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250 Sweet and Enchanting Kitten Names


Naming your kitten


Pets are great on offering constant and loving companionship. People are busy taking care of their lives in the outside world, but pets will be always there for us due to we become the world for them. Of course you have to know that a pet means that you will grant their requirements; let this be attention, dedication and lots of cares in between. This requires time as you find quite lovely to encounter with your pet in the world.  They will not only reduce stress but they can also be very handy in some aspects of your life as they become able to take smiles and tears from you. You can find them kind of weak against some human’s behavior but they are such lovely creatures. Please know that a pet will grant you responsibility and in the other hand entertainment, as you acknowledge that their habits can keep you laughing for months; we are talking about another living being.

The reward of taking care of a pet is unbelievable. The love we give to our pets can make our body physically healthy (besides allergies) pets can fill us with joy and love.  These emotions will destroy stress and will let us laugh and built our morale.


To name a cat it is of a highly personal matter between pets and their human friends. The name you place on your pet will contain a personal meaning because this will represent your persona and will also relate on the four-legged friend appearance, which will guide your mind as long as your cat lives. If you keep reading this article you will find some suggested kitten names you can relate with based in different factors and also you can find some inspiring knowledge that can give a start on the idea you have.


Fur Based

Probably your pet was born with an unusual and stunning coat and marks. You may consider these names below.


Tiger: A bravely feline of the wild known to be one of the most fearless animals in the world! Your pet, as a family of these animals, could hold some of the aspects.

Soldier: Soldiers would use camouflage while on the ground to avoid their potential enemies. This camouflage is placed as stripes.

Tigger: You might remember a tiger character in a cartoon named “Winnie the Pooh.” It happens that the tiger is named Tigger and will be one of the funniest and awesome friends of the principal character of that series.

Jailbird: A person who has often been in jail or someone who consistently gets sentenced to jail time is called jailbird. You might remember that a person in jail wears a striped uniform (black and white).

Jungle: At the Jungle, your chances to get your clothes dirty are… well, imagine if you take your cat to the jungle.


Fluffy: Add some irony to your daily life from now on with this name.

Suede: Some fashion sneakers at the market or stores will let you remember how your cat looks like.

Slick: Probably your cat has some smooth stripes around his body. Slick stripes can be the great name for its appearance.

Pelon: For male cats, this word is the Spanish version of the English word “Bald.”

Pelona: For a female cat, is the female version of the Spanish translation of the English word “bald.”

Chilly: To be hairless could be a problem against cold weather. So if you see your hairless cat trembling around, it could be because of the cold.

 Long Hair

Sleek: This is a great name if you see the style that your cat possesses.

Hunter: As a hunter, you don’t have enough time to arrange your hair style. Therefore if you see your cat walking around a lot with his long hair, he could be a hunter.

Beast: Your pet is an animal, but also is a beast! And if the cat likes to exercise, this could be a great name for it.

Berserker: They were Viking warriors that would fight half-naked wearing just some fur costumes. Imagine them running around with those clothes.

Skyflower: The flowers are light-blue or lavender, produced in tight clusters located on terminal and axillary stems, blooming almost all year long.

Rapunzel: A long haired beautiful girl who would let down the braids of her hair, and the enchantress would climb up to her.

Base on the Color

Here are some suggested names based on the colors of the pet. Cats have some awesome fur and this might be the most compelling feature that your kitten has until, of course, the cat’s personality soars.


Icy white: Oh! Your cat is so white you could tell there is some white sparkling snow walking around the house!

Snow ball: Not that shiny but still white as snow, and kind of fat.

Mist: Somewhere in the forest, the mist will not be grey, but will still blind you as it comes towards you; a soft move.

Frosty: Somehow the ice will manifest also as a white solid. Your cat movements might not be cold but still will be like some iced cat running in the yard.

Pearl: A hard and luxurious object produced within the soft tissue could identify your cat.

Bubbles: A tiny, round ball nearly spherical body that is really transparent… if your cat is round and white, you could name it with bubbles.


Bronze: Any alloys consisting essentially of copper. And Copper is known to be a metallic element having a characteristic reddish-Brown color which is used in large quantities as an electrical conductor.

Burnt: After a burn, you could see that in any surface there is some orange color. Probably your cat went thru fire for a shine!

Salsa: It is a mix of digestible substance which is use to accompany the meals. It commonly comes in orange.

Carrot: A cute name for a small or medium cat that was born with the carrot color.

Sunset: So beautiful is to watch how the Sun leaves the Earth to go and shine for someone else? Share some Sun as he gives a warm and orange goodbye every single day.

Cocoa: The cocoa bean is not as dark as the chocolate, but it is a fundamental portion for it. Yes, they are kind of oranges.


Ghost: If you are not afraid of ghosts feel free to name your cat as it looks like. The ghosts will always be white or grey, or green… or blue… well, grey ghosts are the most common ghosts that will show up in our world! They come to say hi.

Misty: The mist that warns us to get inside our homes. Perhaps your cat shows up in different places without being notice.

