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  1. Andrew Harrison
    September 23, 2017

    I now appreciate the term regarding coming out of “the” closet. Leaving people guessing in the middle of a long relationship is not telling the truth. I would think that a person could just roll with it, but I don’t anymore

    The actuality can be hard to accept but then at least there is communication. I don’t have the communication or honesty in my ‘whatever ymthis is’… so there is still duty, reality, but not much room for persons. Hahaha. I’m lonely. OH WELL… I can do it! I think I can I think I can…

    Save a LIFE
    Open the closet door


    • Web Admin
      Web Admin
      September 23, 2017

      You are correct. It is always best to speak directly and honestly with the people in your life about your thoughts and feelings. It can be difficult when a relationship ends, especially when the relationship ends for a previously unknown reason. Allow this to influence you to treat everyone in your life with kindness and compassion. Have a great day, Andrew!


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