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200 Japanese Names for Male and Female Dogs


The struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect name for your pet dog. But more often than not, once you get to know your dog a little better, their personality will guide you when it comes to naming them.

If you happen to love Japanese names but can’t quite find the perfect one for your dog, our list of male and female dog names with meanings might just help you out! 

Japanese Names for Male Dogs

Aki means “bright” or “autumn”

Akihiro means “great brightness”

Akio means “bright.” If your dog is the light of your life, this is the name for him.

Akira means “bright” or “clear”

Aneko means “older.” If you intend to have more dogs, give this name to your first one to signify their age.

Arata means “new, fresh”

Atsushi means “industrious director”

Ayumu means “walk dream, vision”

Chiba means “Thousand leaves”

Chiyo means “Eternal” or “thousand years”

Dai means “great, large.” This is the perfect name for a large breed of dog.

Daiki means “great glory” or “great nobility”

Daisuke means “great help.” A very helpful dog deserves this dignified name.

Eiji means “eternity order”

Fumio means “literature, scholarly hero”

Haru means “spring.” Much like spring, a dog can signify new beginnings and new life.

Haruki means “shining sun.” This is perfect for a golden retriever because their fur looks like the brightness of the shining sun.

Haruto means “sun flying”

Hayate means “smooth.” There are so many dog breeds that have smooth fur, and we’re sure you’ll find this name suitable for them.

Hibiki means “sound, echo.” If your pup loves to mimic new sounds, this is the perfect name for him!

Hideki means “excellent timber trees”

Hideo means “excellent man”

Hideyoshi means “good luck.” Bring good luck into your life by naming your dog Hideyoshi.

Hikaru means “light, radiance”

Hinata means “sunflower” or “facing towards the sun”

Hiraku means “open, expand”

Hiro means “generous”

Hiroaki means “wide, spacious light”

Hiroki means “vast timber trees”

Hiroyuki means “great journey.” Do you intend to train your dog to come with you on adventures? This is the perfect name for him!

Hitoshi means “motivated person”

Hoshi means “star”

Hotaka means “tall grain”

Isamu means “brave, courageous.” This is a great name for a brave dog who is willing to protect you from all evil.

Itsuki means “timber trees”

Kaito means “ocean flying”

Kaoru means “fragrance.” Don’t you just love the smell of a new puppy? If you can’t get enough of his scent, give him this name.

Katsu means “victory”

Kazuki means “harmony.” This is the perfect name for a friendly dog who likes to make friends with all of your other pets.

Kenshin means “modest truthful”

Kenta means “large strong, healthy.” Give your dog this name if he’s a big breed of dog.

Kiyoshi means “purity.” This name is suitable for snow-white dogs.

Kohahu means “amber”

Kohana means “little flower.” While a little feminine, this name is perfect for a cute little dog that loves to frolic in fields of powers.

Kouta means “great peace.” This is possibly the most suitable name for a gentle giant – a big dog who is very peaceful.

Kuri means “chestnut.” Perhaps your dog is the same color as a chestnut or just as round?

Kyo means “cooperation”

Madoka means “circle, round.” If you have a puppy who happens to be quite tubby, this is the perfect name for him!

Masa means “just” or “true”

Masaaki means “pleasing brightness”

Masaki means “great timber tree”

Masaru means “victory.” This would make a great name for a dog whom you would enter into competitions.

Masashi means “righteous aspiration”

Masato means “righteous person”

Masayoshi means “righteous, honorable.” An honorable name for an honorable dog!

Masayuki means “righteous blessing”

Masumi means “true clarity”

Michi means “pathway.” This is the perfect name for a seeing-eye dog.

Michio means “man on a journey”

Minoru means “truth”

Mitsuo means “shining hero.” A dog with a heroic stance surely deserves this name.

Mitsuru means “satisfy, full.” If your dog is perfect in every way and there’s nothing more he needs to do to satisfy you, then give him this name to show your appreciation.

Naoki means “honest timber tree”

Noboru means “ascend, rise”

Nobuyuki means “true happiness.” Every dog is a source of joy, so give your dog this name if he makes you happy.

Nori means “to rule”

Norio means “lawful man.” This would make the perfect name for a dog in the K-9 force!

Osaka means “dragon god”

Osamu means “disciplined, studious.” Looking to train your dog to be obedient? This is the name you should give him.

