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10 Kissing Games For Couples


No one said kissing has to be boring. Of course, it usually isn’t anyways, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have every right to try and spice it up at every chance that you get! Play any of these following ten kissing games for couples and have the time of your life kissing your partner right now!

  • Kissing Card Draw

This is one of the easiest, yet most pleasing kissing games for couples to play. All you need to do is jot down all the different types of kisses that you can. Each one will go on a separate slip of paper. Once they are written down toss them into a hat or bowl.

Having trouble thinking of the different types of kisses that there are? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

  • Eskimo kiss: A kiss where both your noses touch and move back and forth is a rapid motion.
  • Peck: A kiss where your lips meet, but the lips are closed. This kiss doesn’t last very long.
  • French kiss: A passionate kiss where you both let your lips meet, mouths open, and you use a little tongue action, too.
  • Earlobe kiss: This kiss involves one person nibbling and kissing the other’s ears.
  • Neck kiss: Just a little neck action kissing for this one.
  • Single lip kiss: A kiss where one person’s top lip gets mushed in between the other person’s lips.

After you write these kisses down on separate slips and toss them in, you can take turns drawing and see what you get! The fun is in the surprise. Also feel free to add more kisses if you can think of them. The more the merrier.

  • Five Fingers

This one is pretty simple. For each finger write down a different type of kiss. Have your partner kiss a random finger. Whatever finger they choose is the kiss that they shall receive from you. Have them do the same. You will take turns in this game.

  • Cherry Shooter

All you need for this game is you and your partner, as well as a few cherries. Be warned this game can be a choking hazard. So be very, very careful when the two of you play it.

Place your partner as a good distance away from you, about five to ten feet, and then put a cherry in your mouth. Spit the cherry towards your partner. The goal is for your partner to catch the cherry in their mouth and then shoot it back at you. This is a fun game, but it has no objective.

  • Ice Ice Baby

This very titillating game involves an ice cube that gets stuck in your partner’s mouth. The two of you will start kissing and as you kiss you will bring the ice cube into your mouth. After you have the cube, you will put it slightly outside of your lips and continue to slide it down your partner’s body. You will bring it all the way down to their waist and then once you reach there, you will bring it back up and your partner will take the cube back into their mouth.

  • 60 Seconds In Heaven

This game is slightly adapted from the very famous ‘7 minutes in heaven’ but has been made into a game for just one couple instead of several people. The rules are slightly different. You will need a tube of brightly colored lipstick. We think that red is a great choice, but any color will work. I.e: Bright pink, black, blue, etc. Just make sure that you can see the color well.

You will go into a dark room or simply turn the light off. Set a timer for 60 seconds. Pick which partner goes first. Whoever goes first will put on the bright lipstick and plant as many kisses all over their partner’s body as they can in 60 seconds. Once the time is up go ahead an switch roles. At the end you can count the lip marks all over each other’s bodies. Whoever ends up planting the most kisses wins!

  • Apple To Apple

Another fruity, yet fun kissing game for your partner and you to play together. Take an apple in your mouth. After you do that have your partner take a bite from the apple and then hold onto the apple with his mouth. Now you take a bite and grab the apple back with your mouth. Take turns doing this until you reach the very core of the apple. Eventually the two of you will run out of apple and be forced to kiss one another!

  • Candy Coated Kisses

This one is oh-so-delicious! This works best if you use a bag of the same type of candy that has several different flavors. You can use skittles, hard candies, gummies or jolly ranchers. You could also use an assorted box or bag of chocolates that have different flavors. Now each of you can take a turn eating a piece of candy, but do not let your partner see which candy you chose to eat. Now give them a big old, open mouthed kiss. Make them guess which candy you had eaten! Once they guess you can have them eat a piece and you can be the one to do the guessing. Keep tally of how many times each of you guesses correctly. Count all the way up to ten. Winner gets to eat the rest of the candies!

  • Coloring Book

Turn your partner’s body into a coloring book. Draw, with lipstick or edible paint, on their body a design. Then put lipstick or edible paint on your lips and fill in the outline! Then have them do the same with you. This is a great way to kill time and be intimate with your partner! It’s a great way to spend a winter day or a rainy day with your partner.

  • Eyes Wide Open

Okay, so this game might be a little awkward, but it is totally fun. There’s no doubt that you will get a few laughs when you make your first few attempts. How you play is you just start kissing your partner, but you have to do it with each of your eyes wide open. Kiss for as long as you can. The first one to blink loses! Doesn’t that sound fun? We think so.

  • Dice Roll

Take a piece of paper and write out the numbers 1-6. With each number write a body part. You can use good parts like neck, earlobe, tummy, etc. Avoid silly things like elbows or chins. Silly body parts makes the game kind of seem less romantic and fun. Now take a dice and take turns rolling it. Whatever number it lands on is the number you will look at on the sheet of paper. Whatever body part correlates with the number is the body part that you will end up placing a kiss on.


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