Battleship: The battle ships around the world will use the color grey. Perhaps your likes to walk instead of running, and sometimes he will attack out of nowhere.

Cadet: Some Junior uniforms might be grey, and your cat probably is a warrior who will take good care of you. He will learn from you, and also, he will be grey.

Ash or Ashley: You know ashes can be grey? It is a sign that something was there and got burnt! Perhaps is to give place to new stuff. Name your cat Ash or Ashley if you think your cat takes hard decisions and of course, if the color of its hair is grey.

Cinder: The most burned piece of wood will show up as some cute looking grey.

Smoky: Your cat looks like if he went thru some smoke while playing. Name your cat as follows if you thing he is a beautiful adventurer looking cat.


Shadow: Oh! Who’s there? Name your cat shadow if he looks like a dark figure cast on the ground or any other surface as he intercepts light his whole life.

Mephistopheles: One of the seven chief devils and the temper of Faust could paint your cat!

Midnight: You should name your cat after this name if he is dark and also if he has some yellow eyes! Have you seen the full moon in the middle of the night?! How cool is that?!

Shadowball: Could be a proper name for a dark cat who likes to jump around destroying stuff. A power to be tamed!

Sunless: A cat who cannot be reached by the Sun! So dark forever!

Space: Have you seen the videos of the astronauts that are currently in space doing some work for humanity itself? Look where they are, in a vast space that could be as beautiful as it is dangerous.

DarkSun: The sun gives light. Your cat brings joy towards you, but he is dark.

Pierce: As the doctors go deep inside the wound they encounter no lights!

Smoky black: This is a great name for a cat who wanted to be black, but he manages to go beyond the grey scale.

 Darkpitch: You forget turn the lights on as you fix something. Your cat is watching you in the shadows, but he will approach to scare you.


Latte: You might find this color while you have some glorious time with your friends. Compare your timing and taste with the feeling your cat gives towards you as you used this name on your pet; especially if your cat holds a mix of brown and white hair.

Mocha: Member of milk and coffee.

Umber: A very useful brown pigment used in its natural state.

Amber: The fossilized tree resin, which is appreciated for its color.

Coffee: that brewed drink that accompanies most of us in the morning for work; can be a great name for your brown cat.

Cappuccino: The Italian drink.

Antique: Give your pet some awesome name by referring to the past; something that is not modern but is worth mentions it. Make your cat to belong to the past as he might remind you of something you care to hold.


Banana: Name your cat after a tropical fruit that holds a cute yellow color.

Gold: Your cat is valuable as the gold!

Treasure: Guard it with your life!

Goldie: If your cat still valuable but kind of sweet also.

Luxury: Perhaps your cat holds his posture.

Buttercup: That wild plant with yellow flowers and also a pretty good name for a cat.

Sunny: Wondering if you like the sunny days? We all need the Sun. 

Goldblade: If your cat is sharp and kind of yellow, this name might be suitable for your beloved companion. Also if you like to play around with him outside in the world!

Medal: Let them know you have earned a great treasure based on your caring decisions! Use this name on your pet if you think you have done the right thing!

Personality and Habits

Here you can find a name that could suit If your pet has shown some of its personality while still young.


Blitzer: An overwhelming attack on which you discharge all of the energy!

Panzer: It is a German word that means Armor might be suitable for your Looney cat.

Twister: A violently destructive windstorm that your cat tries to imitate.

Obelisk: An impressive monument which ends in a pyramid like shape!

Cyclone: Your cat’s behavior reaches some large-scale, atmospheric wind and pressure madness.

Messy:  If your cat is characterized to be dirty, untidy or disordered, this might be a good name for him.

Destroyer: If your cat likes to destroy stuff.

Executor: To destroy is a duty for your cat, probably he carries out or perform such assignment flawlessly.

Wonder Cats

Dreamer: If you see that your cat stays still wondering about life and perhaps he might be even solving world peace.

Creator: Why is your cat looking at an empty field?

Solution: Your cat solves a problem by looking at the mess you just did.

Boss: Have you seen your cat looking at you like if it was your boss? This might be a good name for your cat as he stares at you with “That look.”

If the pet causes troubles in a playful way

If your cat has done something not funny at all, you might want to name him after some of the following names.

Wizard: A magician or sorcerer who provides magic.

Warlord: A military leader, especially of a warlike nation.

 Diablo: A name who represents pure evil.

Killjoy: Your cat will enjoy killing with a psycho looking face.

Hecate: Goddess of magic, crossroads, ghosts and necromancy.

Beelze from Beelzebub: Satan itself.

Lockjaw: Characterized by spasm of the jaw muscles and the inability to open them. You cat could give that symptom as you find out he broke something.

Witch: A woman who practices magic.

Name of other things

Probably you would want to name your pet after something you like, or the name is from another source based on something else. Here are some names that are considered for other things.


Ice Tea: When the tea is cold.

Tea: Commonly hot, could bring some satisfaction towards your being.

Tea cup: The recipient which holds your drink. But please, let it be a fancy one.

