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12 Letters of Apology to Send to Your Girlfriend


Uh oh, we bet you did something pretty bad that you have to scour the internet for tips on how to say sorry to your girlfriend. If she’s not having it in person, the next best thing is a sincere letter that tells her exactly how you feel.

Saying I’m sorry in a letter takes more than just writing “I’m sorry”; it takes a little more tact and sincerity than that. First, you have to own up to your mistakes. Next, you have to tell her what to do from now on. And lastly, you have to tell her why she should even consider accepting your apology.

If you’re wracked your brain for the right way to say sorry and still can’t come up with anything, then maybe these letters below will help you come up with the right thing to say to get you back into your girlfriend’s good graces.

My God, sometimes when I get struck by your beauty I completely forget why I do the things I do to upset you. You’re like an angel on earth who has stuck around with me for so long that I can’t even begin to fathom why I’d do anything to hurt you. You’re my whole life, my one true love. I’m so sorry for what I did. I promise never to do it again. Come rain or shine, you can count on me to make it right by you every single day until you find it in you to forgive me. I love you so much and I can’t bear to lose you.

I know that saying sorry is easy. People say it all the time without giving weight to what they’re saying. But what I intend to do is not just to say sorry, but to also take responsibility for what I did. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. But I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you. I might not be able to undo the damage that I’ve done, but I can do good things that might hopefully overshadow my mistakes. Just please, give me one more chance to make this right.

I’m sorry about everything that happened between us. For the past couple of months, things weren’t going the way we had planned. I’m sorry that I thought it was the best I could do. I’ve had time to think it over, and I know that it’s easier to just let things go between us. But I’m not that kind of person. I want to fight for us, even if it means apologizing every single day. But this isn’t just on me – this battle has to be fought and won by both of us. So how about we set aside our differences and try to start over?

apology letter to girlfriend for lying

I’ve made many mistakes in this relationship, some I know of and some I’m completely unaware of. I’ve said things that hurt you deeply. I’ve done things that I absolutely regret. I’m not a perfect person, and I don’t try to be. But I do try to be the perfect person for you because I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. And thought I have made many mistakes in my life, loving you is not one of them. So please, take my apology, give us another chance, and I’ll show you how I can make things better for us.

There’s nothing but unbearable pain in knowing that you’re angry at me. And I can feel that it’s the type of anger that might tip you over the edge enough to leave me. And I can’t have that. I can’t live the rest of my life knowing that I’ve met the most incredible woman in the world and I let her go because of my own stupidity. I know I can be careless and distant. I know that these things have made you feel like I don’t love you. But I do love you. I want you to know that. I’m sorry that I can’t show it to you any better but what I feel for you is something so new and strange to me that I sometimes can’t handle it. I’m sorry I haven’t been giving you the care and attention you deserve. I promise I’ll do better.

I’m sorry for not being who you want me to be. I’ve wanted to be with you for so long that I’ve tried to become the person that you want, even if it’s not really who I am. I know it’s a lie, and I know that’s not fair to you. But please understand that I do this out of love for you. But now that you know who I really am, and that I’m nothing like the man you want me to be, all I can offer you is an apology. I’m sorry for loving you so much that I was willing to lie to you. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’m sorry that I’m not someone you can love. And most of all, I’m sorry that I even tried.

I’m sorry for pushing you away each time I needed you. I’m sorry I would ignore you when you call or when you message me. I’m sorry for leaving when I knew how much you wanted to fight for us. I’m sorry for being distant when I know that I’m only doing it to help you forget me. But most of all, I’m sorry for giving up. I’m sorry for caving in and doing what’s easy. I’m sorry I didn’t do what’s right for us. I’m so sorry, but I just want us to have another chance.

I’m sorry. I should have loved you better when I could. I should have held you for longer than I did. I should have made only the promises I could keep. I should have told you that I want you to stay because I love you. I should have said something when you turned to walk away. I should have reached out to you instead of watching you disappear into the night. I’m sorry that all these regrets come crashing in when I know that you’re well on your way to trying to get over us. But if this apology reaches you before you do, please look back at all the good times we had together and tell me that you want all of it back.

apology letter to girlfriend

If I could take back the words I said when I was angry, I would. If I could erase the memory of every single time I made you feel awful, I would. If I could make you forget about every argument, every fight, every time I disappointed you, believe me I would. But I can’t do anything of that because I’m just a man. What I can do is admit to my mistakes and tell you how deeply sorry I am for what I did. You didn’t deserve any of that, and I want to do everything that I can to make you realize that.

I would say I’m sorry but I know I owe you so much more than that. I could write it in a letter, send it to your house, and there’s still that chance that you’d throw it away without reading it. I could say it to you in person, but the mere sight of me might cause you to run away. I’m sorry that these are the responses I elicit from you because of how much of an idiot I’ve been. But please, if you happen to stumble upon this or you read enough of this letter before you decide to delete it from your phone, remember that I know I’ve made a huge mistake. I’m sorry for everything. Please come back.

You were always that ray of sunshine in my life. When I’m feeling down and glum, you always know the right words to say to me. So whenever I do something that takes the light out of your eyes, it takes the brightness out of my life too. I’m sorry for what I did to make you feel bad. I never mean to hurt you, even though you might think I do. The truth is, I’m sometimes careless with my words and actions that I fail to consider how they’d made you feel. I know that now, and I hope you can give me another chance.

Apologizing doesn’t mean you’re right and I’m wrong. It just means that I value our relationship more than my ego. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you forgive me. I may not be able to take back what I said and did, but I can say and do things that would make you so happy that you might be willing to forget all the dumb mistakes I’ve made. This relationship means everything to me. It’s our future. And I’m not going to let that go just because I’m not man enough to say sorry.


It’s never too late to say sorry! So go on and pick out the letter that fits your situation the best and sent it to your girlfriend ASAP!


  1. Copied!
    You were and still are the great love of my life. I know that phrase is often used but it fits this situation. I made so many mistakes when we were together and, as a result of them, we’re not together anymore. I’ve spent the time since then kicking myself for the things that I did, and for the things that I didn’t do. All I can do now is say I love you, I love you, I love you.

    A million times I’m sorry and a million times I love you. Sorry that I couldn’t say those words to you when it would have made a difference. Sorry that I didn’t give you the innermost parts of me that you expected. I want you to be happy with me. Please forgive me.

    • It is clear that you are filled with contrition, so it is clear that you are in the right mindset to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life.

  2. I wish there were words that could express how sorry I feel today. You have to believe me when I say that I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to do any of the things that brought pain to your heart. You have always been the one who could see though all the walls that I build up to shield ourself from pain, and I want you to know that I cherish and love you for that. So, I made a big mistake and I am begging to forgive me for you matter to me more than you can ever know, you entered my life, when everything seemed hopeless and lost to me. You came into my world and brought me love and happiness. That’s why I am here, I want to let the whole world know about you, about our love. I love you and I want to shout it out loud so everyone could hear that. I am asking you to allow me to tell everybody that you are my everything. to me, you are the dearest person. And it’s not just that I love being close to you. You are more beautiful than a sunset in summer. You are more precious than the most precious gem. You are sweeter than sugar. You are more enchanting than the moonlight. You are special, exquisite, unique and delightful, all at once. And the best thing is, somehow you chose me to be with you. I love you.You entered my heart Slowly, quietly and passionately
    Your love spread through me.
    Now Why are you so perfect,
    God only knows..,
    In every direction, there is you just you.


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