Ren means “lotus” or “love”

Rikuto means “person of land”

Ryo means “refreshing, cool”

Ryota means “great refreshment.” Your dog is a refreshing companion, so let him know how much you appreciate him by giving him this name.

Ryou means “cool”

Sato means “sugary sweet.” While many people want a guard dog to protect their home, a sweet pup is also a wonderful companion in the home.

Satoshi means “wise, fast learner.” Many breeds of dogs pick up new skills quickly, so if you have such a breed, this is the name for him.

Shinobu means “endurance”

Shouta means “big flying”

Susumo means “to advance, proceed”

Tadao means “loyal, faithful man”

Tadashi means “loyal, faithful.” Dogs are known to be loyal, so we’re sure you’ll find this name very suitable.

Taiki means “great radiance, shine.” A radiant coat on a beautiful dog will surely make him deserve this lovely name.

Takahiro means “of great value, nobility”

Takara means “treasure.” Every pet is a treasure, so make sure everyone knows it by giving your dog this name.

Takashi means “prosperous, noble”

Takayuki means “noble journey”

Takeo means “warrior hero”

Takeshi means “warrior.” The fierce protector of your home surely deserves a fearsome name like this!

Tamotsu means “protector, keeper”

Toshiaki means “advantageous light”

Toshio means “genius leader, hero”

Toyo means “abundance”

Yamato means “great harmony.” A harmonious pup is a joy in a home filled with other people and pets, so give him this name so everyone knows how friendly he is.

Yoshi means “lucky” or “righteous”

Yoshio means “joyful life”

Yoshito means “ceremonial, correct person”

Youta means “great sunlight”

Yuki means “happiness” or “snow.” Yuki is commonly given to dogs who have snow-white fur.

Yukio means “blessed hero”

Zen means “Good”

Japanese Names for Female Dogs

Aiko means “child of love.” If your dog is a furry ball filled with love, this is the perfect name.

Akemi means “bright beautiful.” Does your dog have the perfect combo of beauty and intelligence? Then this is the name for her!

Akiko means “bright”

Akira means “bright or clear”

Asami means “morning beauty.” If your dog is your morning companion, give her this name.

Asuka means “tomorrow perfume, fragrance”

Ayame means “iris.” Is your dog as elegant as an iris flower? If she is, then Ayame is the perfect name.

Chiyo means “one thousand generations”

Chiyoko means “child of a thousand generations.” Many of us like to keep generations of pets, so if your dog comes from a line of dogs within your family, Chiyoko is the perfect name.

Emiko means “beautiful blessing.” Every dog is a blessing, so give her this name to show her how much she means to you!

Eri means “blessed prize”

Etsuko means “child of joy.” When your dog was born, was your heart filled with an abundance of joy? Then give her this fitting name.

Haru means “spring”

Haruna means “spring vegetables.” Dogs love to play in patches of vegetation, so if your dog has chosen to frolic among spring veggies, give her this name.

Hideko means “child of excellence”

Hikari means “light, radiance.” If your dog is the light of your life, then surely she deserves this beautiful name!

Hina means “sun vegetables”

Hiro means “generous”

Honoka means “harmony flower”

Hoshi means “star.” Like a guiding force in your life, your dog can be the star that guides you in the right path.

Hotaru means “firefly”

Izumi means “spring, fountain”

Kamiko means “superior.” A purebred dog whose genes are superior surely deserves this elegant name!

Katsumi means “victorious beauty”

Kazuko means “child of harmony.” Does your dog love playing around with people and your other pets? Then give her this harmonious name.

Keiko means “blessed or respectful”

Kimi means “noble”

Kimiko means “empress.” A dog can be the queen of the household who holds herself with dignity. Give this name to your dignified dog.

Kiyomi means “pure beauty.” There are so many dogs who exude an ethereal beauty, that you can’t help but give her a name like this.

Kumiko means “long-time beautiful”

Madoka means “circle, round.” This is the perfect name for a chubby puppy who’s absolutely adorable!

Mai means “dance”

Maiko means “child of dance.” A puppy who loves to move around and dance should get this adorable name.

Maki means “true hope”

Makoto means “sincere.” When you can’t help but be drawn to your dog’s adorable puppy-dog eyes, this is the name she deserves.

Mami means “true beauty”

Mao means “dancing cherry blossoms.” If you want to show your love of cherry blossoms through your dog, then this is the perfect name. It also gives you an excuse to get her cherry blossom-themed accessories!

