your Ex-Girlfriend?


After a break up, some people have a bonfire for all of their photos and memories. They want to literally burn away the past so that they can begin focusing on the future. When you decide to keep pictures of your ex-girlfriend, you may feel weird at first. You know that things are over between you, but you are not sure if you should burn all of the photos of the past. Should you delete all of the pictures from your Facebook page? Should you store the pictures in your attic just in case you want them later? What is the right thing to do in this situation?

Should You Be Concerned If He Keeps Pictures of His Ex

Is It Weird to Keep Pictures of Your Ex-Girlfriend?

If you were with your ex-girlfriend for a long time, you may naturally feel a bit hesitant about getting rid of all the pictures. After all, she has been in most of your memories for the last few months or years. If you delete all of the photos, then you might be removing all of your important memories of the past. While the photos are hard to look at now, you may want to one day remember your first sky-diving experience or a hiking trip. She might be a part of the photos, but there were things that happened in the pictures that you may want to remember.

An In-Between Option

If your relationship ended badly, then it is safe to say that you might want to get rid of all of the pictures and memories of the past. If you mutually ended things on good terms, then you might want to keep the pictures around for a future you who won’t feel so sad at looking at them.

You may want to rethink displaying the photos openly. If she is tagged in them and you have them set to public, then all of your friends and her friends can definitely see the photos. It may make it harder for you to date someone because your future girlfriend may rightly be afraid that you have held on to the past. Likewise, your ex-girlfriend might not want to see all the pictures that remind her of the past.

The good news is that you do not have to actually delete them. You can set all of the pictures to private so that they can only be viewed by you. Basically, you can archive the photos so that you have them for the future. If you get back together or if you just want to remember an amazing vacation together, the photos will still be archived in a place where you can look at them.

Think About Your New Girlfriend

Should You Keep The Photos You Have With Your Ex

Another consideration is your new girlfriend. You might not have started dating someone yet, but you will one day find a new lover. When this happens, your new girlfriend might not like that you still have photos of an ex-girlfriend. If your new girlfriend is a little insecure, then this is even more true. These photos may make your new girlfriend think that you are holding on to the past. She may wonder if she lives up to your ex-girlfriend or if you still like her. If you are dating someone new, think about your new partner first. After all, you have a future to create. Sometimes, remembering the past will only get in the way of your present and future.

You may also want to set the photos to private or delete them if you are ready to start dating. Imagine how you feel when you look at a girl’s Facebook page. If she has hundreds of pictures of her last relationship, would you really want a relationship with her? It would seem like she is stuck on her ex-boyfriend, and you would find someone else to date. The same thing is true for you. A future girlfriend might understand that you kept some archived photos, but she will feel weird if you have hundreds of photos of your ex-girlfriend on your public profile. If you plan on getting a date or having a serious relationship, you really need to consider removing or storing the photos somewhere else.

Is It Weird?

The short answer is no. It is actually quite normal to keep pictures of your ex-girlfriend. You loved her once and had a long relationship with her. It only makes sense that there would be some good memories that you would like to remember. Out of respect to her, you should delete any sexy photos or sexts. Pictures from actual vacations or dates might be okay to keep around. Your ex-girlfriend was a significant part of your life, so you would be removing your life as well as photos of her. While you might need to delete or archive the photos for other reasons, wanting to keep them around is entirely natural.


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