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150 Jamaican Names for Boys and Girls


Jamaica is a country rich in culture and with its rich culture comes a variety of wonderful names.

Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It used to be inhabited by Arawak and Taino peoples until the Spaniards arrived in 1494 to colonize the country. Since many of the natives of Jamaica died of disease, the Spanish imported African slaves as laborers. Back then, Jamaica was named Santiago.

In 1655, Jamaica was conquered by England, wherein they changed the name of the country to Jamaica. This is because the indigenous Taino people called the Xaymaca, which means “land of wood and water” in Arawakan. Under British colonial rule, Jamaica became a leading exporter of sugar. Its economy was highly dependent on African slave labor. In 1938, the British emancipated the slaves, though many still chose to work in the sugar plantations.

This history of Jamaica is important in learning about the popular names in Jamaica. Many of the descendants of the Spanish and British slaves in Jamaica chose to remain in the country, and thus its population is 92% black. Because of this, many of the people from Jamaica still choose to hold on to their African roots by giving their children African names. Spanish and English names have also influenced the popular names in Jamaica.

Jamaican names consist of a given name and a family name, as with most cultures. A popular trend in Jamaican culture is giving their children names based on the day or occasion they were born. You will notice some names related to which day of the week a child is born or what kind of situation a child was born into. It’s also common to name a child based in the order they were born. This tradition hails from the Akan language. They believe that the personality of a person is deeply rooted in the day, situation, or order a child is born into.

In addition to given names, a child may sometimes be given a middle name. This middle name can refer to a child as a twin, the order they were born, or the name of a beloved ancestor.

There are other trends in Jamaican names. As with most cultures, names for girls are centered around positive traits and beauty. These traits are said to be bestowed upon a child in their name. Common positive traits for female children include happiness, liveliness, or royalty. You will notice that many girls’ names in this list include traits for a princess, a queen, or even a goddess.

As for the names for boys, many of these names are rooted in religion. This is mostly because Jamaica is 68% Christian. However, there are also many names that mean a positive trait. Some of these traits include honor, goodness, and bravery as seen in names inspired by warriors.

With the diverse mix of names for both boys and girls in Jamaica, you won’t have trouble finding one that’s perfect for your little one. You may choose a name that depicts the positive qualities you want your child to have as well as the traditional Jamaican custom of including names that reveal a child’s birth order, the day they were born, or a special occasion they were born into.

Browse through these 150 Jamaican names for boys and girls until you find the one that’s just perfect for you!

Abayomi (girl) means “bringer of happiness”

Abdalla (girl) means “servant of God”

Abebe (girl) means “asked for”

Abeden (boy) means “twelfth-born son”

Abeeku (girl) means “one born on Wednesday”

Abejide (boy) means “one born during the winter”

Abigay (girl) Abigay is the Jamaican version of Abigail. It means “the joy or happiness of Yahweh” or father of rejoicing.

Abiodun (boy) means “one born during the war”

Ada (girl) means “first daughter”

Adana (girl) means “her father’s first daughter”

Addae (girl) means “morning sun”

Ade (boy) means “royal”

Adebayo (boy) means “he was happy”

Adejola (boy) means “this crown needs honor”

Adesola (boy) means “the crown has honored us”

Adika (girl) means “first child from a second husband”

Adio (boy) means “righteous and walk on the correct path”

Adisa (girl) means “the clear one”

Adofo (boy) means “warrior”

Adom (boy) means “God’s blessing”

Aduke (boy) means “competes to cherish”

Adusa (girl) Ghanian name given to the thirteenth-born child.

Aganju (boy) In Yoruban mythology, Aganju was the son and husband of Ododua, the earth goddess.

Agwe (boy) means “spirit of the sea”

Aiyetoro (boy) means “peace on earth”

Ajani (boy) means “he fights for possession”

Akanni (boy) means “profitable encounter” or “our encounter brings wealth.”

