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12 Heartfelt Letters to Dad from a Son


Being a father isn’t an easy job. Just ask your dad! Dads are there to provide guidance and support while also conventionally being the provider of the family. Dads, unlike moms, are often the ones who lay down the law of the house as the mom implements them. And while it’s moms who often get the flowers and chocolates on their day of celebration, we must also appreciate the efforts of our fathers.

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For those of you looking for guidance on how to write a great letter of thanks to your dad, below are some letters that might give you the inspiration you need. After all, while you might not be the kind of son who’s into mushy displays of affection, a letter is a great way to show how much you love your old man!


Dear Dad. Thank you for all the adventures you brought us on when we were little. Many of those adventures must have been boring and mundane for an adult, but to our young minds these little escapades brought about some of the best memories. We would be piled into a car with no destination in mind, have lunch at off-the-beaten-path diners, and we would explore the world. You opened up my eyes to a sense of adventure that until now I carry with me at all times. And even though I’m already an adult with responsibilities of my own, it was through you that I learned to crave for more out of life. You instilled in me a zest for life that age cannot erase. Thank you for giving me this wonderful gift, dad.

Dear Dad. Happy father’s day. I just wanted to write you this letter to let you know how honored I am to be your son. Even though times were tough for our family, you still managed to make my childhood one that’s filled with enjoyment for the littlest of things. You filled my life with wonderful memories that I wish to pass on to my future children. You always found the time to guide me and instill in me a love for the things you love – from sports to craftsmanship to cars to reading. You always allowed me to expand my mind and explore new things, even though it must have been nerve-wracking for you and mom to see me go on my own adventures. My life is filled with wonderful memories, both with you in it and with the lessons you have imparted with me through life. Thank you fo everything, and happy Father’s Day!

Dear Dad. I know you’re not much of a talker, and in a way I always appreciated that. Mom was more of the type to tell me what to do and how to do things, but you were always the type to teach by example. Words may not have been your strong point, but you taught me what I needed to do by showing me how you would do things. One of the most important lessons I learned from you was the value of keeping one’s word. Honesty has always been one of the most important virtues to you. Even though I would lie when I was a child, you taught me that coming clean and being honest with the ones I love felt ultimately better than hiding my shame with lies. You also taught me the importance of keeping one’s word and fulfilling promises to others. Because of you, I have been careful about who I would give my word to, and thus, I am known as a man of integrity. Thank you for these lessons you taught me. I would not be the man I am today without your guidance and love.

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To my dear hardworking dad. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always appreciated how you would provide for our family. When I was much younger, I couldn’t understand why you weren’t always around. But when I finally learned that your absence means you’re working, I realized how much of a sacrifice it was for your to not always be with your family. When I got older, your work ethic taught me to appreciate the dignity of an honest day’s work. You showed me that when something had to be done, you should do your share in accomplishing this task no matter how simple or difficult. I am now a working man, and these lessons you have imparted are always in my mind. Because of this, I learned to appreciate my opportunities in life, and I owe it all to you. Thank you for always being the hardworking dad that I looked up to. Thank you for sharing with me the importance of working hard. And most of all, thank you for all the sacrifices you made to be able to provide for us.

Dear Dad. I want to thank you for always letting me carve my own path in life. Thank you for always being there to guide and support me in any endeavor I choose. Thank you for cheering me on in my pursuits, whether in athletics, academics, or the arts. Thank you for never pushing me towards a path you chose, and instead guiding me towards one that you believe is best for me. Thank you for never forcing me to become a “manly man” because you know that being a real man is more than chauvinistic machismo; a real man is one who is of dignity and grace. Thank you for teaching me to treat women well and to respect them as equals in any field. Lastly, thank you for doing your best in being a good father to us. Your love, guidance, and support is and will always be appreciated.

Dear Dad. A long time ago, you told me that you would never take the same path as your own father, my grandfather. Where my grandfather was strict and authoritarian, you were supportive and understanding. I always thought that the way you raised us was your way of beating the convention, but I’ve come to realize that this desire to be different comes from a place of love. You told us of your harsh childhood and how things were much harder on you. You vowed never to put us through the hardships you went through. And while our life hasn’t been the easiest, it became all the more bearable with you as the father we all look up to. You never raised your hand to us and never berated us for our choices in life. You never talked down on us or belittle our dreams. Instead, you were filled with love and understanding, of cheer and support, for whatever it is that we wanted to do in life. Because of your guidance and support, we have grown up successful and happy. I am proud to be the son of a kindhearted man who lets his children carve their own path.

Dear Dad. I just thought I’d let you know how much I love you. As a father myself with sons, I am always guided by the lessons and example you set for me. I want their upbringing to be like mine under the father I hold to such high esteem. I teach them that being a good man means embracing one’s humanity and treating everyone with respect. I will teach them that showing emotions don’t mean weakness, but is instead a sign of humanity. I will teach them to have empathy for their neighbors and show compassion for those who need it the most. These are the lessons I have learned from my greatest role model in life, the one I wish to become when I am older and more mature. And in turn, I hope that these lessons will be passed down to my children and their children after them.

Dear Dad. A father is someone who understands the things you say and do, even if he doesn’t use words to say so. He is the one who knows how to overlook your faults and see the very best within you. A father is the one who gives a special kind of love that no one else can give. He understands and inspires, he guides and supports. A father is warm and thoughtful, he’s the one you want to run to when times are tough. He is the one you want to see when you need to let your feelings out, man to man. A father is all these things and more – the greatest treasure in the world. You are all these things and so much more than I know how to put into words. Happy father’s day, dad!

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Dear Dad. In the line between cringe and cool, you always somehow manage to be on the cool side. I know there’s a stereotype that dads super un-cool, with their dad jokes, their dad bods, and their daily dad outfits (the loose shirt, the denim shorts, and the horrendous socks with sandals). And while dads have their own reasons for being the way that they are, I have never been more glad to have a dad who is in the same wavelength as me. You opened my eyes to your music even though mom thought it was too loud for a little kid to listen to. You showed me all the cool things you used to do in your youth from going on cross-country adventures to see your favorite band to shutting down pubs in town. I understand that you did these things with wild abandon, but I believe that there’s a part of me that will want to do these things too. You are the coolest dad in the whole, wide world, and I can only hope to be half as cool as you someday!

Dear Dad. Perhaps one of the worst things in life is realizing a little late how absolutely essential you are in building who I am as a person. You were my first role model, my first superhero, and in my naïve mind, my worst enemy. We clashed and fought, and at some point I was sure you hated having me as your son. But I soon realized that you were simply guiding me away from a path that I might learn to regret. I have realized that your quiet wisdom and serene strength have been essential in building my character, my ethics and my beliefs. Dad, thank you for being so patient with me. I now fully realize how your strictness was borne out of a place of love.

Dear Dad. First and foremost, thank you for accepting me for who I am as a person. You always knew I was different from everyone else, and yet you still held my hand through all the bullying and tears. I have always been insecure and unsure of myself, but it was you who taught me to accept who I am instead of fighting against it. Now that I am an adult, I have learned to embrace who I am. People may say that it was through bad parenting that I turned out the way that I did, but I believe that I am the best person I can be thanks to you. Dad, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Dad. I tremble as I write this because I am about to go on a journey of starting my own family. I know that the wedding is just the start of things. But I think I a little readier for what married life has to offer. Having you as a father taught me many things about what being married is like. You taught me that not all battles need to be won. You taught me that patience is the key to everything. And most of all, you taught me that the best way to show your love for your son is by loving his mother. Thank you for all these lessons, dad. I love you!

Make your dad’s day extra special by sending him one of these letters!


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