Masumi means “true clarity”

Mayumi means “true gentle beauty.” This beautiful name is perfect for a dog that is beautiful and gentle at the same time.

Michi means “pathway”

Michiko means “beautiful wise”

Midori means “green.” While no dogs are born green, some of them just love being one with nature. If your dog is like that, give her this name.

Mieko means “beautiful blessing.” Feeling blessed to have a puppy in your life? Meiko is the name for her.

Miho means “protected, guaranteed beauty”

Miki means “beautiful princess.” This name fit for a princess would surely be suitable for a dog you intend to treat like one!

Miku means “beautiful sky”

Minako means “beautiful.” This very feminine name is perfect for a regal female dog.

Mio means “beautiful cherry blossom”

Misaki means “beautiful blossom”

Mitsuko means “child of light”

Miwa means “beautiful harmony, peace.” Do you have a peaceful pup in your hands? Give her this name!

Miyako means “beautiful night.” A dog with a coat as dark as a clear night’s sky should have this name.

Miyuki means “beautiful blessing.” A dog is always a blessing in any household, so show her some love by giving her this name.

Momoka means “peach tree flower”

Moriko means “child of the forest”

Nana means “seven.” While seven dogs may be a lot, many of us who love dogs can’t help but want to take care of more! If she’s your seventh, this is the perfect name for her.

Nanami means “seven seas.” An adventurous, seafaring dog would love to have this name!

Naomi means “honest and beautiful”

Natsumi means “beautiful summer.” Summer is one of the best times to get a new dog because it means you can take her out on sunny walks. If you got your dog during the summer, this is the name for her.

Nobuko means “faithful, trustworthy.” These are two traits we all look for in a dog, so give her this name if you want her to be faithful and trustworthy.

Noriko means “lawful”

Rika means “true fragrance”

Riko means “child of truth”

Rio means “village cherry blossom”

Ryoko means “refreshing.” Seeing your dog is a breath of fresh air after a long and tiring day! Give your dog this name to let her know that she is a refreshing presence in your life.

Sachiko means “joyful, happy”

Saki means “blossom of hope.” If your dog gives you the light of hope each time you see her, this is the name for her.

Sakura means “cherry blossom”

Satoko means “wise.” A wise dog is a blessing we all want in our lives. So if you can tell even as a pup that your dog is clever, give her this name.

Satomi means “beautiful and wise”

Shinju means “pearl.” A dog with a pearly-white sheen on her fur surely deserves this majestic name.

Shizuka means “quiet summer”

Shizuko means “quiet.” While many dogs are known to be playful, you might find yourself with one who prefers to just observe. Give her this name to show her that she reminds you of peacetime.

Sumiko means “child of clarity”

Suzume means “sparrow.” If your dog flits in and out of rooms like a playful sparrow, this is the name for her.

Takako means “noble”

Takara means “treasure.” Show your love for your pup by giving her a name that shows her how much she means to you.

Tamiko means “child of many beauties.” Are you absolutely blown away by the beauty of your pet dog? Give her this name!

Teruko means “shining”

Tomiko means “child of wealth, fortune”

Tomomi means “beautiful friend”

Toshiko means “clever.” If you want your dog to grow up clever, give her a name that bestows upon her this useful trait.

Wakana means “harmonious music”

Yasu means “peace.” It’s a fitting name for a dog that’s very quiet.

Yasuko means “child of peace”

Yoko means “child of sunlight.” A precocious pup who loves to spend time in the sun should have a pretty name like this.

Yoshi means “lucky or righteous”

Yoshie means “beautiful stream”

Yoshiko means “child of goodness.” Who’s a good girl? Let her know that it’s always her by giving her a name fit only for a good dog!

Yui means “binding love.” If your dog is what helps bring your family closer together, this is the name you’ll want to give her.

Yuina means “bind together”

Yuka means “gentle flower”

Yukari means “beautiful pear tree”

Yuki means “happiness or snow.” This name is perfect for a white dog who brings a lot of happiness into your life.

Yukiko means “child of snow or of happiness”

Yuko means “gentle”

Yumi means “beautiful.” This sweet and gentle-sounding name is perfect for beautiful dog.

Yuri means “lily.” Is your dog as pretty as a lily? This is the name for her!

Yuriko means “lily”

Yuuna means “gentle.” Many breeds of dogs are so gentle that they make great companions for children. If you have a dog like that in your life, give her this name.


Which of these names have you chosen for your dog? Share it with us in the comments below!


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