Akinlabi (boy) means “we have a boy”

Akinlana (boy) means “brave”

Akoni (boy) means “someone who is a brave warrior” or “leader”

Akono (boy) means “my turn”

Akua (boy) means “one born on Thursday”

Akwetee (boy) means “the second twin born”

Aldane (boy) means “wise protector of the realm or land he is living in”

Alika (girl) means “most beautiful”

Alvita (girl) means “one who is vivacious and lively” or “the one who spreads vivacity”

Ama (boy) means “eagle”

Amancia (girl) means “lover, someone who loves unconditionally”

Ameenah (girl) means “trustworthy”

Andwele (boy) means “god brings me”

Apce (boy) means “someone who is swift or fast in whatever he does”

Amoy (girl) means “beautiful goddess”

Ashia (girl) means “bively”

Azacca (boy) Azacca is the name of the spirit guide of agriculture.

Aziza (girl) means “respected, darling”

Badrick (boy) means “one who is mighty and powerful in the battle”

Barkley (boy) means “from the birch tree meadow”

Bartt (boy) means “son of Talmai or the farmer”

Bembe (boy) Bembe is a Spanish name, but it’s highly popular in Jamaica. The name means ‘a prophet’.

Blakely (boy) means “dark meadow”

Brantly (boy) means “proud and gratified in whatever he does.” It also means firebrand.

Cedella (girl) means “beautiful princess”

Chandice (girl) means “she who is extremely smart and talented”

Chenzira (girl) means “born while travelling”

Chike (boy) means “talented”

Dada (girl) means “curly-haired child”

Dajuan (boy) means “God is gracious and merciful.”

Dalia (girl) means “gentle”

Damerae (boy) “a boy of joy” or “someone who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes”

Damian (boy) A name of Greek origin, Damian means “to tame.”

Darweshi (boy) means “devout”

Delyse (girl) means “delightful, a girl with a delightful disposition”

Deshane (girl) means “God is merciful” or “Yahweh is gracious”

Devan (boy) means “divine,” “divinity” or “like a god”

Durene (girl) means “someone with an enduring and everlasting personality”

Dymond (girl) Dymond is another name for Diamond.

Ebo (boy) means “child born on Tuesday”

Edgerin (boy) means “wealthy spear” or “owner of many spears.”

Ekon (boy) means “strong”

Eralia (girl) means “woman who is well spoken”

Fayard (boy) means “popular and strong magician”

Gerain (boy) means “old”

Glenmore (boy) Glenmore is the name of a place in Jamaica, and it has also become a popular Jamaican name.

Hasina (girl) means “good”

Ife (boy) means “love” or “someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved”

Imani (girl) means “faith”

Imo (boy) means “knowledge”

Ionie (girl) Ionie is the name of a violet colored stone”

Irie (girl) means “cool” or “the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.” It’s also used by Rastafarians as a friendly greeting.

Iriye (girl) an alternative spelling of Irie.

Jada (girl) means “the knowing one.” A popular bearer of this name is the actress Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Jameela (girl) means “chaste”

Jamelia (girl) means “beautiful”

Jaqweshia (girl) means “half part of a queen”

Javel (boy) means “clear and transparent like water”

Jayden (boy) A modern name possibly taken from the Hebrew name Jadon or the English name Jaden.

Jevaun (boy) Jevaun is the Jamaican form of Evan and means young warrior.

Judean (boy) means “a person loyal to the king of Judea” or “someone who serves the king of Judea.”

Kaleisha (girl) means “a woman who is strong willed,” “full of energy,” or “beautiful”

Kalisa (girl) means “purely concentrated to the Almighty, the one who has given herself to God.”