Victoria: A mayor drinkability substance produced in Nicaragua. It is a beer that will make you drink a lot of its own.

Cane: Sugar cane is a member of the grass family, mostly used to make drinks.

Rum: A distilled alcoholic beverage made out of sugar.

Budweiser: The name of a high quality Czech beer.

Sambuca: A very powerful liquor and also sweet.

Merlot: The perfect starter pack for someone who is new at drinking red wine.

Limonada: The Spanish name for Lemonade.

Chicha: A traditional drink in Nicaragua made out of corn.


Apple: The fruit of the small tree.

Ambrosia: The food of the gods.

Amaretto: Italian almond flavored liqueur.

Butter: The fatty substance.

Brownie: Chocolate cake.

Burrito: The Mexican food.

Crouton: The small piece of fried or toasted bread.

Caviar: The fish roe.

Cupcake: The small cake baked in a cup.

Cinnamon: The aromatic spice.

Couscous: A North African food.

Hot Dog: A cooked sauce served in a long roll with various condiments.

Ham: The meat from the upper part of a pig’s leg.

Ice: The transparent crystalline solid.

Kiwi: A thin hair, green flesh, and black seeds fruit.

Kopecks: A monetary unit of Russia.

Kadikoy: A town from Istanbul.

Lollipop: That sweet candy on the end of the stick.

Liquefy: To make or become liquid.

Lizard: Those Cute reptiles of nature.

Lionize: Assign great social importance.

Lexemes: A minimal unit in the lexicon of language.

Muffin: Those cute small domed cake.

Nacho: Those tortilla chips we enjoy.

Nuzzles: To gently push or rub the nose or face against someone or something to show affection.

Oreo: A creamy white filling inside of that chocolate cookie.

Oatmeal: Some serious nutrition packed oat grains.

Peanut: That oval seed eaten as a snack.

Peach: The juicy yellow flesh fruit.

Peppermint: An aromatic leaves that provides with oils suitable for flavoring in food.

Pancakes: Usually eaten with syrup in the morning.

Pickles: The small cucumber.

Rice: The seed of the grass named Oryza Sativa.

Sweet Cake: A sweet dessert.

Tabaco: The nicotine leave.

Taco: A Mexican dish.

Waffle: Fail to make up your mind.

Yogurt: A semisolid food from the fermented milk.

Zucchini: A summer squash.

Yukita: A tuberous root used as food in tropical countries.

Names of Places

America: The new world! The new continent!

Amazon: The rain forest that covers a huge part of South America.

Burbank: A city in California.

Bangkok: The Capital of Thailand.

China: The populous Nation in East Asia.

Dakota: North of the United States of America.

Dhaka: A place in Bangladesh.

Frisco: A place in Texas.

Fort: A fortified structure or a strategic position

 Ferrara: A city in Italy.

Fes: Morocco.

India: The oldest city.

Jersey: The largest of the Channel Islands between England and France.

Maui: Is an Island in Hawaii.

Phoenix: The city in Arizona.

Sedona: City in Arizona.

Utah: USA.

Yukon: Canada.

Foggia: City in Italy.

Formosa: It was a short-lived republic.

Funny names

Apricat: A juicy soft fruit which name can be mixed with cat instead of its original name “Apricot.”

Catpachino: From Al Pacino the American actor.

General Kitty: A cat who reassembles a Military position.

Captain Kitty: A cat who saves the world from evil.

SS kitty: A rank within the German military hierarchy during World War II.

EmperCat: A cat who is an emperor.

Crawling Paw: A cat which paws will drag you to the floor.

Great Catsby: From the Great Gatsby.

Killa Cat: From the anime “Akame ga kill.”

McClaw: The cat whose father’s last name is Claw.

Colonel Kitty: An army officer cat of a high rank.

Cades from Hades: Remove the “H” from Hades and add a “C” from Cat.

Trojan Cat: Instead of a horse, just place the cat.

Catch: To intercept or hold something in movement.

Helen of Cat: Helen of Sparta?

Predacat: From the word predator.

Alexis Arcat: From Alexis Arguello a professional Boxer.

Furnando: From the name Fernando.

Katy Cat: Pure or Clean Cat.

Mr. Paw: Mister Paw.

Ms. Claw: Miss Claw.

AlorsCat: Add some French to the Cat.

Wilson: A name who might be interesting for a cat to hold.

Hell o Cat: From the expression: That’s a hell of a cat.

Hypnoscat: A cat who hypnotize.

Catapp: Technology nowadays can also improve some names.

Ruru: A compilation of noises you hear from the cats.

Miau Miau: A noise cats will do.

Mazcat: If you love the brand “Maserati.”

Cat F-50: For the Ferrari F-50 fans.

La Catrarru: If you love the brand “Ferrari”.

Volcat: For the Volvo fans.

Name of Personas

Cibiola (singer)

Cat Joe



































Macat or Icat






Catin Button






Phantom Cat


Clash of Cats


Cat man

Catastro/a From Catastrophe


Mr. Mustache









Sr. Purr


Yum yum


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