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15 Creative Late Night Date Ideas


Date night is supposed to be fun, but figuring out what to do can be stressful. You have already had a dozen date nights that consisted of popcorn and Netflix. Now, you want to spice things up because your dates are quickly starting to get boring. Worse still, it seems like there is nothing to do for late night dates. If you get off work late in the evening, nothing is open for your date. To get you started on your next night out, here are some creative late night date ideas that you can try.

1. Late Night Tours

Believe it or not, there are actually a number of tour companies that offer late night tours. These could be mystery cruises, haunted houses or ghost tours. One top option is ghost tours because most mid-sized cities have a number of haunted houses that you can check out late at night. Some cities also offer things like film tours, so make sure to check out what your area has to offer.

2. Zoo Time

If you are an animal lover, this is one of the best late night date ideas. You have to plan your date in advance since these tours are only available at certain times of the year or on select days. A number of aquariums and zoos offer late night hours during busy times of the year. There are also select days where they offer night activities for people to enjoy. In addition to giving you a late night option, this date gives you an entirely different perspective on your local zoo or aquarium.

3. Laser Shows

Many Imax theaters offer options like laser light shows. There are also planetarium experiences and galactic-style movies that you can watch late in the evening.

4. Go to the Beach

As long as your beach is open late at night, this is an excellent option. Walk along in the moonlit along the beautiful, starry beach. For a more enjoyable experience, bring along a blanket to lie back and star gaze on. If you want it to be an extremely romantic date, you can also pack a picnic for an impromptu candlelight dinner.

4. Create a Challenge

This is an adult take on truth or dare. If you are in an area where there is literally nothing going on at night, create a challenge night for you and your partner. You can create challenges like stacking cards, solving Rubik’s cubes, cup stacking or physical challenges like push-ups.

5. Watch a Show

Watching a show at night does not have to involve the latest season of House of Cards on Netflix. Many theaters offer plays, dances and musical performances late at night. Some theaters also screen classic movies, and others offer options like a magic show. Whatever the case, these shows are perfect for couples who need a late night date idea.

6. Check Out Night Markets

This option does not work in every area, but it is a great idea if you are lucky enough to live near a late night market. In countries like Taiwan, night markets are everywhere. They are the perfect place to grab a snack, shop for new clothes and chat with your lover. In the United States, these types of markets are quickly growing in popularity. Check out the options near you for an exciting date night.

7. Eat at a 24-Hour Diner

This is a good option because just about every town has a 24-hour diner. While this is not the most romantic or expensive restaurant, it is a good place to go if you are bored late at night. You can enjoy hearty food while talking to your partner. If your entire goal is to spend time with your partner, then a 24-hour diner is a good choice.

8. Bowling and Pool Halls

This is another venue that tends to be open extremely late at night. Whether you love bowling or like to play pool, these venues tend to be open fairly late. Weekends tend to be the busiest, so make sure you go on a less crowded time—unless you want to bring a group of friends with you and turn it into a party, of course!

9. Picnic Time

Who says that picnics have to be during the daytime? Nighttime is often a better time for picnics because you have a moonlit sky and beautiful stars to gaze at. If you live in a scenic area, a pretty beach or a mountaintop would be the perfect place for a romantic evening together. Pack along a blanket and some sweaters though because the open air can be quite chilly at night!

10. Check Out Social Lounges and Nightclubs

If you don’t have a date, but want one, a number of lounges offer singles nights where you can meet someone. For a more exciting night out, grab your lover or a group of friends and head to a nightclub. Most nightclubs are open until they have to stop serving drinks, so you can dance the night away. For a more romantic night out, pick a lounge that has quieter music and a more intimate atmosphere.

11. Karaoke Night

This option only works if you are comfortable singing in public. If you can get over your stage fright, a karaoke bar is a fun place to go on the weekends or on a weeknight. The karaoke bar offers a library of top songs that you can sing, although you might want to have a drink before you start crooning the latest tune. For a more intimate and less intimidating experience, there are also hotels that have smaller, more intimate karaoke bars.

12. Culture Vultures

If you want to work on self-development and learn new things, look at the exhibitions that are currently in town. Many galleries have late night events, so you can talk to new artists while enjoying a glass of champagne. There are also comedy shows, slam poetry events and other options that are hosted in many areas.

13. Create Your Own Drive-In

For a fun late night date, create your own drive0in. You can download a movie onto your laptop and play it in a cozy bistro with your lover. If you have a projector, a blank wall or a white sheet can help you create an instant movie screen. All you have to do is toast popcorn, cuddle up and hit play!

14. Moonlight Walks

If you want to “wow” your partner with a romantic date, a moonlight walk is as easy as it gets. As long as the night is not too cloudy or rainy, you can stroll through the streets and enjoy the way the moon brightens the city’s streets.

15. Watch the Sunrise

Obviously, this only works if you are still awake when the sun rises. If you are already doing one of the other late night date ideas on this list, then there is a good chance that you will still be up for the sunrise. Start by finding a cozy spot to watch the sunrise. If you have a balcony that faces east, you are ready to go. Create a mug of steaming coffee or cocoa, cuddle up with a blanket and cozy up with your partner.


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