Karalana (girl) means “a girl with a pure and peaceful personality”

Kenise (girl) means “beautiful, gorgeous”

Keyair (boy) means “dusky or the one who has dark hair”

Khenan (boy) means “the rising sun”

Kimona (girl) means “resting”

Kimona (boy) means “listening, or good at listening”

Kingsley (boy) means “king’s meadow”

Kiyana (girl) means “light or deity”

Kwame (boy) means “born on Saturday”

Ladonya (girl) means “lady or woman”

Lakresha (girl) means “profit or profitable”

Latoria (girl) means “victorious one”

Libano (boy) means “white, pristine as white”

Llanzo (boy) Llanzo is the Jamaican form of Lance and means servant or God like.

Mandisa (girl) means “sweet”

Martisha (girl) means “martial or warlike”

Neema (girl) means “born in prosperity”

Nesta (boy) A name of Greek origin, Nesta means “traveler” and “wisdom.” Nesta is the middle name of reggae musician Bob Marley.

Omari (boy) means “God the highest”

Omario (boy) Omario is the Jamaican version of Omar and means “eloquent” and “articulate”

Omarr (boy) means “God the highest”

Peta-gay (girl) means “blessing from heaven”

Raymon (boy) means “wise protector”

Raeni (girl) means “like a queen”

Requiem (girl) means “rest”

Rihanna (girl) an Arabic name meaning “sweet basil.” A famous bearer of this name is Jamaican pop and R&B singer Rihanna.

Roje (boy) means “a person who is a guard” or “a sentinel”

Ronica (girl) means “true image” or “strong counsel”

Sabryna (girl) Sabryna is the Jamaican version of Sabrina and means princess

Saleem (boy) means “peaceful”

Sanka (boy) means “soulful” or “one who puts heart and soul in everything”

Sanura (girl) means “kitten”

Shaka (boy) The African name of the Zulu tribal leader, who is often compared to Atilla the Hun. He created the great Zulu nation in the 19th century.

Shamar (boy) means “one who is ready for the battle”

Shanise (girl) means “goddes of wine” or “mountain of Zeus

Shenice (girl) means “God is gracious and merciful”

Tamila (girl) means “dearest to the heart”

Tandie (boy) means “team”

Tanesha (girl) means “born on Monday”

Taniyah (girl) means “joyful” or “beautiful woman”

Tarone (boy) means “courageous advisor of the king.”

Tashelle (girl) means “born in Christmas day,” “nativity” or “likeness to God”

Tiyanna (girl) Tiyanna is possibly the Jamaican variation of Tiana. It means joy or happiness

Tiwa (boy) means “he who owns the kingship”

Trinika (girl) means “pure,” “triad,” “a trio” or “the Holy Trinity”

Tyonna (girl) means “princess”

Usain (boy) means “small,” “beautiful” or “humble.” It could also be a variation of Hussain. A popular bearer of this name is Jamaican sprinter and Olympic medalist Usain Bolt.

Vea (girl) means “chief”

Vegas (girl) means “meadows”

Vinisha (girl) means “goddess or love or humble”

Virtudes (girl) means “blessed spirit”

Xaviera (girl) Feminine version of Xavier, meaning ‘bright or splendid’.

Xhosa (girl) means “sweet”

Zahra (girl) means “white”

Zalika (girl) means “well-born”

Zane (boy) means “well-born,” or “noble”

Zekia (girl) means “pure”

Zhade (girl) means “princess of the African violet”

Zidane (boy) means “abundance” or “growth or the one who progresses and helps people progress”

Ziggy (boy) means “victory protection.” It’s also a diminutive of Sigmund or Siegfried. A famous bearer of this name is the musician Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley.

Which of these names appeal to you the most? Do you like the Jamaican names for girls with positive qualities like gentleness, helpfulness, nobility, or purity? Or do you prefer the names related to beauty? As for the boys, do you like the names that are rooted in religion, the names that portray good qualities, or the names that are similar to those of famous people like Bob Marley aka Robert Nesta Marley?

Also, were you able to find names that suit the birth order of your child or the day wherein they were born? We find that including a first name that you like and adding to it a middle name in the Akan tradition gives it an even more authentic feel.

Share your favorite Jamaican names with us below, and feel free to add more names to the list!


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